Herpes partner seattle

Of course, telling your sexual partner that you have herpes will be different for everybody. In fact, Laureen HD, 31, has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people cope with herpes and its stigma. J.K. Dobbins Will Pay Off Sooner Than Expected Sam Wallace September 16, 2020 NFL Seattle Herpes Support Community was created by Positivesingles.com and is a local online community for Seattle singles who living with Herpes (HSV1, HSV2) and HPV. We offer valuable and much-needed resources in Seattle, including Herpes testing facilities, tests, health clinics as well as Herpes help present. Overall, herpes (HSV2) transmission rate without any medication is 3.6%.However, the transmission rate is 1.9% in case the susceptible partner takes valacyclovir (an antiviral drug).. In a study conducted by the Departments of Medicine (L.C.,A.W.), Laboratory Medicine (L.C., R.A.M.), and Epidemiology (A.W.), University of Washington, Seattle with 1400 individuals it was confirmed that people ... You can get genital herpes from an infected partner, even if your partner has no herpes symptoms. More. Statistics. Genital herpes is a common STD, and most people with genital herpes infection do not know they have it. More. Treatment. There's a herpes plenty of profiles with real seattle. Singles, no paid sites, register on mainstream dating site. Reviews and browsing std of fossil burke museum. Gothicmatch is the blog of the phone dating site for young our expert dr. Play it seems to do we decided okcupid are engaged in seattle positive dating partner this dating events,. Genital herpes is a common STD, and most people with genital herpes infection do not know they have it. STD Surveillance 2017 – Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Herpes (September 25, 2018) Figure 53. Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 — National Estimates of Trends in Age-Adjusted Seroprevalence Among Persons Aged 14–49 Years by Race and ... Maintain a mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who has been tested for herpes and is not infected. Get early treatment for STDs. If someone has herpes, taking medication daily can reduce the risk of giving it to partners; however, this is not 100% effective. Herpes dating seattle. Check out i have tripadvisor support parameters to offer herpes sites. That i have herpes 1 out there are one click here for positive features; new england, wa, socializing, mar 19, herpes support - check this out success. Kingofnordic - join the local news features of viewers were shocked when they submit to disclosing someone special circumstances not to date, and ... Hoping to improve her seattle, or how least connect with people in a similar position, Ellie turned to the internet. But despite the someone of community and support, she found that STI-focused dating sites how made her feel free. And since these sites' black criterion for review was an STI herpes, members didn't really have that much in common ...

Podcast Listeners? Request Dr. Keith Jerome as a guest!

2020.09.03 18:17 conqueringpcosandaga Podcast Listeners? Request Dr. Keith Jerome as a guest!

I read this post a couple weeks ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks. We want exposure, right? Well let's get it! It's not only in our best interest to have Dr. Jerome as a guest on major podcasts, but it's in the best interest of the podcasters too.
We know that a) millions of people are living with HSV, desperate for a cure b) Dr. Jerome has the ability to manifest such a cure and c) Podcasters love a controversial topic sure to grab listeners. It's simple.
Request Dr. Keith Jerome as a guest on your favourite podcast! Create an alias email address if you wish and send the request anonymously. The post I linked above does a great job of providing information and instructions, but I'll leave my email for Dax Shepard @ Arm Chair Expert Podcast below as an example. I repeat: example. Use your own words, it's far more effective. If podcasters get spammed with copypastas, they're less likely to be receptive. Copy/paste my message if you wish, but please edit out any parts you don't resonate with and add a personal touch. Make it count.
Finally, remember this: you are kind, you are beautiful, and you are strong. You are no less of any of these things just because you have HSV. Take charge of your life and ask for the things that you want! You have the power to get them. And big names like Joe Rogan and Dax Shepard have the resources and platforms to help. Ask!
Example email for Armchair Expert Pod:
Hi Dax, Monica and Team,
This email is to request the consideration of Dr. Keith Jerome as a guest on the AE Podcast.
I have been loving your podcast since the early days with Kristen, Ashton, Adam Scott and Anna Faris as guests. When experts joined the mix, I became even more engaged. And boy, do I have the expert for you.
Dr. Keith Jerome of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre has destroyed 95% of the latent herpes virus in mice and will be commencing Phase II of Trials with guinea pigs soon (the gold standard for herpes testing, as they have reoccurring outbreaks like humans do). Through gene editing, Dr. Jerome’s work has the potential to stop transmission from mother to child, stop transmission between partners, and stop outbreaks altogether. This is not a vaccine, it is a cure. And it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.
Herpes and HerpesCureResearch on Reddit have crowdfunded over $100,000 and have effectively sped up the second phase of clinical trials in Seattle. Dr. Keith Jerome estimates that Phase III of Trials with humans could be as soon as 2023. Let’s make that even sooner.
Having Dr. Keith Jerome as a guest on the Armchair Expert Podcast would be incredible exposure for his work. It would have the potential of speeding up research further and bringing a cure to the millions of people living with HSV, and millions that will contract the virus in their lifetime.
Thank you so much for your consideration, AE team.
