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I'm in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we're all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we'll ever have, and I am in love with you.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars This love quote shows that love has no time limit or boundaries. It is completely rare and true. Even though you may not spend eternity in your partner’s arms, you can still hold them in your heart forever. There is a madness in loving you, a lack of reason that makes it feel so flawless. — Leo Christopher In lieu of your standard “I love you” text, consider sending the person you love one of the romantic quotes below or DMing them a love quote you found on Instagram. The Best Love Quotes of 2020. You are so beautiful that most of the times I am just so awed by your appearance for sure. Thank you for coming to my life, thank you for making me see the beauty of life, and thank you for making me feel loved. 92. 'Love is the absence of judgement' Dalai Lama. 93. 'The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.' Buddha. Famous Love Quotes. The whole world swooned when Jerry Maguire aimed those smoldering eyes at Dorothy and said, 'You complete me.' If you want to make a splash with just one quote, a famous love quote is the way to go. “Love is an emotion experienced by the many and enjoyed by the few.” – George Jean Nathan “Love is more than a noun – it is a verb; it is more than a feeling – it is caring, sharing, helping, sacrificing.” – William Arthur Ward “Love is a choice you make from moment to moment.” – Barbara De Angelis

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2020.10.01 00:30 bugsyAlexander What To Post On LinkedIn To Get Noticed 2020 NEW Phil Pallen

In this video, I show you exactly what to post on LinkedIn to drive big engagement. First, I recommend posting short text, which could be a sentence or two—maybe a quote that you love. Next, I recommend posting long form text, which historically has been the best performing post for me (and I give an example). Finally, I recommend trying media, which can include photos, videos, or links—along with an example of a post that recently went viral, so you can be inspired for your next LinkedIn post.
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2020.10.01 00:00 Life_Atlas Do I Have a Chance Still?

My girlfriend of almost 1.5 years broke up with me the other day. It's important to note that we were LDR, never met in person. I'm 16 and male, my now-ex 18, female. Our relationship was genuinely near perfect, as far as relationships go. We had our fair share of fights, one within our first month about her being a little bit of a hippie, one three months in where a girl tried to make it seem as if I was cheating on her, and almost succeeded in breaking us up then, and the other big fight was in June, about how many tattoos she should have. Overall, we only had fights every 2-3 months or so, and almost all of them were resolved quickly, and resulted in us having a stronger bond than before. However, there was one aspect of my personality that was causing issues, that I had no awareness of the damage it was causing:

Every time I disagree with someone on something, especially music or movies, I go on rants, "here's why this sucks". Your Favorite Band Sucks, basically, but worded worse and with a little less research (and less funny). I've been doing this for years, since probably 6th grade, and it was at its worst freshman year of High School. So she started falling in love with me when I was at peak terrible.
I improved, sure. Maybe a paragraph at most, during the last year or so. But very certain moments happened. September 2019, we got in a fight because I told her that she ignores the qualities of films just because it has vampires and goth aesthetics in it, after she told me Queen of the Damned was her favorite movie. I really started improving myself after that. But during the last month or so, she's been getting really into BTS, and I'm like "fuck BTS". Only once have I gone into any detail, and that was because I said I had been getting into SuperM, so I was comparing the two. Once, she said that she loved White Chicks. So what did my dumbass do? List off tons of comedies that I think are better. Not just one or two.
Let's get into the outside influences here: Her dad is emotionally abusive, and she had to move out because she wasn't eating almost anything because she was being fat-shamed by him (She's a healthy weight, chubby, not fat). A week ago, he and her new step-mom have been texting her, trying to make her out to be a terrible person, never posting about her on their social medias, etc. Texting her best friend, stuff like that. On top of that, as of this writing my now-ex is waiting for her ultrasound, as we're pretty sure she has either Ovarian Cysts or Fibroids, so emotionally and physically, she's been doing awful.

Here are the other things worth noting: I never called enough. Many things went into this, anxiety, not having time, being a fool and trying to plan a full day for it, etc. I really only started to get over it a few months ago, and our schedules have both been busy enough that we were never able to really call. The other thing is her awful childhood, which I really don't want to fully go into, but it's like reading Mommy Dearest and shit with molestation, being locked in the attic overnight at age 8, etc, so this stuff really does affect your mental wellbeing a decade later.
All of these are details I learned yesterday:
  1. She tried to distance herself for a few days so it didn't seem out of nowhere.
  2. She only lost her love for me about a week ago
I found out by asking her what was going on, as she removed my name from her Instagram bio, and was having a conversation in the group chat the day after telling me she didn't want to talk to people. She still wants to remain friends, and she said she needed to be single for a year or two, at least, until she figured herself out. Things ARE awkward right now, but that's to be expected.
Now for the question: Do I still have a chance? Even though I accidentally mentally abused her by shaming her for her interests, should I wait a couple years and be there for her if/when she's ready to date again? We were technically fiancés, and she still wants me as a part of her life in some capacity no matter what, and it'll be a year before I even move on properly, and having a woman as a "stop-over" of sorts is a gross thing to do. Do I wait it out?

