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On 29-7-1973 Stephen Dorff (nickname: Stephen) was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He made his 4 million dollar fortune with Brake, Leatherface, The Iceman. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Leo and he is now 47 years of age. Stephen Dorff: Birthday, Family, Facts. Stephen Hartley Dorff Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1973. His birthday falls on July 29, and he is currently 46 years old as of 2019. He holds American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. His birth sign is Leo. Stephen is the son of Nancy Dorff and Steve Dorff, who is a composer and ... Stephen Dorff has an estimated net worth of around $12 million. He is yet to be married. But, the actor is dating a supermodel Charlotte McKinney for a quite long time. It's been years since Dorff is working in the industry with dozens of movies and TV shows like The Power of One, Backbeat, and Sofia Coppola's Somewhere. Stephen Hartley Dorff Jr. (born July 29, 1973) is an American actor, known for portraying Roland West in the third season of HBO's crime drama anthology series True Detective, PK in The Power of One, Stuart Sutcliffe in Backbeat, Johnny Marco in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, and for his roles in Cecil B. DeMented, The Motel Life, S.F.W., Space Truckers, and Blade as vampire-overlord Deacon Frost. EXCLUSIVE: Actor Stephen Dorff has signed with ICM Partners, returning the agency he has had a long association with. Dorff is coming off starring turns on the most recent installment of HBO’s True Detective opposite Mahershala Ali and as the title character in the drama series Deputy, which aired on Fox for one season, with Dorff cast in one of the biggest talent deals of the 2019 pilot season. Season 3 of True Detective features Mahershala Ali as Wayne Hays and Stephen Dorff as his partner Roland West, two state police detectives from Arkansas investigating a macabre crime involving two missing children across three time periods (1980,1990 and 2015). Nic Pizzolato, who wrote all eight episodes of Season 1, scripted all eight episodes of Season 3, with David Milch and Graham Gordy ... Stephen Dorff is rumored to have hooked up with Nicolle Radzivil (2010). Stephen Dorff Biography. Stephen Dorff was born on the 29th of July in 1973 (Generation X). Generation X, known as the 'sandwich' generation, was born between 1965 and 1980. They are lodged in between the two big well-known generations, the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. Stephen Dorff and Reese Witherspoon - Partners, Partnership Free Horoscopes charts, calculations Birth Natal Chart Online Calculator Ascendant, Rising Sign Calculator Astro Portrait: Sun, Moon, ASC Personal Daily Horoscope Transits, Progressions, Solar Return Synastry, Composite, Davison Chart Traditional Astrology Calculator Sidereal Astrology ... Stephen Dorff, Actor: Blade. Stephen Dorff was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to Nancy and Steve Dorff, a composer. Chosen from over 2000 young men from around the world, he auditioned and won the coveted role of 'PK' in John G. Avildsen's The Power of One (1992) in 1992, starring opposite Morgan Freeman, John Gielgud and Fay Masterson. For his performance, he was awarded the Male... Stephen Dorff’s ‘Deputy’ is a welcome, if not subtle, jolt ... an ER doctor who Bill blames, in part, for his partner Rick’s death (he died in her ER); Bill’s new driver/bodyguard ...

Deputy is an old-style show, with a refurbished look.

2020.01.02 01:26 inframeWS Deputy is an old-style show, with a refurbished look.

So I just finished the series premiere of the deputy on fox, and I'm blown away.
In the beginning, I thought it was just another cliche cop story ( I'm partially right ) but it's more. It show's the side of the LA County Sherriff's office, instead of the textbook LAPD show. Stephen Dorff was born for the role, the story of a hotshot cop who doesn't have a partner is then thrust into becoming the Sheriff of LACO after an incident of a heart attack.
Though he has a lone wolf style, he efficiently delivers his role as a lawman. His personal driver, bodyguard, and Right-Hand Woman bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus) isn't a second hand character who silently supports like Dembe from the blacklist, rather a team player who is extremely helpful to the main protagonist. Even though it's just a series premiere, the show seems to be heading in the right direction, but just needs a small kick.
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2019.02.22 22:59 rajivsatyal True Detective Pre-Finale Recap

True Detective Pre-Finale Recap

This is my first-ever Reddit post so please forgive me if I'm not following the proper norms. I'm learning.