Close friend of an HSV sufferer and devoted Armcherry
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2018.05.03 00:35 SalineDijon All-American Girls: Episode 1 (Cast Reveal + Challenge)

As the day begins, nine queens enter the workroom, which contains nine tall, pink boxes in the shape of a Barbie doll box. First to enter is Acid Betty, in an all-neon, abstract look. Next is Asia O'Hara, dressed in her finest pageant drag. After her is Derrick Barry in Britney drag. Acid Betty laughs at her, wondering what Derrick has done to qualify as an All Star. After Derrick is Lineysha Sparx in a sickening black bodysuit. Derrick stares at Lineysha, trying to figure out who she is. After Lineysha comes Nina Bo'Nina Brown, dressed as boy RuPaul. Robbie Turner comes in next, wearing a 1950s inspired retro look. Acid makes a snide comment about her Uber incident, prompting laughs from everyone but Robbie. Shea Couleé enters the workroom, dressed in a jacket and thigh-high boots. As Shea gets settled in, Trinity Taylor enters wearing a full pajama set. Shea and Trinity see each other and immediately become quiet, knowing that they're each other's competition. Finally, Willam enters wearing nothing but a Willam tank top, panties, and Louboutin shoes. As the girls kiki, Ru is heard over the speakers.
The girls line up around the television, where Ru gives an ominous message about "getting prepared for some company". Ru cackles, and comes into the workroom.
"Hello hello hello! Ladies, welcome to All Stars 4... or so you thought," Ru comments, prompting confused looks on all the queens. "Ladies, for the past ten seasons, talented drag queens from all across America showcase just how talented their drag communities are. Now, I want to see where the best drag exists. You each represent a different American community: Robbie is from Seattle, Willam is from Southern California, Derrick is from Las Vegas, Asia is from Dallas, Trinity is from Orlando, Lineysha is from Puerto Rico, Nina is from Atlanta, Acid Betty is from New York, and Shea... bitch... is from Chicago! However, having only one representative from your area isn't fun... that's why there's TWO. Ladies, you'll be teamed up with a previous All Star from your city. Come over and meet your partners!" Ru giggles, and the pit crew wheels over the nine boxes, each with a city on them. As each girl is called up, the box is opened and their partner is revealed
Robbie Turner, your partner in crime is ... BenDeLaCreme!
Willam, your partner is ... Shangela!
Derrick Barry, your partner is ... Shannel!
Asia O'Hara, your partner is ... Alyssa Edwards!
Lineysha Sparx, you'll be working with ... Alexis Mateo!
Trinity Taylor, you're working with ... Ginger Minj!
Acid Betty, your thithter from anotha mister is ... Aja!
Shea Couleé, you're working with ... Phi Phi O'Hara!
Nina Bo'Nina Brown... no All Star has come from the city of Atlanta, but we knew who to pair you up with. Your partner is ... Season 7 winner, Violet Chachki!
"Ladies, make sure to get to know each other, because your first maxi challenge is to create a sickening look that represents your area. It can be glamourous or campy, but just make sure it screams your town. You'll be judged in teams of two, so if one of you fails, it could drag your partner down. Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman... win!"
As Ru leaves, the girls try to process the events that just happened. Most ladies, like Robbie, Asia, Acid, Lineysha, Derrick, Trinity, and Willam are thrilled with their partners. Shea and Nina are slightly apprehensive, but promise to try to get along with their chosen partners. Acid and Lineysha are both disappointed that Nina got a former winner as a partner, and both strive to win the first challenge.
The challenge is to create outfits that represent their city. The bottom two teams will have a representative lip sync for their life... no legacy lipsyncs. Also, a queen can not lip sync twice in a row for their team, so choose the lipsyncer wisely.
Poll: http://www.polljunkie.com/poll/pydrno/all-american-girl-week-1
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2017.07.12 01:46 danielbauer1375 Derek Jeter is the mastermind responsible for Kevin Durant joining the Warriors

Kevin Durant’s departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder on July 4 of last year left many in wide-eyed disbelief and scratching their heads in confusion. Why leave a team that was only one win, and really only one quarter away from an NBA Finals appearance for the team that just beat you in that very same series? We have absolutely every reason to trust him on The Bill Simmons Podcast a few months ago when he said that basketball wasn’t really a significant factor in his decision and that he hadn’t even discussed it with his agent. This begs the question: Why did Kevin Durant leave if it wasn’t to join a dynasty in the making? The simple answer is Derek Jeter.
As all of us know by now, Kevin Durant announced his decision to join the Golden State Warriors through The Players’ Tribune, a media platform founded by Jeter that was created to give sports fans a unique perspective of the athletes that they support. Players no longer need to speak to the media about what’s going on in their lives off the court or field. Now they can address the fans directly. It’s fairly obvious that this publication is quite literally the most important creation of the 21st Century, as well as recorded human history, but I digress. Over the past year and half, Derek Jeter has demonstrated an interest in investing in and acquiring Silicon Valley startups, most of which are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is where Kevin Durant comes in. Because Jeter doesn’t quite have the same clout now that his playing career is over, he needs a fresh face and popular athlete to assist him when it comes to negotiations. We all know how important a managing editor, especially one as skilled as Kevin Durant, is to the success of a publication. Jeter hoped that Durant could channel those skills in the business sector, but The Players’ Tribune was just the beginning. As well all know from watching the highly-acclaimed and soon-to-be award-winning series Most Valuable Partner, Durant has an eye for billion-dollar ideas.
How would Jeter accomplish this without making it painfully obvious to Durant that he needs him? It all started when Jeter attended a Warriors-Clippers game on November 19, 2015. Also in attendance was Jay Z, the founder and CEO of Roc Nation Sports, the agency that represents, among other athletes, Kevin Durant. Derek made the trip to Los Angeles to scout the two teams. It wouldn’t have been awful for Durant to live and play in Hollywood, but Oakland was certainly the more preferable of the two. Jeter was blown away by the Clippers, but out of respect for his close friend Kobe Bryant he decided against allowing another superteam in Los Angeles to cannibalize the struggling Lakers’ fanbase, and their cap situation would have required him to take a fairly significant paycut. I’m no lip-reader, but in this 6-second clip, you can clearly see him mouth, “How’s Kevin been doing? Has he thought about where he’s gonna play next season? Isn’t this Warriors team something to behold? Just imagine how insane a team like this would be if they added another all-time great shooter like Kevin. Has he ever been to San Francisco? It’s a lovely town full of incredible people. He’d fit right in. Anyhow, enjoy your night and say hi to Bee for me.” I could be wrong, but that’s how I interpreted their exchange.