It's also worth nothing that all the specifics are confirmed, she does want me as a friend, she's not entirely sure, nor ready, to see if we'll get back together. We talked about what went wrong this morning, and these ARE the problems. We both want to be a part of each other's life's in some way, because we both still care about each other.
It's sad because we never got to touch each other, cuddle, go shopping together.......nothing. We worked together extremely well, and got our bullshit figured out better than most, but the smaller things added up, and in the emotional turmoil of the last month, ended up being too much for her.....
She had given me a reason to care about my self and my future, and I'm in a state of shock, loss, and I don't have almost anything to really hold onto right now.
I'll end this with a quote from her, the main thing keeping me going:
"If we're truly soulmates, then we'll find each other again"

Edit: I live in Oregon, she lives in Kentucky
Edit 2: I heavily focused on the negative aspects of the relationship, but we were seriously super supportive of each other, listened to each other's needs, etc. This was the biggest issue, so that kind of speaks for itself. Every other aspect was as perfect as it could get.
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2020.09.30 23:59 lambda-notebooks 'New Girl' Is Funny. I Love Zooey Deschanel. She'S The Most Charming Thing Around

'New Girl' Is Funny. I Love Zooey Deschanel. She'S The Most Charming Thing Around

This notebook features the quote " 'New Girl' Is Funny. I Love Zooey Deschanel. She'S The Most Charming Thing Around " on the cover, it's perfect for anyone to record ideas, or to use for writing and note-taking. It can be used as a notebook, journal or composition book. Simple and elegant. 108 pages, high quality cover and 6x9" inches in size.
#Blank #Lined #Notebook #Motivational #Inspirational #Book #Gifts #Journal #'New #Girl' #Is #Funny. #I #Love #Zooey #Deschanel. #She'S #The #Most #Charming #Thing #Around

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2020.09.30 23:58 AreuFrenchClyde Which to fix 05 outback or 11 outback?

The 05 is a turbo. Both have bad head gaskets. I know the original owner and this is the first time this has happened to this vehicle. The 11 had bad head gaskets over a year ago (the previous owner had already done head gasket work and it got welded wrong causing it to break again). So got a "new" used engine and gaskets put in. Year later and needs to be replaced again. Got quoted about $3000 on both of them.
Thinking of selling one and fixing the other but not sure which would be the better option. Would love some advice.
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2020.09.30 23:54 Cjlong45 Developer for Get_iplayer alternative use itv

Hi I use get iplayer and love it but I would like to find someone who can create a similar software to use https://www.itv.com/ to download from If you can do it please pm me a fixed price quote and time scale https://github.com/get-iplayeget_iplayer
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2020.09.30 23:11 yvespunk ATEEZ's Illusion; and why its a conceptual masterpiece

At first glance, ATEEZ's Illusion is pretty easy to accept as a cute concept. The bright colors, the special fx, the catchy refrain about partying and having fun.
It's a title track from their summer album, over a year ago, and its through-and-through a summer song with a fun pirate twist. But ATEEZ wouldn't be ATEEZ if that was all it was!
As soon as you read the actual lyrics, this upbeat anthem takes a quick turn for the unsettling. As the cheeky title of "Illusion" might imply, there's more to the song than what initially meets the eye. The aesthetics of the music video borrow heavily from different pirate-related pop culture, like the novel Treasure Island, but most notably - Peter Pan. If you're at all familiar with the mythos surrounding Peter Pan, you know how with just a slight shift in lens its themes of never-ending youth and isolation from the real world quickly become sinister.
I'll be quoting some of the song's lyrics directly to illustrate my point. Just as in Peter Pan, guileless 'lost boys' ATEEZ are lured into a false reality, a Neverland of sorts. Throughout the course of the song they struggle to make sense of their surroundings and purpose, initially noticing the "blue sun and the purple stars" of the dream world they find themselves in. The actual sun is not blue, and the actual stars are not purple. Its a complete flip of what they know as normal and even in their dreamy state they notice it.
They sing that "it feels like a lie, a scene that feels unreal,", and ask "what's going on right now? where am i, who are you?"
And the answering voice responds, cheerily: "its whatever for now, let's party all night long. just follow me, everything is beautiful here.."
ATEEZ sail around on their fantastical pirate ship, through skies of pinks and purples, playing at navigating and exploring islands. They continue to be reassured by that mysterious voice that nothing is wrong, nothing at all.
ATEEZ continue to sing obliviously about how "there's a voice from somewhere telling me, we party all day. from somewhere a voice tells me, hurry up and party". The realization that this mysterious voice is encouraging them to abandon their identities and partake in the fun without a care still evades them.
"it feels like i'm dreaming, please don't wake me up,"
"one day, two days, three days, four, i don't know what day it is"
"the blue sun is blinding, blinding, blinding"
They are well and truly lost in the illusion. Perhaps most disturbingly, the line "dying and living, it keeps on repeating, but no one is forced to make sense of it all :)"
...WTF. Sure, the idea of Neverland is that children never grow old - and in theory, immortal life doesn't sound all too bad - but this interpretation that ATEEZ are trapped, don't have their wits about them, and are forced to live and die over and over again in this illusory paradise, that interpretation of eternal life - is alarming.
And my personal favorite part of this song: during the chorus, ATEEZ sing excitedly about the different strange features of the world theyre in, the blue sun, the purple sky, the flowers and the animals - and in between each line, quieter so you might miss it, someone shouts: "LET ME FREE!"
Finally, at the end of the music video, all goes quiet.....and a woman's voice demands in a whisper, "open your eyes." ATEEZ blink awake in the real world and this is the scene that Illusion's partner music video, Wave, opens upon.
Illusion is so clever, from the way the title and concept is incorporated into the sound and look of the song itself - an upbeat, poppy summer song with trap influences, complete with cutesy choreography. Its a cute concept with creepy lyrics - it is not what it seems to be at first glance. Exactly like how the paradise that ATEEZ find themselves in is in reality way more sinister than it appears.
I love it when kpop groups turn a concept on its head and give you something completely opposite of what the concept or sound would imply, and ATEEZ accomplished this masterfully.
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2020.09.30 23:11 fullercorp [TOMT][MOVIE][1960s, 1970s] British 'Horror' Film, plot is a man with a girlfriend stages the wife's kidnapping with plans to murder her...

