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The Disturbed frontman was created on March 13, 1973, at Flatbush hospital, situated in a suburb of Brooklyn, New York, the USA. His mom is Miriam Draiman and his dad, YJ Draiman was a property developer, a business owner in addition to an elected member of theNorthridge East Neighborhood Council. David Draiman's girlfriend hung herself because she was a heroine addict with self esteem issues. When he broke up with her, she hung herself. Who is David Draiman dating? David Draiman is currently married to Lena Yada. The couple started dating in 2009 and have been together for around 11 years, 6 months, and 27 days. The American Metal Singer was born in Brooklyn, NY on March 13, 1973. Who is david draiman dating These often come about when networks or writers are bucking for awards, or may be caused by Writer on Board. The tone will typically be much, more serious than other installments of the series, although with sitcoms, there may still be a comedic subplot or occasional moments where the Laugh Track is needed. David Draiman. Lena Yada’s husband, David Draiman was born on March 13, 1973 in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently 47 years old and his birth sign is Pisces. David Draiman is best known for being a Metal Singer. He was also born in the Year of the Ox. All dating histories are fact-checked and confirmed by our users. David Draiman’s mother’s name is Miriam Draiman and his father’s name is Yehuda Draiman. We will continue to update information on David Draiman’s parents. Personal Life. Like many famous people and celebrities, David Draiman keeps his personal life private. Once more details are available on who he is dating, we will update this section. David Michael Draiman (born March 13, 1973) is an American singer; he is the lead singer of Disturbed and of Device. Draiman has a distorted, operatic baritone voice and percussive singing style. In November 2006, Draiman was voted number 42 on the Hit Paraders 'Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time'. Draiman is known for his distorted voice and percussive singing style. In November 2006, Draiman was voted number 42 on the Hit Parader s “Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time”. Draiman has written some of Disturbed’s most successful singles, such as “Stupify”, “Down with the Sickness”, “Indestructible”, and “Inside the Fire”. David Draiman Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, Wiki. Scroll below and check our most recent updates about about David Draiman's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown 2020! He is one of the successful Metal Singer. David Draiman, being a musician, had an amazing dating life. He dated quite a lot of women in his life. Currently, he is married to Lena Yada, a WWE Diva. The couple is perfect for each other and together have a son. Age, Height, and Weight. Being born on 13 March 1973, David Draiman is 47 years old as of today’s date 13th September 2020.

Nu Metal Denialism

2020.04.21 11:56 IGotSatan Nu Metal Denialism

“Denial – Seems it had to come” – Sevendust
Nu metal denialism is a phenomenon in which an attempt is made to discount a legitimate nu metal band as a participant in the era, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Even the most fundamental bands have been subjected to nu metal denialism, including Korn, Deftones, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Incubus, Mudvayne, Slipknot and Disturbed.
The primary driving force of nu metal denialism is the social stigma which is sometimes attached to nu metal or individual bands. Reasons for this stigma are:
1. The perception that nu metal acts such as Limp Bizkit and Crazy Town are dated or “cheesy”
2. Music snobbery pertaining to the simplistic guitar riffs and lyrics used in nu metal – “It’s not REAL metal”
3. Prejudice and stereotyping aimed at nu metal fans e.g. “they’re frat boys” or “they’re angry white middle class kids”
4. The personality of a nu metal musician is widely criticised e.g. Fred Durst, and irrationally attributed to the whole genre of music
5. The Woodstock 1999 riots blamed on nu metal bands rather than the actual perpetrators
6. The bandwagon mentality of hating what is successful, in order to appear edgy
Due to the cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics involved in nu metal denialism, a denier may become aggressive or insulting when failing to produce a coherent argument for why a band is not nu metal. This is exacerbated by the social stigma associated with nu metal / an individual band.
There are four types of nu metal denialism:
Type 1: Exception – A fan of a band attempts to deny their obvious nu metal characteristics
Cognition A: “I like System Of A Down”
Cognition B: “I don’t like nu metal”
Conclusion: “Therefore, System Of A Down aren’t nu metal”
Type 2: Exclusion – A fan of nu metal wants to distance themself from a certain nu metal band that they don’t like
Cognition A: “I like nu metal”
Cognition B: “I don’t like Crazy Town
Conclusion: “Therefore, Crazy Town aren’t nu metal
Type 3: Self-Exception – A musician attempts to distance themself from the nu metal movement. This can put them in the awkward position of having to pretend that they didn’t use obvious nu metal conventions in their music including rapping, or trying to circumvent these facts with excuses (see Corey Taylor).