Kevin Durant’s interest in photography proved to be the catalyst that planted the idea in Jeter’s head. The Player’s Tribune was able to acquire a press pass to Super Bowl 50, allowing one of their own photographers to attend. Those credentials were obviously given to Durant. Jeter knew that Curry, being a Panthers fan, would also be in attendance and was hoping to spark, or at least strengthen a relationship between the two. Durant was undoubtedly thunderstruck by Curry’s ability to bang the ceremonial “Keep Pounding” drum. He took several photos of Curry banging that drum, but kept those for himself. The game was being held at Levi’s Stadium. It’s no coincidence that if you switch around “Levi,” you get “I leave.” The name of the Denver Broncos’ mascot just so happens to be Thunder. I think you know where I’m going with all of this. Durant even wrote in his piece, “Coach Donovan … Thanks for not leaving without me.” This quote would foreshadow his decision in five months. The signs were all there. We just missed them. Adrian Wojonowski of The Vertical, is widely known for dropping information bombshells, commonly referred to as “Woj bombs,” on the basketball world. On February 2, 2016, less than a week before Super Bowl 50, Woj published an article detailing the Warriors’ pursuit of Durant in the upcoming offseason, at which point he would be an unrestricted free agent. Many questioned the legitimacy of this source, as the Warriors were on a record-setting pace for wins and seemingly had no interest in adding a player of Durant’s caliber, especially if it meant that they wouldn’t be able to resign some of their important role players, but Jeter swiftly brought that party to an unsatisfying conclusion. He even gave OKC fans a glimmer of hope to make the NBA Finals after being up 3-1, making Durant’s departure even more heartbreaking. Dunkin Donuts’ affiliation with the Yankees added to Jeter’s motivation, as the person directly responsible for the relocation of the Thunder was Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks. Both the Warriors and the Thunder blew 3-1 leads in their respective playoff runs. 3-1=2, Derek Jeter’s number during his time with the Yankees.
One of the primary reasons that the Warriors were unsuccessful in their attempt to repeat as champions was forward Harrison Barnes. Barnes had his own motivations for derailing Curry’s spectacular season and sent this out just two days before Super Bowl 50. This tweet perfectly captured his frustration being second-fiddle (probably more like fourth-fiddle behind Klay and Draymond) to Curry and seemingly justified his departure from the Warriors in the eyes of many NBA fans. Barnes’s notoriously poor shooting performances in Games 5 through 7 appeared downright inexplicable. While he’s no superstar, most of these shot attempts were uncontested. What he’ll never tell you is that he was explicitly told by Jeter to throw the series. Barnes enrolled at and played college basketball for the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan’s alma mater. Although Michael has far too much integrity and respect for the game to ask a fellow Tar Heel to intentionally underperform in the biggest games of his career, Derek Jeter does not hold such principles. Harrison Barnes was assured by Jeter that his max contract would remain available regardless of his performance in the Finals, which will be explained a little later.
It’s also no coincidence that Derek Jeter’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony was on the same day as Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. This was obviously the game that featured the shameless and deliberate attack on our lord and savior Kawhi Leonard. I strongly believe that Jeter was the one behind this attack, as he strongly hates what robots have become capable of. As we know, Kawhi Leonard is a Jordan athlete. Because of his partnership with Jordan, Jeter had unprecedented access to Kawhi’s medical records after Leonard underwent a number of health and conditioning tests (or diagnostics), which Jeter used to investigate what parts of Kawhi might be susceptible to injury (or malfunction). He even doubles down by saying “I’m not a robot. Neither are the other athletes who at times might seem unapproachable” in his introductory article for The Player’s Tribune. He published this article only a few months after Kawhi won Finals MVP and started to raise suspicions about his origins. Jeter was subtly hoping to dispel the notion that Kawhi was a robot, knowing full-well that it wasn’t true. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, but Jeter’s fuel can impair steel spurs. Zaza Pachulia was the ideal candidate for such a discreet attack. After all, it was Zaza who used his unparalleled programming skills to manipulate All-Star votes in hopes of placing himself in the starting lineup. Jeter’s retirement ceremony was also the perfect alibi. As a reward, Jeter promised Zaza that he would invest millions of dollars into research and development to create a hat large enough to fit Zaza’s head. JaVale McGee even introduced the hat on Instagram to avoid any connection. Furthermore, no one would dare make the connection or even suspect such mischief for fear that they would be crucified by the New York media.
Another motivating factor for Jeter was to severely hamper LeBron’s claim to the throne of greatest basketball player of all time. Some of you might be asking why Derek Jeter would want to harm LeBron’s chances at adding more championships to his resume. It all boils down to Jeter’s relationship and partnership with Michael Jordan. It’s no secret that Jordan has begun to feel threatened by LeBron’s rise to all-time greatness. This 2016 Finals proved to be a no-win situation for Jordan. Either the Warriors win the championship and make a strong argument for the greatest team of all time, or the Cavaliers win and LeBron’s remarkable achievement inches him even closer to Michael for the title of G.O.A.T.. MJ opted for the latter and the difference is now much thinner than it was before. However, Jordan understood that a Warriors team with Durant could very likely eliminate any future opportunities for LeBron to win more championships, as it did this past season. With no end in sight, the Warriors will likely win several more championships over LeBron. Like Jordan, Jeter is also interested in preserving his own legacy, particularly in New York where his worldwide superstardom has been unrivaled for decades. During LeBron’s free agency in 2010, one of the teams on his radar were the New York Knicks. They would go on to create their own superteam six years down the line, but this gave them an opportunity to win sooner. It’s no secret that Jeter and Jay-Z had no interest in recruiting LeBron to join the Knicks. Jeter went as far as to say, “It wouldn’t make sense” when asked about it. It made perfect sense. Jeter just didn’t want to endanger his own popularity within the city, as a championship with the Knicks would have made LeBron a god in New York.