I don't remember any of the actors who might have been obscure or known, i just cannot picture them. I say 'horror' in quotes as it was in period of Christopher Lee/Vincent Price/ Peter Cushing suspense films but not gory. Here is the definitive scene i remember which hopefully someone else does too: the kidnapped wife is in a cottage upstairs and the girlfriend has instruction to drug her, put her in a sleeping bag and husband will pick up the bag and dump it, weighted, in a small lake. BUT wife wakes up, girlfriend ends up in the bag and he discovers this after dumping the body and coming back to a small pier or the shore and there is his wife standing amongst the constables. I would love to see it again- it has been more than 35 years (yes, watched a fair bit of these British horror films as a kid on TV's Dialing for Dollars in the Bay Area.
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2020.09.30 22:38 Monetmonkey [Thank You] My RAoC September Thank Yous #2

My RAoC September Thank Yous #2 with close ups in the pics go to:-
u/NiftyPiston - I love your handmade "Just to say Hello" card! You're so talented to have drawn that unicorn yourself. So happy with the Star Wars stickers you included but most of all I really like the Purple and Teal pen you used and the effect it has on the card. Could you tell me which pens you used as I'd really like to get some? Are they Posca pens? I've heard these are good but have never used any.
u/dwrfstr - Thank you so much for the postcode of Kiyomizu Temple. I haven't been to Japan before but it is my dream destination and I'm hoping I will still get to go for my 40th birthday next year. Your grandparents sound like real adventurers!
u/sarcastic_tortoise - I don't know what I love more; the postcard of the the old school book cover spines or the Peggy Carter stamp! You're 'local' too (as in not international) so please pm me so I can send something back!
u/writeen - This is freaky! I've only joined this subreddit since May so what are the chances that I get the same long Star Wars concept art postcard from two different people?! I'm all about the droids they are definitely the unsung heroes. Thank you so much.
u/sawz425 - Thank you for the super early Halloween Card. Freaking yes for the coloured wedding dress! 🤘🏼 Mine was Blue ombre! We also did a small one abroad and then had a Wedding Celebration when we got back. I'm sorry this year is such a wedding washout, but the Halloween theme is awesome and this way you get to wear your dress twice! I've seen some really cool orange or black bridesmaids dresses, what colour are you going for?
u/Amrache - Thank you for The Blue Dress by Brian Dunlop postcard. It really pleases me that it has a matching stamp 😊. Your One Word Test answer makes me laugh! The answer for it is actually really simple, you asked me for the meaning of Twitter and it made me think immediately 'verbal diarrhoea'!
u/Same_Introduction_57 - Thanks very much for your cute little marble effect card and will tell him me about where you're from.
u/PoisonousKey - Thanks very much for the positivity postcard with the TS Eliot quote. I love your curly handwriting and the floral and Merced River stamp as well as the stickers used.
u/sianb96 - Thank you for the 'Hello from" handmade card. I love the Teal washi and stickers and the elephant as well as the 'live life in full bloom' sticker. Are you personalised it well 😊
u/halfwayoutoftown - I love how much you've managed to fit on one side of a postcard! I absolutely love the Peacock washi you have and would love a sample! Your country's stamps are so cool, I especially love the Stork one with it's tropical colours.
u/New_Year_Baby - Thank you for the postcard of Mount Assiniboine, it's a breathtaking sight. I especially love the stamps you used including the baseball shaped one as well as the holographic stickers and different coloured ink. Temperatures have dropped so it's 12°C here as well, although we had a very uncharacteristic heatwave up to 34°C in early August. We do have pumpkin spice drinks here too, but obviously its mostly teas consumed!
u/aradicalempathy - Thank you for the George sand postcard. I especially love the artwork of the food stamps! I have read "Brain on Fire" so it's good to know that her second book is also really good, I didn't realise they made into a movie so I shall be checking that out now. I'm currently reading "Girl, Woman, Other" by Bernardine Evaristo, it's an enjoyable read, very easy to get into.
u/fizzingwhizbeez - Thank you for the postcard of Melrose abbey. You have pretty cursive writing. I had heard that about Robert the Bruce's heart and body but I wasn't sure if it was legend or truth!
u/Captain_Taggart - Holy #*[email protected]! This is hands-down the prettiest envelope art I have received yet and the first one I've had to open from the bottom to preserve the the art! Thank you for the gorgeous doodle and even more beautiful quote. Itwas well worth waiting for and I freaking love it!
u/TheFeistyFox - Thank you for the colouring in postcard exchange. Hopefully you will be receiving mine soon. I love the colour of the ink used.