I have now watched the first seven episodes of True Detective Season Three — twice. I’d say it’s almost as good as Season One (S1); both S1 and S3 allow us to track a murder mystery and two police officers’ personal lives. What set S1 apart were the rantings and ravings of Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey). Not sure any show will top that aspect. But one great thing about S3 is the strong female character of Amelia Reardon. Anyway, the finale is Sunday and I think I’ve figured it out. This obviously contains spoilers so the intended audience here is for superfans who are caught up on Season Three (S3). This is absolutely a TL; DR, but in my experience, we superfans can’t enough of the show and therefore are dying just to read and talk about it. So, maybe it’s an LR: TD. Long Recap: True Detective. Boom.


OK, so here goes. Take a look. Not saying I have this perfect. What do you think I have right? Wrong? What are your theories?
Some random observations:

Timeline of Events

As far as I understand it, here’s the timeline of events. I do my best to state facts and then follow those up with brackets that contain opinions, theories, and speculation, “which leads to projection,” as Hays warns. Here goes.

Before November 7, 1980

Nov 7, 1980

Between Nov 7,1980, and May 17, 1990


Between 1990 and 2015



My best guess is that Hays learns something from Elisa or from the luscious Amelia’s book/voice that he still hears. This sets a series of events in motion. They learn the following:
Ed Hoyt’s daughter, Isabel, was in need of a kid, so Ed bought Julie from Lucy, who worked at Hoyt and was “banging her boss,” as Tom said. Given the clues that Lucy said she has the “soul of a whore” and that Julie isn’t Tom’s daughter, Julie may even be the lovechild of Ed and Lucy or Dan and Lucy, like a surrogate type situation. I’ll bet Hoyt paid Lucy: she and Dan had Julie for the Hoyts and the agreement was that they’d buy her and give money to Lucy. Lucy couldn’t go to the police as she’s heavily involved in drugs.
Will and Julie were playing with the mixed couple dressed as ghosts. The black man and the white woman were Mr. June and Ed’s wife, respectively (obviously).
They kill Will as Isabel only wants a daughter.
The pink room at the Hoyts’ place is indeed the site of a child prostitution ring, where Julie and a number of the other girls at the Ozark orphanage were “tricking.” In short, they were victims of a sex ring.
Hoyt, being so rich, paid off Kindt to not prosecute. Kindt may or may not be involved in actual sexual acts but he probably is. The conspiracy goes higher than just the local police department. It’s an international sex trafficking ring but we only learn a little bit about it — just more than we learned in S1.
Julie, at the age of 18, and with the help of Lucy, her mother, escapes and is on the run. Hoyt has James kill Lucy and Dan as punishment.
Roland learns Laurie was a Hoyt spy, so that’s why they split.
The season climax is Hays and West find Julie.
Well, whether True Detective mentioned politics or not, we’re going to need some serious excitement when this is all over. All I’m saying is next week would be a good time for Mueller to drop his Report.
Rajiv Satyal is a standup comedian and pop culture junkie. He resides in Burbank, California, 20 miles from the city of Vernon — the site of the horrendous True Detective Season Two.
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2019.02.21 19:21 ofimmsl My favorite part about this season is how they are actual friends

It's just nice to see a story about friendship for once instead of so much conflict. They actually care about and respect each other. The conflict comes from Hayes personal flaw of being so focused on the case that he ignores the relationship. But even then in the end as old men Roland accepts his flaws and forgives. It makes the season a feel good story as much as it is a mystery to solve.
In season one they were partners who became bound for life due to what happened(execution of the meth guys). In this season the detectives were already bound by love/friendship when the extrajudicial killing thing happened. That event actually tore them apart but when they reunited as old men the love was still there.
Another thing is that I completely underestimated Stephen Dorff. In the beginning I thought of him as an actor that lends a cheapness to everything he is in. Like he makes everything look like a Canadian produced soap opera. But this dude turnt it out. Watching him this season has been a real pleasure.
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2019.01.23 06:17 RusevReigns True Detective is better than ever