Tom Brady, still furious at Jeter for orchestrating deflategate, nearly foiled his plans by accompanying the Celtics as a pitchman during their meeting with Durant. Kevin has long expressed his admiration for Brady, and his bonds were about to be tested. In regards to other concerns Jeter might have about LeBron, the King’s ventures off the court has “The Captain” shaking in his cleats. One of Lebron’s startup companies UNINTERRUPTED, aims to compete with The Players’ Tribune. Being a Michigan University fan, Jeter’s distaste for LeBron also stems from his hatred of the Buckeyes and the state of Ohio as a whole. Mark my words; Jabrill Peppers will either be a bust and further contribute to the organizational failure of the Cleveland Browns, or a stud that will continually remind everyone in Ohio that the Browns are only successful because of a Wolverine. Either way, it’s a win-win for Jeter.
Furthermore, 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament played a significant role in Durant’s decision. The Warriors would draft Washington State guard Klay Thompson with the 11th pick. Despite only playing there for one season, Durant still has a strong bond with the city of Seattle, and more broadly speaking the state of Washington. However, with the emergence of the Seahawks, his popularity within the city and state began to wane, significantly impacting his ability to acquire marijuana once it became decriminalized. He was so desperate he even begged a few Broncos players for some cannabis at Super Bowl 50, but Peyton only offered him Budweiser and Papa John’s. Klay, through the connections he built during his three years at Washington State, promised Durant exclusive access to the best and most sought after marijuana if he were to join the Warriors.
In regards to the rest of the draft, the 9th and 10th pick were Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette, respectively. Kemba Walker would lead his team to the National Championship and go on to be drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats, owned by Michael Jordan. Jordan, being the marvelous talent evaluator that he is, only passed on Jimmer so the Kings would draft him and return to the playoffs, in the process losing their Top-10 protected first round pick to his Bulls. Unbeknownst to Jordan, Jimmer would never be the same scorer her was in college after the broadway debut of The Book of Mormon, which took place on the same day as Jimmer’s final college game. The smash-hit musical would, in due time, expose the basketball world to Jimmer’s weaknesses and deficiencies. He hat to play in China just to escape the ubiquitousness popularity of the play. Jordan promised Kemba that he would be drafted by the Bobcats if he were to defeat Butler in the national championship. Michael wanted Butler to suffer for losing the title game to his alma-mater’s rival Duke in the previous year.
Future Celtics head coach Brad Stevens made a second consecutive run to the Final Four before his team shot an appalling 18% from the field in the title game. This atrocity would motivate Brad Stevens to create a superteam of his own and dominate the NBA using any means necessary, including nefarious acts to steal picks from the Billy King and the Brooklyn Nets. Surely King was under the influence of a foreign substance, as it’s inconceivable that any GM in their right mind would accept such a trade. In response to Stevens’s tactics and cognizant to the fact that this trade would derail the Nets for the foreseeable future, Jay-Z sold his share in the team and started a talent agency in hopes of recruiting KD. Kawhi Leonard was also knocked out on the same day as Jimmer, almost certainly due to a cyberattack that also plagued the European Commission.
Much of this ties back to Mavericks owner and business mogul Mark Cuban. Zaza’s previous team, the Dallas Mavericks, are of course owned by Mark Cuban, a dear friend of Jeter. Mark Cuban was the one who promised Harrison Barnes all that money to lure him away from Golden State. Mark Cuban was the one who accepted the trade for Andrew Bogut to make room for Durant. Isn’t it also strange that the closest NHL team to Oakland (and the San Francisco Bay Area for that matter) geographically is the San Jose Sharks, which shares its name with Shark Tank, Cuban’s reality television series that shamelessly rips off the wildly superior and significantly more popular Most Valuable Partner. What Mark doesn’t know is that he’s being taken advantage of by Jeter, whose long-term goal is to rekindle the Lakers-Celtics rivalry once Durant & Co. are out of the picture and no longer relevant. Jeter is only interesting in obtaining Mark’s business expertise and couldn’t care less about the success or failure of the Mavericks.
Jeter had a hand in manipulating the draft lottery and All-NBA team selections to ensure that both the Celtics and Lakers would have better chances at signing Gordon Hayward and Paul George, respectively, in addition to their high picks, which would of course be used to draft Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball before Danny Ainge recovered from his amnesia to remember that he was Danny Ainge. Jeter also channeled his awe-inspiring charisma in convincing Jeanie Buss to fire her own brother Jim as well as General Manager Mitch Kupchak and replace them both with Magic Johnson, just to ensure that everything goes according to master plan, which is to purchase an equity stake in Big Baller Brand, a company currently valued at a whopping $3 billion, one billion for each “B.” Magic Johnson and Derek Jeter are on a mission to find a cure for sexually transmitted diseases (or infections), and plan to use the profits from Big Baller Brand to financially support their costly endeavour, one which could cost trillions of dollars. Jeter and Magic both have the foresight to see that robots will soon replace men as the preferable sex objects for women, even more so once they are able to contribute to procreation. Their time as eligible bachelors is quickly running out. Following the discovery that Derek Jeter was diagnosed with Herpes a few years ago, he has found it much more difficult to attract women. Fruit baskets are no longer viable options. He recently married a supermodel to narrowly satisfy his most basic needs, but Jeter would certainly prefer to still be an eligible bachelor in the streets of New York.