u/Scottie0319 - Thank you for the Costa Rica postcard and for sharing your traffic and other with me. That seemed pretty heavy-handed! I hope Artur the Amur Leopard and his story get to you safely.
u/Pmmeifyourepooping - Thank you for the Butterflies and Wildflowers card and photos of Blizzy who is adorable.The postmark obscures your address but if you could PM me and confirm what it is is I can send you a card back!
u/ya_scrub - Thank you for the Frank Lloyd Wright panoramic postcard of Gerald Tonken's House. I love the image, it looks so peaceful and I love the description of the architecture that you get on it.
u/ninajyang - Thank you for the postcard of the Chinese temple. I really like the the hip-hop DJ stamp!
u/ImOkReally - This handmade "Collect Beautiful Moments" postcard is even better in the flesh. Thank you for the stickers too. I love the coloured glassware stamps you used and the 'This message will self destruct' sticker in particular!
u/walkinnature - Thank you for the "cute things pick up the light" postcard of the little guy in the snow. It's adorable.
u/TherisenNarayiana x 2 - 1. Thank you so much for the large "The Life of the Buddha" card. I spent a good while looking at it, working out what was going on and used Google Translate Scan to translate the Dutch on the back! 2. Thank you also for the extra postcard for me to send out to somebody else in the future.
u/bluedecemberart - I love your handmade Halloween card, the Washi, Stickers and everything you chose down to the bright orange envelope. Thank You.
u/redbloodqueen - Thanks for the Caticorn card, I like the holographic segments and it's nice thick card stock so it arrived in really great condition.
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2020.09.30 22:35 Appropriate_Eye3794 Does anyone know if this is a real TV show or movie scene?? If so, where is it from?

I am losing my mind trying to figure out if this scene is real or from my dreams. I'll try and describes as best as I can
The scene is set in this man's study. He's a man who is kind of arrogant and acts very calm and aloof I guess is the word I would use. He has feelings for this woman that he doesn't know how to express in a normal way. So he has her come in and write his memoirs (basically she writes every word he says out loud). She uses a laptop from what I can remember that or it was a typewriter. Every time she leaves for the day she forgets everything she did for the few hours she was there. She does this for a while before she starts to think something is off. She feels like she's losing time and she doesn't know why because she can't remember the man. SO she starts to write stuff down or record it (I can't fully remember). The lines below aren't direct quotes but just a vague idea of some lines I think they said.
Her: Why am I writing this when you could just do it yourself
Him: I don't want to lose my train of thought
Her: Why am I here? There are so many qualified people out there, why me? Are you in love with me or something?
The amount of times I reworded this in google to try and find is ridiculous. Does anyone have any ideas?
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2020.09.30 22:35 RobCarter1997 Photo Studio Taking Ages To Confirm Booking

Hey all, wondered if I could ask for some advice please.
I found a really lovely photo studio in London for an upcoming shoot, and I've asked for it to be on the weekend of Oct 10-11. The manager's agreed and 'guaranteed' me a slot, but can't confirm the date/time until closer to the time (in case there's a full production booking). He said this on Sep 14 and I've been reasonably patient, but am starting to get a bit edgy about it - how much longer would you give them before seeking an alternative?
Obviously when you've got colleagues/models wanting to know a confirmed time/date, it's not ideal - but it's a great venue and I've been offered a really good rate for it too (much less than the price quoted online).
What's the best course of action here? I'm worried that if I'm too pushy they'll blow me out, but at the same time, we're only 10 days out and I could do with sorting something out one way or the other.
Is this common practice for a photo studio?
Thanks for any advice :-)
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2020.09.30 22:35 bringthedoo Looking for an Interview

So for awhile I’ve recalled this Hitchens quote from memory but been unable to locate it. Perhaps my fellow Hitch-loving Redditors can help. It was after he had been diagnosed and the news of his cancer was public. He was being interviewed by someone I cannot for the life of me recall. Here was the exchange, paraphrased from memory:
Interviewer: So Christopher, you’re dying? Hitchens: Well, yes. But so are you. I’m just on a more accelerated time-table.
Anyone recall this one and who it was with? Link would be fantastic.
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2020.09.30 22:18 marancholic No one cares what you do, and thats a good thing.