What separates the new season of True Detective from the first two is the central case of the season is the most compelling of the three. Season 1’s strengths were the character development of Cohle and Hart, atmospheric directing of the show, or dense literary allusions if that’s your thing, but the trail of the Yellow King was a somewhat hazy sequence of paperwork, clues and witnesses. Season 2 literally lost the plot. If one defends the season as I have it’s typically with character moments or cinematography and its allusions are perhaps even denser, but keeping track of the case they were solving was the TV equivalent of beating the hoverboard level of Battletoads on SNES.
In Season 3 the mystery of two children disappearing complete with the grieving father in shock is emotionally engaging, as is understanding what happened in Wayne’s life in 1980 and 1990 that even the 75 year old present version is struggling to remember. His wife writing a book about the case in the past and whether her literary ambition had a cost is another question to unravel. At the same the season is about love between Wayne's relationship with his wife who he meets in 1980 and is dead by present day, Wayne's love for his own children along with the pain of the father who lost his in 1980 in Tom Purcell, and the unique bond between partners in Wayne and Roland.
Mahershala Ali is remarkably believable as a 75 year old with dementia, paranoid father in 1990 and war damaged loner in 1980. Wayne’s past as a long-range reconnaissance patrol in Vietnam shows up in the intensity he delves into the case and how he withholds his emotions such as anger or frustration. When he meets his future wife one can tell by his body reactions how he already feels about her. Stephen Dorff is also superb as his more down to earth partner, especially in the 3rd episode when his version of events to the investigators in 1990 dictates much of the episode. Carmen Ejogo brings an air of mystery and untrustworthiness to her character, and Scoot McNairy plays the part of the father breaking down in shame over losing his kids and being weak excellently.
By returning to its Season 1 roots but upping the mystery ante, True Detective arguably has the best mix of plot, character and directing it has had to date.
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2013.08.13 03:06 tabledresser [Table] IamA Donal Logue from Terriers, Grounded for Life, Sons of Anarchy, Copper and Vikings- Ask me Anything