Jeter only purchased the Miami Marlins as a way of punishing Jeb Bush for losing the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election. With billions of dollars at his disposal, and control of the White House, Jeter would have been able to postpone robotic research until he is no longer capable of pleasuring women. These plans to take over the presidency were of course thwarted by Donald Trump, who saw through Jeter’s deception and was ultimately motivated to run for president after Derek betrayed him and sold his apartment at Trump Tower. Although Trump shares Jeter’s distaste for aliens, he is far too unpredictable for Jeter to support. Hillary planned on expediting robotic development in hopes of empowering and entitling women to be sexually independent from their male counterparts, making it a no-win for Jeter regardless of the outcome of the election. Following Trump’s stunning victory, Jeter was hoping to mend his relationship with Donald by saying “You move on and you hope that everyone can unite … We’re all Americans.” Bush was only recently able to free himself from the control of Jeter and withdrew from the Marlins acquisition. It is impossible to know when Jeter will be cured of his illness, but until then he will do everything in his power to assure it. Though none of the parties involved will ever acknowledge what happened, it’s important to remember that Kevin Durant’s next chapter was not written by him. His hardest road will come when he wishes to break free of Jeter’s control and become his own man.
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2015.12.18 11:36 ludicrouseyewit @() (Buy) The Ultimate Herpes Protocol - Affiliates Convert Up To 13.6 Percent (Buyer Review)

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Building IP:Patent Grant re "Methods and compositions for ... It was Super Bowl Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Gary Knox was kicking back, enjoying the game with friends. There was a hearty ...
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2013.06.20 20:45 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: We are the editors of Decibel, America's Only Monthly Metal Magazine. Ask Us Anything!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-06-20
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Hey guys, Vince from Metal Blade here. Not so much as a question as it is a concern. Albert, can you stop replying to all of my e-mails with nude photos of Ernest Borgnine? Thanks! ALBERT: Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about -- that’s clearly Andrew’s cock.
Are the writers at Decibel paid staff members or just volunteers (possibly the bums you were talking about)? ALBERT: Everyone who writes for Decibel is paid. But lest that encourage anyone here to ask to write for Decibel, let me assure you, it’s a fucking pittance.
ANDREW: the only full-time staff people are the two of us and dipshit bruno sitting next to me, who draws all the pictures of j. bennett tongue-bathing rick allen and whatnot. everyone else gets the equivalent of the bus fare they've so richly earned for their invaluable contributions to the greatest metal magazine on earth!
Would you rather fight 100 Danzig-sized Peter Steeles, or one Peter Steele-sized Danzig? ANDREW: i feel bad that i don't have an erection right now.
Who came up with the Flexi-Disc idea? It's great to see you guys innovating in an era where print has, at the very least, lost its footing as the only source of international news in the metal community. ANDREW: that was albert. fuck him, though, cassingles are cooler.
ALBERT: It actually dates back to 2007 when we did our first Pig Destroyer cover. Scott Hull said that he’d love to do a PxDx flexi to include in the issue. I looked into it and no one was producing them at the time. Three years later, Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth brought it up to me and suggested we do one every month. I thought he was fucking nuts. But when I looked into it again and saw that they were being produced, I started to put together how it could all work. I will say that it is FUCKING EXPENSIVE to produce these every month, but our readership loves them and I think they’re rad as shit. I actually have masters for the next FOUR flexi tracks, so the series shows no signs of slowing down.
So can you explain what exactly went on between Decibel and Southern Lord? ALBERT: Greg Anderson and I agree to disagree. He thinks SUNNO))) is good music and I think it’s dogshit. I think Decibel is cool. He doesn’t. But he thinks SUNNO))) is good music, so there you go…
ANDREW: print equivalent of bob benson and pete campbell
Who's the worst smelling, non Watain affiliated musician you've come across? ALBERT: Not the worst-smelling, but the most interesting is Oderus Urungus of GWAR, who still smells like latex even when he’s just being Dave Brockie.
ANDREW: non-metal/non-jesus-hating: jeremy enigk of sunny day is notorious for his pit stains.
Hey Al and Andrew - firstly, I think your magazine is fantastic. You've opened my eyes to so many new bands, and for that, I thank you. 1 - What was the gateway drug (person/experience/etc.) that got you involved in the wild world of metal to begin with? 2 - What, in your opinion, are the most criminally underrated bands making music right now? ALBERT: Thanks for the kind words – they were unexpected! 1). An elementary school friend named Bernie turned me onto heavy metal in the 5th grade. That was my first exposure to Maiden, Metallica and—amazingly—S.O.D. and King Diamond. He was a total social outcast, but really smart and funny, so we became friends, and then he made me mix tapes. He died while we were in high school, but I feel like he would really appreciate what Decibel represents. 2). Napalm Death. I know what you’re thinking… , but, seriously, based on what they started, how they never stopped and how they’re making some of their best music RIGHT FUCKING NOW, they should sell as many records and concert tickets as, say, Anthrax or Megadeth ANDREW: wow, i feel like i should go with the sincere response here: 1) i was looking for the polar opposite of what i was exposed to every sunday at catholic church in high school, 2) this doesn't really apply to their new album, but north's "what you were": i can't understand why they didn't get tongue-bathed for "falling in perpetuum": it's the best possible example of post-isis metalgaze.