This is one of my favourite quotes (that i thinks I came up with), and I love it.
It just means that you are not the main thing people think of, and they do not pay much attention to what you do, or say. And that is a good thing, because you are free to do what ever you wish for (as long as you dont hurt others ofc). If you are too ashamed to do something, or too self-conscious about it, just think that no one cares what you do, or say. They wont judge you for it because you are not on their mind that much.
Just live your life and focus on doing what you care to do, not what you think others would want you to do.
Go start the conversation you've been too shy to start, post that photo on instagram you've been too conscious to post, write the tweet you deleted because you thought others won't like to see you expression that opinion.
Just do you, and do it with love!
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2020.09.30 22:11 QuintessentialAdrift An allegory for euthanasia

I just finished watching the Good Place on Netflix and I'm just thrilled. The was so beautifully written and the ending was so wholesome. However, when they added the concept of 'the door' I don't know it just felt like an allegory for euthanasia.
When you live for infinity, everything is just plain meaningless. One is desensitised to the sense of fulfillment. All your emotions, relationships, fights and achievements are just temporary and hence, in a way, worthless. It is at this point you decide to move on. You probably feel the same way when you're old enough. Because, I remember one of my great grandmother just couldn't wait for her time to go. She had lived past all the relatives of her generation and she was done with living. While writing this I remembered the Dumbledore quote, 'to a well trained mind, death is but a next great adventure'.
And while thinking about it I was driven to Stoicism and how it says nothing is worst since you're alive. In a way, you can always kill yourself. I think I'm paraphrasing Seneca. Which drove me to the point: should suicide/euthanasia really be illegal? If not, do we really have autonomy over our body?
But then again, maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. Please I would love to read your thoughts on this and help me form a more cheerful opinion on this.
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2020.09.30 22:06 asliceof8w7 Type + Fav life motto/quote? Mine is "Where there's a will, there's a way."

Annnndddd I am a 8w7. The second highest enneagram type i got was 3.
I love that quote because it is absolutely true. The people who complain or give up seem incompetent to me???
Here's my logic: if you want something but you don't get it, you probably just don't want it enough. that's it.
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2020.09.30 21:56 aggressive-teaspoon [US] [SELL/SWAP] Name your price! Urban Decay, Haus Laboratories, Tarte, Becca, Honest Beauty & more. Please take my stuff!

[ISO/Swap list at bottom!]
Administrivia for selling:
-----SELL LIST-----

-----SWAP LIST-----
Try me on any of the below! Shipping to Boston, MA. Interested in re-homing pre-loved products so long as offered swap/price reflects usage.
Nail Polish:
Generally would prefer to swap, but give me a quote if nothing catches your eye. Also happy to review people's swap lists, but I'm a little choosy right now.
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2020.09.30 21:51 FraTheGamer Grahm needs dialogue options quotes like Gail

Grahm is One of the most loved character in Fallout 76 but he can only says some random phrases and we can't speak with him like in a real conversation, we can't discover all his thoughs with only random quotes. He absolutely need some quotes or a dialogue line.
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2020.09.30 21:49 lambda-notebooks A Man Does Not Die Of Love Or His Liver Or Even Of Old Age; He Dies Of Being A Man

A Man Does Not Die Of Love Or His Liver Or Even Of Old Age; He Dies Of Being A Man

This notebook features the quote " A Man Does Not Die Of Love Or His Liver Or Even Of Old Age; He Dies Of Being A Man " on the cover, it's perfect for anyone to record ideas, or to use for writing and note-taking. It can be used as a notebook, journal or composition book. Simple and elegant. 108 pages, high quality cover and 6x9" inches in size.
#Blank #Lined #Notebook #Motivational #Inspirational #Book #Gifts #Journal #A #Man #Does #Not #Die #Of #Love #Or #His #Liver #Or #Even #Of #Old #Age #He #Dies #Of #Being #A #Man

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2020.09.30 21:48 robertlampe69 A quote from “Gravity’s Rainbow” that I always felt summed up the postmodernist movement in literature