David Draiman (Disturbed): “The nu-metal thing I never got because we never rap, we've never had a turntable. All of the elements that are parts of being a nu metal band were never part of what we did.” – Songs likes Droppin’ Plates, Fear and Down With The Sickness contain blatant rapping. Not every nu metal band has a DJ, but Disturbed even used synth samples and drum programming in their songs.
Brandon Boyd (Incubus): “We were being embraced by some of the nu-metal champions of the time, and opening for them, and it always made me cringe.” – If that’s really how he felt, then it’s not clear why he chose to integrate core nu metal characteristics into his music including rapping and DJ scratching.
Chester Bennington (Linkin Park): “we've really moved away from anything that sounds like nu-metal. I know that we kind of helped create, I guess, the sound of that genre, but I hate that genre. I'm not going to speak for everyone, but I can personally tell you that I am not a big fan of almost everybody in that category. There are a few bands that I don't really believe belong in there, and we're one of those bands." – The argument here is that because Linkin Park drastically changed their style after Meteora it means that they shouldn’t be considered a nu metal band. Obviously we’re only interested in recognising their two nu metal albums as being nu metal, not the later releases.
Corey Taylor (Slipknot): “People have always tried to push us into the nu-metal thing… I mean, we've had some blatant hip-hop, not even the fucking nu-metal side, but blatant hip-hop." – What is he on about? Which Slipknot songs are hip-hop without being nu metal? His statement ironically is a better description of Limp Bizkit and Crazy Town than of Slipknot.
Jonathan Davis: “Oh man, that scene was full of misogynistic, opportunistic dickhead jocks. The sort of people who’d be bullying me at school if they weren’t supporting my band at shows. I’m about the art. We got lumped in with that stuff kinda because of the way we dressed. We were kinda hip-hop, but there was nothing really hip-hop about Korn other than the bass lines to an extent. I didn’t rap!” – He has a point, I’ve seen Korn live and the crowd was full of violent assholes. Trying to pretend he didn’t rap though, what’s with that? He even did a rap battle with Fred Durst.
Type 4: Lack of Contextual Awareness
Cognition A: Korn are nu metal
Cognition B: Puddle of Mudd don’t sound the same as Korn
Conclusion: Puddle of Mudd aren’t nu metal
This is where the cultural context of a band or album is not evaluated prior to making a categorisation. This tends to be an honest mistake- For example, it may be the perspective of a newcomer to the genre who was born after the nu era. Confusion arises over bands who were recognised as having the spirit or aesthetic of nu metal by contemporary music critics, but did not use strict musical conventions associated with nu metal (e.g. rapping, DJ scratching, heavy down-tuning). Evidently, “nu metal” ended up as an umbrella term (perhaps even a marketing term) for a new wave of rock music in the new millennium.
To mitigate confusion, the numetal community has coined the term “nu adjacent” for such bands. An alternative resolution is to sub-divide the nu metal spectrum into categories which specify the dominant sound of a nu band. An example of such a categorisation is “Nu Grunge”.
Elitist derision of the nu metal movement has led to both music fans and musicians trying to distance themselves from the genre, or bands within the genre. Despite this, nu metal musicians who are brave enough to identify with the genre have a lot to be proud of:
  1. Legitimising and raising awareness of male mental health problems including anxiety disorders (Korn, Coal Chamber, Staind, Linkin Park)
  2. Saving lives through music, and having an invaluable impact on the well-being of others
  3. Creating a community for misfits and outcasts
  4. Dominating vapid pop culture and providing an accessible alternative
"I feel proud that I was part of the scene. I have no room for the fucking purists, so I don't give a shit. I know that we all did something special and we helped save L.A." – Dez Fafara (Coal Chamber)
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2019.12.09 14:31 sandroobeid A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Trivium’s Discography

Welcome to a complete breakdown of Trivium’s history and discography, where I will outline the best songs of each albums, as well as the songs to start with for people who are not used to metal, maybe coming from other branches of Rock. If you are already a metal fan, feel free to start with the best songs instead. I will start with a quick breakdown of their history, then dive into each album one by one, from 2003 to today.