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Date: 2013-08-12
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Questions Answers
Any chances of a Terriers movie? I really loved that show. It ended with Britt at a crossroads, as his friend and partner, Hank offered him a choice: drive straight to prison or go left and flee to Mexico. Chance of terriers movie (we talk about it) ted griffin dreams of netflix or someone picking it back up (better as series than a film)
How do you feel the story proceeded or should have? Britt went to prison- had to go down like that.
Any news on Terriers stuff? DVD release? Realistic chance of a Kickstarter or a Netflix revival? What shampoo do you use? I use any shampoo the hotel gives me in tiny bottles- realistic chance of some kind of terriers revival- yes.
What has been your favorite role so far and why is it Hank? Be right back, going to go cry about Terriers some more. Had many favorites- hank clearly (gave me most running room) love lee toric on sons and donovan on copper- vikings is an incredible experience- cast and shooting in Ireland an added benefit- I loved doing and the band played on and jimmy the cabdriver too.
Donal, Zodiac is my favorite movie. How much of a ballbuster is Fincher? What's the most takes you had to do for a single shot? I was on the low take count for david (maybe 19 takes the least we did) possibly a record- fincher not a ballbuster though- just a genius who wants a bunch of different looks at the same scene.
Hey Donal! Big fan of Terriers and I'm a native of El Centro, CA. Got any fond valley/Central memories you could share? Too many! just wrote a novel that takes place in el centro in 1980 (so it's my youth) called "Agua" do out next year harpercollins canada and US publisher will be determined late this fall- writing book was a trip through my childhood in the Imperial Valley.
Was it more awesome working with Kevin Corrigan on Grounded for Life or Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider? Love both of them- kevin i knew beforehand- nic I just met in Australia when we did ghost rider.
In this episode of Grounded for Life Link to was that scene improvised? And was Kevin looking into the audience because that reaction wasn't expected? Thanks Donal! :) > Link to improvisation was involved but grounded for life was the result of bill martin, mike schiff and a big staff of awesome writers loved that scene though!
How does sitcom acting differ from drama acting? Do you prefer one to the other? Just want to say I am a huge fan. You've been my favorite actor for a long, long time. I remember a few years ago you were at Pitt's campus and it was wonderful hearing you talk about acting. Keep up the good work! A god lesson i learned at my first audition for film television (thinking it was different from theater) was NY casting director Meg Simon telling me "acting is acting- just do the scene)
Will there ever be a Knights of Prosperity reunion show? I wish- we need the Knights of Prosperity to comeback- wait kickstarter campaign in the making? could we afford Sofia Vergara? so many questions!
Really liked in you in the show Life and Terriers. Terriers is one of my favorite shows and I hope to see more of it. Any fun or interesting stories on the set of Life and Terriers? What are you favorite moments on both shows? Favorite terriers moments?? too many- working with michael raymond james and that crew off the charts (michael and I rented a house on mission beach together too and jumping in ocean everyday was a plus) doing scenes with my sister, karina, while my mom and dad were on set was awesome.
Will there be a kickstarter for Terriers like one for Veronica Mars movie? Was that you or your stunt double in full body burned make-up in Blade? How long did it take it put on the make-up? Sorry- stuntdouble for blade in burn make-up- yes and no- I did some stuff and dislocated my jaw and went to hospital in burn make-up and there is a half-hour comedy bit in what ensued- my double (who jumped out hospital into ambulance) was awesome and broke his leg on that one.
Very excited to see what is in store for your character on Sons of Anarchy. Are we going to see a lot of your character in this upcoming season? Yeah- Lee Toric runs amock around SOA land in `Season 6 (without giving anything away)
1- how bummed were you about Terriers getting cancelled? 2- how did you like working with Damien Lewis, and... 3- Sarah Shahi (on Life, for those wondering what show)? Bummed about terriers- but incredibly fortunate to have done it and thankful to FX for keeping it on the air despite low ratings (and netflix for giving it a second life) Damian is an amazing actor and even better person- also I ma a huge fan of Sarah Shahi- we are still close friends (same with Damian) Damian's acting abilities are next level
Hey, Donal! I am continually impressed by your performance in Copper. Between that beard and the accent, I didn't recognize you until I saw your name in the closing credits. Is the beard real, or prosthetic? My son (looking over my shoulder) just laughed and said- oh yeah, the beard is real (it's even crazier now)
Hey Donal! Grounded for Life was a favorite show of mine while it was on the air, and Terriers was fantastic as well. What are some upcoming projects of yours that you're getting excited about? Well Copper is in the last half of season 2 amazing show that needs love on bbc america sunday at 10 Sons of Anrchy starts Sept 10th and Vikings I am working on right now- my book Agua is the thing that drives me cra`y 24 7 though- trying to make it really good (thanks Hadley Dyer at HarperCollins! my editor)
What ever happened to Jimmy the cab driver?! Started driving a towncar.
How often do you get people quoting Tao of Steve to you? Yesterday was the last time- tao of steve endures.