(This quote is on page 56 of the Penguin edition with the rocket blueprints on the cover, describing the differences between Pointsman and Roger Mexico’s worldview, one based on psychology and the other based purely in statistics)
The quote:
“What if Mexico’s whole generation have turned out like this? Will Postwar be nothing but ‘events,’ newly created one moment to the next? No links? Is it the end of history?”
To me this reads as a cheeky take on the way the old guard of literature may have perceived something that Pynchon was writing, but the most important part to me is the final line. “Is it the end of history?”
This one line is probably the closest peek we get into one of the many possible underlying themes Pynchon is trying to make in a lot (all?) of his books. “History” is written by the victors, as the cliche goes, and those victors get to tell their history in whatever way they want. This version of history is much more based in psychology than it is in pure fact, and a lot of the time the reason for this is that pure fact has no narrative, it’s hard to emotionally connect to pure fact. If we just showed the public facts and figures and statistics, how would they know how to FEEL about those statistics. Which makes sense, humans have told stories since we knew how to draw on cave walls, it’s part of our instinct.
The nefarious side of this, though, and the side about which I believe ol’ Ruggles is painting a dark picture for us, is that this can be exploited. Those building our narrative for us, without us participating, can rewrite history if they want, and they can keep whatever hidden from us that they want. You’ve all read Pynchon, so I’m sure you can see how this narratively ties in with his work.
However, how does this relate to the very notion of postmodernism in literature? What is this saying? What is the POINT, man? I think, at least with GR, Pynchon is trying to figure that out. I think that on one hand we have all these facts, and those facts relate to a darker more nefarious world, but we also have the very essence of humanity to worry about. We need things that can’t be summed up in facts sometimes, but we can’t let those things be our downfall.
This brings me to the sometimes wild purely “fictional” aspects of Pynchon’s work. These are the elements that often catch new readers by surprise. Talking animals, anthropomorphized inanimate objects, bands of adventurers in a hot air balloon, you know what I mean. On the surface these things are fun and entertaining, but why are they there? Well, I’d say he is building on myths and tropes that many of us are already familiar with. These are the emotional and psychological aspects of a story that draw us in. This is his “postmodernism” on full display. What if we could change the meaning of a myth that’s ingrained in us? We’ve all seen children’s cartoons, but what if we changed their meaning? Our pop culture is a direct result of the myths of history that we tell ourselves, and this is immediately apparent when you look at the pop culture of another country, sometimes they even use the SAME symbols as the west, but with completely different meanings.
What if what he’s getting at here is that we can repurpose our cultural myths, overlay them on top of true facts that may not be so pleasant to hear? I think this is where the “mysterious” element of his work that we all love so much comes from. What is the truth that he his hiding behind these familiar tropes? What is it that he is really telling us with these images? What’s the new truth he wants to assign to these symbols?
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2020.09.30 21:31 Connie-the-coolcat Remembering lines that either never existed or in an altered form

Oh money, your money is all that money
This Homer Simpson line has become a staple at my friends house that her family says all the time. Except, when you search up the quote itself, nothing can be found. As far as any search engine is concerned, this line was never delivered in any episode of the show. Similarly, I have gone my life remembering a certain exchange in S10E1, Lard of the Dance, vastly differently than it has ever aired. When Groundskeeper Willy encounters Homer and Bart stealing grease from the school cafeteria, he asks them their business. They redirect by claiming to be exchange students from Scotland, to which Willy proudly exclaims he too hails from. He gets more specific, and in a classic display of Homer's wit, or lack there-of, he says he's from North Kilt-town.
No foolin'! I'm from North Kilt-town. Do you know Angus McCloud?
This line sparks the dissonance between my memory and the truth, because as many readers may already know, Homer quickly rebuffs Willy, claiming there's no Angus McCloud in North Kilt-town. At this point, I vividly recall Willy as exceedingly shaken up. For a moment, he tries to hold onto his persona, but then falters. Spoken in an American accent, he admits that he never lived in Scotland and that what was once a simple joke had been taken so far as to have no way of backing out. He pleads with them not to reveal this to the public, before noticing their heist and returning to his beloved persona.
This too never happened. Despite being so ingrained in my memory as applying to one of my all-time favorite characters and the lore surrounding him, Willy never concedes to being an American by birth. He only responds with light offense to the accusation before noticing their scheme and losing all formality. Somewhere within this all is an essay about the fragility of human memory and how impermanent clarity of mind is for experiences not written or otherwise collected, but I don't have the words or the knowledge to truly give such a thing the time of day. Instead, I really just want to know about that damned money line or it'll mess with me forever. Thanks in advance and much love. Feel free to comment similar experiences as well.
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2020.09.30 21:26 lambda-notebooks I Love Carbs, But Denial Is Good Training For The Mind

I Love Carbs, But Denial Is Good Training For The Mind

This notebook features the quote " I love carbs, but denial is good training for the mind " on the cover, it's perfect for anyone to record ideas, or to use for writing and note-taking. It can be used as a notebook, journal or composition book. Simple and elegant. 108 pages, high quality cover and 6x9" inches in size.
#Blank #Lined #Notebook #Motivational #Inspirational #Book #Gifts #Journal #I #love #carbs #but #denial #is #good #training #for #the #mind

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2020.09.30 21:22 boardgamerecommender Recommendations for yleneb (September 30, 19:22 GMT)