Trivium was formed in 1999 in Orlando, when Matt Heafy was approached by previous band member Brad Lewter after playing at an 8th grade talent show. I won’t bore you with the details, but in 2003, after a few lineup changes, the band released their first studio album, Ember to Inferno. After the recording of this album, Corey Beaulieu (current lead guitars) and Paolo Gregoletto (current bass) joined the band to form 4/5 of the Trivium we know today, minus the drummer. Travis Smith, drummer from 1999 to 2009, was later replaced by 4 different drummers, leading up to Alex Bent, who’s been with the band since 2017, and is featured on their latest album, The Sin and The Sentence.
Ember to Inferno (2003)
This album, as many bands’ first, is not their best. By far. It’s not bad by any means, but we can see that they were just getting started and trying to figure out the direction of their sound. The vocals are mostly screaming, and although indicative of their future albums’ sound, aren’t exactly great. I won’t dive too deep into this album, as I do not think it’s interesting for anyone who hasn’t already listened to all of the next albums.
Best songs: Pillars of Serpents, Ember to Inferno, Falling to Grey, Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies
Songs to start with: Pillars of Serpents, Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies
Ascendency (2005)
Now we’re getting into the great stuff. Ascendency is when Trivium achieved much of their initial success, and it is not hard to see why. It is much more refined than their previous record, and has some of their best songs to date. The style is still very much metalcore, with screaming verses and melodic choruses, and probably their best solo of any song in A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation. If you are a fan of the heavier side of metal, this is a good album to start with.
Best songs: Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr, A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation, The Deceived, Suffocating Sight, Rain
Songs to start with: Dying In Your Arms, The Deceived, Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr
The Crusade (2006)
Only one year after Ascendency, Trivium dropped this album that completely changed their sound, moving away from the metalcore dominance of the previous albums, and merging it with thrash and cleaner vocals. This album is special, as some fans will consider it their best, while some others cannot enjoy it. I personally love it, but find myself going months without listening to any songs on this album, then coming back to play it ten times in a row and wondering where it had disappeared during all this time.
Best songs: Entrance of the Conflagration, Becoming the Dragon, Contempt Breeds Contamination, The Crusade, Broken One
Songs to start with: The ones mentioned above + Anthem (We Are the Fire)
Shogun (2008)
This is their best ever album. I don’t want to argue over this, it just is. Any other answer is just an insult to this masterpiece of modern metal. As with the previous album, we got screaming and clean singing, but the vocals have noticeably improved, and we get some amazing mid-song instrumentals, as on Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis. There isn’t a single average song on this album, as every one of them is gut-wrenchingly good. The album grabs you from the start with the powerful Kirisute Gomen, and holds you in tightly until the highest point of the album, the song Shogun, which delivers a 12 minute long masterpiece of everything that makes Trivium so good. The last chorus of the song is crazy powerful and won’t let you down easy, and you won’t feel the 12 minutes go by, as everytime you get used to a certain style, Trivium will surprise you by changing it and giving you another section that will blow your mind. After this, the last 3 songs are probably the lowest point of the album, ending with their tribute to Iron Maiden in the song, you guessed it, Iron Maiden.
Best songs: Kirisute Gomen, Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis, Down from the Sky, Throes of Perdition, Shogun
Songs to start with: Down from the Sky, Shogun, Of Prometheus and the Crucifix
In Waves (2011)
This is where things start to get even more interesting. Drummer since 1999 Travis Smith departed the band after disagreements, and Trivium found a new drummer to take his place. And he did not disappoint. The album as a whole is very well written and showed that Trivium could adapt to a change in lineup and still preserve everything that make their sound different. Capsizing the Sea is an introduction to the most powerful song on this album, In Waves, which is a fan favorite to this day, and was still played at every major concert after it. In this album, Trivium experimented with a new sound, with more clean vocals than before while preserving all of the heavy elements that defined their previous albums.