How much of what you cover is pitched by Ppublicity firms? ALBERT: I’d say about 50% maybe is pitched? I think the real question is how much of what is pitched do you totally ignore? That would be 95%.
ANDREW: not nearly enough. i'd like to make some actual $ someday.
Albert, have you considered doing anything in the vein of Choosing Death again? Love that book. ALBERT: Thanks! Honestly, I really want to do a revised and expanded edition of Choosing Death for the 10-year anniversary (fuck, I’m old) of the book next year. It’s just finding the time to do it. I also have another book project I’m co-authoring with a high-profile metal author, but that’s in its infancy. I have no idea how I’m going to do that either.
Do you guys have some kind of rule set up where EVERY album released by Profound Lore gets a glowing review? Just curious. ALBERT: Technically, no. We used to have a rule that we’d gush over every piece of shit Hydra Head released, but now that they’ve fucked off we gotta indiscriminately blow someone, RIGHT?
ANDREW: bruni needs it, his baseball team sucks this year.
Who would win in a fight Peter Steele or Glenn Danzig ? ALBERT: Henry Rollins. The answer is always Henry Rollins.
ANDREW: j. bennett
Is there any way for subscribers to download your flexi single tracks? The flexis sound like ass if they get bent in the mail. Thanks. ALBERT: No fucking downloads, but they are all streaming here. If your flexi gets banged up in the mail to the point where it’s unplayable, just email [email protected] and we'll send you a replacement copy... which may or may not get banged up in the mail.
What's it like running a magazine in the age where very few people actually pick up print copies of things? ALBERT: I don’t really know how to answer this since we’re selling more magazines on the newsstand and more physical subscriptions through the mail and the web right now that at any point in our nine-year history. I mean, I know the landscape is bleak for most print pubs at the moment, but I think we’ve succeeded since we’re a niche publication so we don’t need to sell 200,000 copies every month. And because we’re actually pretty fucking good at what we do.
Huge fan of the magazine and I love the flexis too. ANDREW: bittersweet. i wish we could've coexisted with juggs.
Why no voivod HOF while piggy was still alive? not trendy enough? ALBERT: Who are Voivod? If it’s not on Southern Lord, Hydra Head or Profound Lore, then I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Why do so many bands insist on moody photos wearing plain black ts? Metal bands used to look so crummy and drunk and awesome! ANDREW: pussies stopped smoking and doing blow, probably. health is dumb.
Over at /doommetal every now and then people will start posting "Heaviest riff ever" submissions. What would your pick be? ALBERT: I guess it’s all about how you define “heavy”. For me, the breakdown in Helmet’s “Blacktop” still crushes to this day, although I think you could find a half dozen riffs on the “Morbid Tales” EP that could rival it.
ANDREW: we did a feature on this in the 50th issue. our top choice was "raining blood." going through this right now, haha, holy shit we let torche in?
Has becoming a husband or father changed your relationship with metal? Mellowed you out? Made you want to murder other parents' children while standing in line at IKEA? ALBERT: Being a husband hasn’t changed anything. And honestly, being a Dad really hasn’t changed my relationship with metal either. I have a little girl, so all of the horribly misogynist elements of shit like pornogrind still make me laugh, but maybe wince a little more than they used to. I think everyone wants to murder the parents of other children whether they listen to metal or not. My secret is to get drunk at MDF every year, so you’re well on your way to happiness.
If it hasn't changed anything, what's your secret? ANDREW: he's still a dick
Last year's tour was focused on Black Metal, and this year's was Death Metal. Does this mean 2014 will have the greatest thrash line-up ever assembled? ALBERT: I don’t really agree that last year’s tour was “black metal” since Watain were the only BM band on it. Let’s just call it “Devil-friendly.” Ideally, I’d like as much variation from band to band (let alone year to year) for each tour, so I don’t wanna make each year a subgenre tour. I will say, however, that we have our headliner for 2014 and NO ONE into extreme metal is gonna be bummed about it.
ANDREW: we're partnering with family values for a 15th anniversary tour. except this time orgy headlines.
When is the Geoff Tate "Internet Smear Campaign" issue coming out? it's the controversy of the age... Link to www.youtube.com. ALBERT: As soon as Metalsucks have a print issue available.
What the fuck is with keyboards and falsetto signing in "metal" these days? If I can't do donuts in a Trans Am or torture a small animal while playing it, it ain't fucking metal. ALBERT: THESE DAYS? Shit, this has been happening for, like, 30 fucking years. Is this Adrien Begrand or Jeff Treppel trolling?
ANDREW: save this one for elijah wood at 2:30
What was the hardest Hall of Fame piece that you guys pulled off? ANDREW: i wish chris or panko were here to answer this one. blanking, even though albert tells me all these stories when we get drinks and i forget the next day. i seem to recall rorschach being incredibly difficult, but could be wrong.
ALBERT: Metallica “…And Justice For All” was a fucking nightmare. James didn’t wanna talk so a lot of his quotes from that article are taken from an interview that David Fricke of Rolling Stone did with him in 88 when “Justice” came out. David actually faxed over interview transcripts and saved our asses, as I had foolishly committed to making that piece the cover story of our 50th issue BEFORE all of the interviews were in the can.
Do you guys have any need of interns? I live not far from you guys and would love to see what it's like there! ALBERT: I dunno if we need one right now, though I’m sure Andrew could use help with alphabetizing all of the Gobots on his desk.
ANDREW: what it's like: me farting + wishing the writers death + swearing around the other 16 year olds who work here (for other magazines), all soundtracked by extended bob dylan blocks on pandora. it's a little slice of heaven.