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR yleneb as requested by teenageninjapirate (query: "boardgamerecommender yleneb")
Generating recommendations based on a pool size of 1254 with a commonality factor of 97 at level 3 (higher is better).
WARNING: your rating spread (difference between highest rated and lowest rated game on BGG) is 3 which is lower than ideal. You may want to try rating games with a higher spread (rate some games you hate very low, and some games you love very high) and then try getting recommendations again.
  1. Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - 2018 (8.4)
  2. Tak - 2017 (8.0)
  3. Cryptid - 2018 (7.9)
  4. 878 Vikings: Invasions of England - 2017 (7.8)
  5. Blackout: Hong Kong - 2018 (7.8)
  6. Nusfjord - 2017 (7.8)
  7. Chimera Station - 2017 (7.7)
  8. 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis - 2016 (7.7)
  9. Glüx - 2016 (7.6)
  10. Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition - 2018 (7.6)
  11. The Fox in the Forest - 2017 (7.5)
  12. Luxor - 2018 (7.5)
  13. Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition - 2018 (7.5)
  14. New Bedford - 2016 (7.4)
  15. Mini Rails - 2017 (7.3)
  16. The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game - 2016 (7.3)
  17. Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar - 2018 (7.2)
  18. Founders of Gloomhaven - 2018 (7.1)
  19. Alien Artifacts - 2017 (7.0)
  20. Deckscape: Test Time - 2017 (7.0)
You can request a longer version of this list by posting the text "boardgamerecommender yleneb new" in a comment.
  1. Commands & Colors: Napoleonics - 2010 (8.3)
  2. Arkwright - 2014 (8.2)
  3. Pax Porfiriana - 2012 (8.0)
  4. Panamax - 2014 (7.6)
  5. Vanuatu - 2011 (7.5)
  6. Vasco da Gama - 2009 (7.5)
  7. Container - 2007 (7.5)
  8. Merchant of Venus - 1988 (7.5)
  9. Inca Empire - 2010 (7.4)
  10. Steel Driver - 2008 (7.4)
  11. Carolus Magnus - 2000 (7.2)
  12. Ys - 2007 (7.2)
  13. Royal Palace - 2008 (7.2)
  14. Evo (Second Edition) - 2011 (7.2)
  15. Ad Astra - 2009 (7.2)
  16. Assyria - 2009 (7.2)
  17. Funemployed - 2013 (7.1)
  18. El Capitán - 2007 (7.1)
  19. Puzzle Strike - 2010 (7.0)
  20. Sylla - 2008 (7.0)
You can request a longer version of this list by posting the text "boardgamerecommender yleneb old" in a comment.
  1. Powerboats - 2008 (7.0)
  2. Sail to India - 2013 (7.0)
  3. Divinare - 2012 (7.0)
  4. Lost Cities: The Board Game - 2008 (6.9)
  5. Lost Legacy: The Starship - 2014 (6.9)
  6. Best Treehouse Ever - 2015 (6.7)
  7. Industria - 2003 (6.7)
  8. 504 - 2015 (6.7)
  9. Toledo - 2008 (6.7)
  10. SeaFall - 2016 (6.7)
  11. Parfum - 2015 (6.7)
  12. Ugg-Tect - 2009 (6.7)
  13. Hera and Zeus - 2000 (6.7)
  14. Atlantis - 2009 (6.7)
  15. Elevenses - 2013 (6.6)
  16. Famiglia - 2010 (6.6)
  17. Keltis - 2008 (6.6)
  18. Lagoon: Land of Druids - 2014 (6.6)
  19. Shear Panic - 2005 (6.5)
  20. Kobayakawa - 2013 (6.5)
You can request a longer version of this list by posting the text "boardgamerecommender yleneb underrated" in a comment.
  1. Phase 10 - 1982 (4.4)
  2. Cribbage - null (6.4)
  3. Fluxx - 1997 (5.0)
  4. Diplomacy - 1959 (6.5)
  5. Scattergories - 2013 (5.6)
  6. The Game of Life - 1960 (3.8)
  7. Cards Against Humanity - 2009 (5.3)
  8. Talisman (Revised 4th Edition) - 2007 (5.8)
  9. Arkham Horror - 2005 (6.6)
  10. Apples to Apples - 1999 (5.3)
  11. HeroQuest - 1990 (6.5)
  12. Scrabble - 2007 (5.8)
  13. Zombies!!! - 2001 (5.1)
  14. Munchkin - 2001 (5.2)
  15. Boggle - 1972 (5.8)
  16. The Great Dalmuti - 1995 (6.1)
  17. Two Rooms and a Boom - 2013 (6.6)
  18. Exploding Kittens - 2015 (5.2)
  19. Cranium - 1998 (5.2)
  20. Risk Legacy - 2011 (7.0)
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These recommendations are courtesy of simiansays, who wrote the board game recommender. Please direct any complaints or queries to him! Happy gaming!
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2020.09.30 21:08 chloroplasty My (22F) boyfriend (22M) blows me off a LOT