Best songs: In Waves, Inception of the End, Built to Fall, Caustic Are the Ties That Bind, Forsake Not the Dream, Shattering the Skies Above
Songs to start with: In Waves, A Grey So Dark, Of All These Yesterdays, Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
Vengeance Falls (2013)
And add more experimentation to the mix. Partnering up with David Draiman, singer and frontman of the band Disturbed, Trivium doubled down on their cleans with an overall softer sound, going closer to the mainstream metal genre. This isn’t to say that the album isn’t great, it totally is. But it feels less polished than previous ones, and some songs are just not that great, such as At the End of This War and No Way To Heal. Some people might still love them, as they are of good quality still, but I personally feel like they could have been much better. The style of the album might be appealing for people who want to transition to harsher vocals, without starting with something too heavy. Songs like Strife and To Believe are catchy and heavy at the same time, and I feel like this is the signature style that people have come to love about Trivium.
Best songs: Strife, To Believe, Vengeance Falls, Villainy Thrives, As I Am Exploding, Wake (The End is Nigh)
Songs to start with: Strife, To Believe, Villainy Thrives, Through Blood and Dirt and Bones
Silence in the Snow (2015)
This album expands on what Trivium experimented with over In Waves, and more prominently Vengeance Falls. Here, we’re dealing with mostly clean vocals, but this is not a step down in any way. I feel like this album is what Vengeance Falls was trying to be, but it was doing so with one foot back in their original sound. Here, Trivium sounds different, and this different sounds good. This is the best album to start with if you’re not a huge metal fan, as they took the clean vocals of their previous albums, put them all over the songs, and kept the guitars sounding aggressive. There are some great riffs on this album, but the biggest letdown for me comes from the drums. The drummer for this record was a new one (as for every album after Shogun), and you will hear a whole lot of double bass coupled with monotonous sounding drum fills. I don’t want to be too harsh on the drums, because I also feel that they were appropriate to the sound of the album, but they aren’t really special or interesting. As with In Waves, Snøfall introduces the title track Silence In the Snow, which features a amazing vocal performance by singer Matt Heafy, as does most of the rest album. Indeed, vocals seem to be a major focus of this album, and this is what makes it much catchier than their previous work. I love every song featured here, and I love that Trivium has such a diverse set of albums that allow us to listen to different styles of songs. One of the bonus tracks, The Darkness of My Mind, is one of my favorite Trivium songs and is definitely worth a listen.
Best songs: Blind Leading the Blind, Pull Me From the Void, Until the World Goes Cold, The Darkness of My Mind, Silence in the Snow
Songs to start with: Silence in the Snow, The Darkness of My Mind, Blind Leading the Blind
The Sin and The Sentence (2017)
And there we have it. After 2 albums of experimenting with cleaner sounds, we finally understand where they were going with this. This album is a near perfect mix of Shogun era Trivium, and their newer albums’ sound. Every song on this album is a masterpiece, and I remember how blown away I was when I first heard the lead single and title track, as they dropped their music video in the summer of 2017. It was all coming together. Alex Bent took over the drums and aced it. It was everything I wanted it to be: Fast, creative, and all around heavy. Even in the slower songs of the album, The Heart from Your Hate and Endless Night, Bent somehow is able to keep them interesting and innovative. From the first song until the last song, The Sin and the Sentence kicks ass and shows us elements of all previous albums all at once. The clean vocals are better than ever, and the screams are just as strong as their early stuff. I am seriously trying to think of a way they could have made the album better, but I just can’t. It’s a 10/10 for me, and definitely a great starting point for anyone getting into Trivium.
Best songs: The Sin and the Sentence, Beyond Oblivion, The Heart from Your Hate, Betrayer, Sever the Hand, The Revanchist (It was hard not to list every song of this album here, but there you go)
Songs to start with: The Heart from Your Hate, Beauty in the Sorrow, Endless Night, Beyond Oblivion
What the Dead Men Say (2020)
When TSATS dropped, people didn't know how Trivium were going to top it. Well, they did. WTDMS is a masterpiece of all that makes Trivium unique, and adds in more Thrash, Black Metal, Progressive Metal, and Melodic Death Metal influences to possibly make it their strongest album in a decade. Bleed into Me is the weakest track of the album for me, and I still love it. The rest of the album is just near perfection, and, as with TSATS, I don't know how they will ever top it. We won't know that until their next release, but it's made me more excited about them than I ever was. Please, listen to this album, whatever kind of metal you enjoy. You'll find it in here.