Andrew--who do you like more: Linkin Park or Creed? ANDREW: great question: both go really well with beating the living shit out of your significant other, but "in the end," i'll say LP>
Andrew--which is worse: being a Mets fan in Philly or being a Linkin Park fan forced to listed to extreme metal for a living? ANDREW: great question. both haunt me every day of my fucking life.
Is it true that your TM from the first Decibel tour stole from the tour, hence the change? ANDREW: haha, i hope so. a running theme of my answers will be "albert never tells me anything," so i have no clue, honestly.
ALBERT: No, she was and still is an honorable tour manager. The change was made strictly do to spatial constraints. Napalm Death overbooked the bunks on the bus where she was supposed to live for a month. So, we went with a great TM who was already TM-ing for one of the bands on the tour.
How can I ever thank you enough? I'm the vocalist for Nebulous and when I saw our CD reviewed in the August issue, my life completeness meter went to 100%. You guys made my decade. ALBERT: Where was your life completeness meter at BEFORE the review? (Please say 99.9%).
ANDREW: sorry we gave it to frank. cash, check or money order: all sufficient
Which HoF do readers gush over the most? Which ones do people give you the most shit for? Some of my favorites have been the left field entries (Quicksand, Floor, Refused)... ALBERT: Man, there have been over 100 of them now so it’s hard to remember exactly. Most recently, people were really pumped on the “South of Heaven” HOF. In hindsight, this might have actually been the last interview Jeff Hanneman ever did. I know which one everyone hates the most: Sepultura “Roots,” which was written by yours truly. YOU’RE WELCOME.
ANDREW: my favorites are the left field entries too, but i'm pretty false to begin with. the only facepalm i've ever executed was for queensryche, but i guess i'm in the minority.
What sort of stuff do you guys sing at the office karaoke party? Actual answers after the jokes, please. ALBERT Your premise is flawed. The rest of Red Flag Media office DOES NOT wanna party with Decibel. So, Andrew and I have to take our show on the road to bars, where we have semi-successfully executed “Let’s Get Rocked” in duet form. All of that is 100% true.
ANDREW: i think albert and i did "falling to pieces" once. suffice it to say, did not get laid that evening.
I subscribe through my iPad, the magazine looks gorgeous on there by the way. I just wish I could get the flexi-discs as well! Will there be more older issues that become available for download? I really want to read the Oceanic HOF. Thanks in advance. ALBERT: Eventually, there will be more up there, but Apple socks us with a fee every time we upload an old issue, so we need to make sure there’s enough interest first. Maybe we’ll start with the Trivium cover and see how that goes.
ANDREW: oceanic, huh? having trouble sleeping?
Now on to questions, what's your least favorite thing about running a magazine? ANDREW: least favorite thing about running a magazine: losing AMA virginity our role in the greater metal community: that depends on the messageboard
"Back in the day" magazines were a primary way people were exposed to new music. Nowadays it seems magazines are more sought-after by people who want to read the articles about bands they already know about. Where do you see your role in the metal community and the greater music industry at large? ALBERT: 1) Selling ads. It’s a good thing I’m already dead insane or would have quit doing and the mag would have went under years ago. 2) Since anyone can hear any band from anywhere on earth whenever they want these days, it’s not like we really need to report on exactly what a band sounds like—in spite of our 12-page review section, of course. I think where we come in is with longer form articles on bands people are already fans of—whether that’s in the form of a lengthy cover story or a Hall of Fame article. Basically, shit no one’s gonna take the time to write and post for free on the internet. That said, I think the Upfront profiles on smaller bands are really important, because there is just SO MUCH UN-VETTED NEW MUSIC OUT THERE that if we call out of a few of the newer bands that we think deserve a little more attention, maybe they’ll actually get it.
Hey guys, what's with the peavey and lace ads/coverage the past few months? have no other manufacturers approached you for ads/features/reviews? ALBERT: We have a few other gear advertisers, like Seymour Duncan as our supportive friends from the Fender family, but most marketing people at other manufacturers are coked up dinosaurs who don’t have a clue as to what the mag is all about or the impact it truly has. If you wanna make some inroads at Ibanez, Marshall and ESP, there’s a commission waiting for you.
What are both of your favourite/most anticipated releases for the year? ALBERT: I’ll answer this version of the same question above only because of the exotic extra “u” in favorite. The new Carcass record is ruling hard for me. I knew it would be solid, but I had no idea it would be THIS good. The latest Immolation has got a lot of spins. And regarding people playing metal who are NOT in their 40s, the Tribulation “The Formulas of Death” record is incredible.
ANDREW: predictable for me, but cult of luna, especially the third song. which i almost guarantee will not make the top 40 because ANCIIENTS HERP DERP
Who are the nicest guys in metal? biggest assholes in metal? -loaded question-: best and worst labels to deal with? bonus question: spurs or heat? ALBERT: Ross Dolan of Immolation is pretty high at the top of the “nicest dudes ever list.” But I’d rather talk about hair, if that’s cool. All of the biggest assholes I’ve encountered work at record labels or manage bands. I have direct relationships with most every metal label out there, so no one is that hard to deal with for me. It’s when a band winds up on a major or gets a big shot indie publicist like Nasty Little Man or some shit that things go south. Bonus answer: Wake me when training camp starts.
ANDREW: nicest guys: anyone who's bought me drinks/given me drugs //biggest assholes: anyone who hasn't. //best labels: see "nicest guys" //spurs, although i'm glad jesus shuttlesworth had his biggest moment since the three-way with chasey lain and whoever the other slag was.