Hi everybody,

So my boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 3 years now and we're very happy. The only problem is, he says he'll do something with me and then when it comes down to it, he doesn't show up. It used to happen a lot in the beginning of our relationship and I used to let it slide because I didn't want to force him to go through with our plans if he couldn't. Eventually, I confronted him about it and he agreed to communicate better.
It still happened every now and then but it got a lot better.
Fast forward to this week. For the past 3 days, he had been promising me he would come over and we would spend the whole day together (as we usually do). When he doesn't show up, he texts me that he's sorry and that he is coming "tomorrow." He's done that 3 days in a row now. I have been watching my neighbor's daughter because my neighbor went into labor. My neighbor had to stay longer at the hospital because the baby needed extra tests done so instead of watching my neighbors kid for 2 days, I ended up watching her for 5. She's very clingy and needs constant attention from me so by the end of the fifth day, I was completely drained. I told my boyfriend this and he knew how much I was struggling. He promised to come over the day she left (yesterday) and so I got ready and waited for him. I have his location so I checked in the morning and saw he was on the freeway and driving in my direction. Cool!
A few minutes later, I get the alert on my phone that he has arrived at my house so I hurry to the restroom to make sure my hair looks good. I check his location and see he has actually PASSED the freeway exit for my house and is still going 60 on the freeway. I live right next to the freeway so my phone will notify me that someone is arriving at my house even when they are just driving past me on the freeway. I check his location a while later and see that he went to his friend's house (about an hour's drive away from his house).
I texted him asking him what was going on and he said, and I quote, "Babe! I came to deliver some papers. I'm so sorry. You'll be seeing me tomorrow"
This is when I realized he blew me off to hang out with his friend. When I checked his location later that day, he had passed my house on his way back (after having picked up his friend) and they spent the rest of the day at the beach.
This all happened yesterday and today he texted me saying he felt "hella bad" about yesterday and that he was going to come over in a bit. I told him not to come because I'm busy. He said we should go to the drive-in near my house soon (which I had suggested to him about a week ago) and that he wants to make up for yesterday. I feel so bad for pushing him away right now and I want nothing more than to hang out with him but I don't want him to think he can keep doing this to me.
My question is: What's the best way to approach this situation? There's no doubt in my mind that he loves me and I love him. I don't want to leave him (although I will if I absolutely have to) so how can I find a solution to this? How can I establish a boundary that lets him know this is not okay?
Any advice is appreciated. Pls help :(
TL;DR- My boyfriend keeps blowing me off to hang out with his friends and always has really bad excuses for not showing up for our plans. I know he loves me but I don't know how to make sure he knows that its not okay to leave me hanging.
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Love Me Or Not .... I love You  Love Quotes - YouTube I am Thinking of you, love quotes, love poems 25 Romantic ways to say I love you ♡♡  LOVE QUOTES - YouTube 10 Love quotes for him to express your feelings - YouTube I Love You ❤ Love quotes ❤ Beautiful Video Love Quotes - NEW Love Quotes - YouTube I Miss You So Much ❤ My Love ❤ Love Quotes ❤ I will always Love You  Love Quotes

120+ I Love You Quotes: Famous Love Quotes for All ...

  1. Love Me Or Not .... I love You Love Quotes - YouTube
  2. I am Thinking of you, love quotes, love poems
  3. 25 Romantic ways to say I love you ♡♡ LOVE QUOTES - YouTube
  4. 10 Love quotes for him to express your feelings - YouTube
  5. I Love You ❤ Love quotes ❤ Beautiful Video
  6. Love Quotes - NEW
  7. Love Quotes - YouTube
  8. I Miss You So Much ❤ My Love ❤ Love Quotes ❤
  9. I will always Love You Love Quotes
  10. I love you quotes and sayings

Romantic ways to say I love you LOVE QUOTES You love him so much, and you're looking for some sweet romantic ways to tell him I love you, in the most lovel... I Love You a message for someone special ♥♥ Love quotes ♥♥ 2017 - Duration: 3:33. I Love You 64,437 views. 3:33. Cute, beautiful, amazing and moving LOVE quotations with inspirational music. love quote about love love and theft love readings love sites love date love websites love life quotes quotes of love ... love quotes channel is basically a channel where i share some important relationship tips for couples and young men and women who are into relationships or are about to go into relationships. I will always love you quotes very Romantic way to say i love you. - Duration: 5:16. Olastec Quotes 1,098 views. 5:16. Mix Play all Mix - Love Quotes YouTube; I ... Love Me Or Not .... I love You Love Quotes You can share this 'Love Me Or Not .... I love You' message to your special one. Thank you for watching #LoveMeO... Love Quotes Recommended for you. 10:11. Sweet and Cute Love 💞 I love you Poem Love Poetry - Duration: 3:57. I love you Poem 6,836 views. 3:57. Subscribe and share! Here you can find beautiful love quotes, love poems, love quotes for her, or love quotes for him, also you could find, love stories, and a, romantic message, for the special ... So this video is not depressing for once, its actually happy. About love. I came out of this depression because of love, I was let down. I was lied to and hurt. And I ended up back where I was ... 10 Love quotes for him to express your feelings Thanks so much for watching :) Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more interesting videos like this....