Best songs: Catastrophist, Amongst the Shadows and the Stones, The Defiant, Sickness Unto You, Bending the Arc to Fear
Songs to start with: Scattering the Ashes, The Defiant, What the Dead Men Say
Concluding remarks
For those who made it this far, thank you for reading my thoughts on Trivium’s whole discography, and feel free to add anything in the comments, or point out errors that I may have made. What I said is my personal opinion, and you may disagree with it, but I hope you enjoyed reading it still. I am looking forward to their next album, that is supposed to come some time next year, in 2020, and see what they will prepare for us this time. Cheers!
EDIT: 4/24/20 added WTDMS album
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2019.01.21 18:28 Dan-Quixote I am Impressed. Review of the Salt Lake concert by a casual fan.

As mentioned in the title, I am a casual Disturbed fan. For reference, bands I am impassioned about include Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and similar. I enjoy Disturbed, and several of their songs make my personal playlist rotation. Both my wife and one of my teen daughters are big Disturbed fans, so when we saw the tour dates, we decided to go to the show in Salt Lake City (a three-hour drive from our house).
I have to say. I was impressed. It was worth the drive.
When we got to the show and down to the floor, we noticed a smaller “mini-stage” back by the soundboard guys. Nobody was around it. Everyone was pushed forward to the main stage. It was partially covered with a blanket, but you could see a drum set (with Disturbed logo) and fresh water bottles set around several stools. We made the decision to stick by this thing. It was a decision that would pay off in spades.
Three Days Grace was enjoyable. My wife and I were passingly familiar with their early work (from our older daughter who was a teen in the mid-2000s). Not my thing, but definitely fun to sing along to in a live atmosphere. Both my teen daughters were new to them, and both lost their shit over them. So I guess that maybe we’ll be hearing more of them in the house.
Disturbed took the stage on time, which seems to be a rare trait but always appreciated.
Firstly, the guitarist was spectacular. Much more talented than I gave him credit for from listening to album tracks. Maybe I need to listen harder to the album tracks, but it wasn’t in my face like it was live. The man has chops.
During the first song (Are You Ready), I was initially a little disappointed in David Draiman, as I was (mistakenly) expecting the deep voice he received so much recognition for in his iconic performance of Sounds of Silence. However, I quickly figured out that his belting voice and his chest voice are two different sounds, and I should have known this, being at least passingly familiar with their catalog.
Beyond that initial confusion, I have to say that the further the show went, the more impressed I was. Live music is usually much more enjoyable than album music, at least for me, and this was no more evident than at this concert. David sang with such power, emotion, and conviction that you could not help but to be converted that night.
The pinnacle of the night for me was about two-thirds of the way through the show, the lights went out, Disturbed left the stage, and video started on the big screens on the main stage. About 2 minutes later, at the other end of the arena, security clears a path through to the “mini-stage” where we put down our stakes. The band comes out and mounts the stage. Dave Draiman and Dan Donegan are about 4 feet from me on this stage that’s maybe 20 feet by 20 feet.
Dave talks for a few minutes about addiction issues and their prevalence in the world. Then they start into an absolutely soul-searing acoustic version of “A reason to fight”. I was catching a couple photos here and there on my cell phone, but when Dave looked right at me while singing “ I won't give up so don't give in, You've fallen down but you will rise again”, I knew he deserved more respect than my camera. I put the phone in my pocket and raised my fist to him. He also raised his fist and continued to sing to me for the next few seconds. For those seconds, it was he and I alone in the arena, and then he locked eyes with another fan. It was evident that this song means an incredible amount to him. If you’ve seen the concert footage of Chester Bennington singing “one more light”, you know that look. It was truly a seminal moment for me.
So there you have it. An amazing concert from a band that if I think about it, probably isn’t in my top 10 favorites. I’ve been to a fair amount of concerts in my time (setlist.fm tells me it’s 73 concerts going back to 1983), but I think the moment David Draiman and I spent together will be my absolute favorite memory.
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