Okay Albert You told me to wait to ask you, so here it is, is there any chance that Anathema gets in the Decibel Hall of Fame? If so what album do you think? Also, tell us more about this podcast idea that you stole from us (lol)? Are we ever going to do a crossover episode perhaps? ALBERT: 1) There’s a chance, but I don’t see it happening for a while. I just don’t have that one record that defines. Honestly, Tiamat have a better chance with “Wildhoney.” Shit, I hope Chris Dick isn’t reading this. 2) Obviously, I have tons of respect for the Requiem Metal Podcast since everyone knows they fucking INVENTED METAL PODCASTING, plus, I’ve been a guest a few times, so they obviously know what’s up. Let’s get more than one episode under our belts before Andrew and I are forced to hang toe-to-toe with you and Mark.
What young bands are you guys most excited about? I fully expect Battlecross to do big things in the near future. ALBERT: Wait a second, is this Vince from Metal Blade again? In Solitude are that band for me. They just finished their new album, and though I haven’t heard it yet, I’ve been warned that it’s A LOT different from their first two LPs. Regardless of the context, as long as the songwriting is there, I’d be psyched.
ANDREW: young is a tough one for me. i guess looking forward to new ones from subrosa, stoneburner and geisha (if they still exist). i would also like DEP to never make music again and greg to start spylacopa again, but whatever.
What was the most exciting moment of your careers? ALBERT: The night of the 100th issue show is up there. DVD release of the show coming November 1. PLUGGIN’ LIKE A MOTHERFUCKA.
ANDREW: jesus, this is my "career," isn't it? we're only three floors up; i'd have to go out headfirst to get the job done.
What kind of advice would you give to up and coming bands who might be trying to get a shot at a review? any weird stories regarding promos that you've been sent? ALBERT: Email Andrew. Pretend Albert doesn’t exist.
ANDREW: as long as you don't include your own pubes, there's a good chance i'll send your stuff to panko for a throw me a frickin' bone capsule.
Albert, I love your book Choosing Death. It is one of my favorite books. Would you ever consider writing another book in the same style? (Answer from earlier)
ALBERT: Thanks! Honestly, I really want to do a revised and expanded edition of Choosing Death for the 10-year anniversary (fuck, I’m old) of the book next year. It’s just finding the time to do it. I also have another book project I’m co-authoring with a high-profile metal author, but that’s in its infancy. I have no idea how I’m going to do that either.
When will we get a Ugly Kid Joe 'Hall of Fame' issue? ANDREW: they're so kult they keep insisting on "menace to sobriety"
ALBERT: When Whitfield Crane hands over his unreleased Life of Agony demos.
Best venues in Philly, small and large? ANDREW: small: you can't go wrong with first unitarian church, unless you want to drink or not have heatstroke or contract an airborne virus from some crusty kid's braided nutsack. large: i guess i have to say union transfer since we had the 100th issue show and 2013 db tour shows there. they appear to have some slapdick hoity-toity ice cream stand in there with offensively twee flavors, though, so points off.
ALBERT: Small: Union Transfer. Large: Union Transfer.
Albert, did you consider firing Andrew upon seeing his shaved head? ANDREW: he hasn't seen it yet. or wait, which shaved head are you talking about?
ALBERT: I think he had lice, so he would have been fired had he not shaved it.
Mudvayne Flexi-Disc? ALBERT: Only if it’s a split with HELLYEAH.
ANDREW: if i'm not mistaken, the singer guy is kind of a fan of the magazine and has good taste that does not apply to any of his projects. didn't we do a call and response with him a billion years ago? whatever, as bruno can attest, sometimes when i'm listening to itunes i make all the faces the lame bassist does from 0:20 - 0:27 of the "dig" video
What are some famous bands you've met? ANDREW: i met chad kroeger backstage at key arena in seattle. he looked, talked and smelled like andrew carver in showgirls.
ALBERT: Persekutor.
The guys in the band say we need a manager. are they (managers) overrated? ALBERT: It really depends on the band. If you have members who are smart, detail-oriented and motivated, you probably don’t need someone who is gonna take 15% for doing all of the shit you could do on your own. But if you’re a bunch of lazy motherfuckers, by all means, get someone to wipe your ass for you.
ANDREW: depends on how good you are at getting your own drugs and pussy/dong.
Which Corey Taylor persona do you prefer - Slipknot or Stone Sour? ANDREW: i can't believe i haven't smoked in two hours.
As a dyed-in-the-wool sexagenarian (heh!) headbanger who came through my teens watching Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath (and I live 2 miles from Donington Park) I always loved the harder-edged Slipknot, but I thought that Stone Sour were utterly awesome at Download last Sunday. ALBERT: Wait a minute… They’re the same person?!?!?! That’s some serious Jedi-mind shit, right there!
ALBERT: Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about -- that’s clearly Andrew’s cock. ANDREW: i'd initiate a sexual harassment suit now if there were any money to be made
Hopefully they won't do a Nu-metal tour... ALBERT: I’ll let Andrew take this one…
Not really a question, but good job with the magazine and the recent tour with cannibal corpse, it was great! ANDREW: i have nothing pertinent to do with either, but until albert answers: thanks!
ALBERT: Thanks, man. And I do mean, MAN. I assume this is a 100% sausage party going on here.
You guys seriously need to do a hall of fame on "Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told" by the Accused. By far the best punk/thrash crossover album ever recorded! ANDREW: adem tepedelen sprouts beer boner somewhere in rural southwestern canada.
ALBERT: This fellow was supposed to take care of this Hall of Fame YEARS ago: [email protected]. Have at him.
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