RIA! How does a Hollywood actor find himself in the trucking industry? I respect these men and women immensely as this country would be at an economic standstill without their efforts. Trucking is awesome- my partners in Aisling Trucking, Bud and Cathy Williams are the hardest working, biggest hearted people I know- trucking is 1000 times harder than acting- when I am driving truck I marvel at the skill level and hard work it takes and I love truckers, trucks, truck stops and all of it- it is criminal how little truckers get paid for the service they perform- getting my class A cdl was a big, big deal in my life.
Huge fan Donal!!, love Grounded For Life, any upcoming projects??. I heard also that you're a dual Irish/Canadian citizen??, do you ever get to spend as much time as you'd like in both countries??. Keep up the good work dude!! I spent the almost half of this year in Canada- spending the other half in Ireland (bt broke it up with a stint in NOHO on Sons of Anarchy) my parents live off and on back in Kerry.
Should marijuana be legalised? I don't drink alcohol or smoke weed (not because it was something I never did) so I am not sanctimonious- even though I don't smoke weed I still think it should be legalized for 1000 reasons.
Ah, Dr. Janek in Sneakers. "It would be a breakthrough of Gaussian proportions..." was said (seriously or sarcastically) more times in the 1990s than I care to admit. Was that math monologue particularly challenging, in terms of how to deliver it? Did you base the cadence and style on anyone in particular? There is such a long story behind that- janek was not supposed to be as young as I was at the time- but i argued that he should be young enough to blast existing paradigms in math/science.
How'd you get involved with Sons? Did Sutter seek you out? Also, judging from the end of season 5 and the promo for season 6, is it safe to assume that we're going to see a lot of Lee Toric? Edit: Oh, yeah. RIP Terriers. Glad to hear that there's an outside chance of a comeback! My involvement with sons of anarchy is 100 percent due to kurt sutter trying to get me on for years (scheduling problems prevented it) I owe kurt sutter so much.
How did you get started in acting, please? I did a little in highschool (thanks Mrs. Johnson at Central Union High in El Centro) but started in earnest sophomore year in college.
It says on IMDB that you lost 4 friends to alcohol abuse and you haven't had alcohol since 1991. Did you use these experiences and was it difficult when playing your character as a recovering alcoholic on Terriers? I didn't know you still drive big rigs. Will you be making a big rig movie like Over the Top or Black Dog? The imdb thing about quitting drinking is a bit off- all of us in El centro remember a very bad wreck in 84 in which we all lost a number of friends- I quit because my life sucked and no matter what I intended, alcohol was the priority- big rig tv show is in the works (we'll see)
Hey Donald your great, can I get a good story about being on set with Kevin Corrigan? Kevin corrigan is 15 layers of cool, smart, talented and awesome- I loved working with kevin and vincent donofrio in "steal this movie" watch it!
Hi Donal, has anyone told you that your Irish accent in Copper sounds more Jamaican? Jamaican accent came from cork. kerry irish people living in jamaica- true fact) Irish accents from Belfast through Dublin to Kerry as different as Mississippi to Baltimore and then New York- rock on.
I noticed you tweeted about a Twilight Singers song the other day. I recently saw Greg Dulli live at the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee. The Afghan Whigs are one of my favorite bands of all time, with Up In It being one of my favorite albums of all time. Did you listen to the Whigs and if not, what other early 90s grunge acts do you like? I listen to the Afghan Whigs constantly- greg is one of my best friends (has been since I road managed another great band- Bullet LaVolta) mud honey, dag nasty, lemonheads, teenage fan club, mogwai, too many to count)
I love you in Grounded for Life, You are awesome in SOA. But my favorite role of yours was in Hackers 2: The take down. The movie about Kevin Mitniks arrest. Thank you for doing this AMA and thanks for the fun watching your work. Q: What did you take away from Hackers 2, and what do you (try) to take home from each part at the end of the day? Any good lessons you have learned? The best absolute greatest thing that happened because of takedown was I became friends with kevin mitnick (after he got out of prison) and skeet ulrich- they are both still good friends.
What's the best prank you've ever seen played on a set? TRAVIS FIMMEL (star of vikings) is the greatest prankster of all time- Garry Marshall however- flew in a dude I was goofing on to confront me when making "Dear God" that was deep.
Does your mom consider "Sneakers" to be the best movie you've ever been in? Did she give you math tips during the movie? Ha! did you have my mom as your math teacher at calexico??? my mom finds most of what I do amusing, but baffling from her perspective as an irish catholic.
You are awesome in Sons of Anarchy, which is up there with my favorite shows currently on TV. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming season to see how your character progresses. How is working on SOA? Lee Toric seems to be a bit of a different character than the ones you normally play. Working on sons was the best experience possible- season 6 gets so dark- it shook me leaving work though- but environment (cast and crew) couldn't be cooler- a lot of terriers peeps on the crew too.
How was working with Terrence Malick and that cast on The Thin Red Line? I got cut from thin red line and to this day i don't think I've been in such a band of brothers situation- adrien brody, tim blake nelson, dash mihok, larry romano, sea penn, will wallace john reilly elias koteas- we were all tight- would scuba dive a lot together on great barrier reef- love love love terrence malick
How often are you asked to sign a Blade DVD? (Extra points for "New Line Platinum Series" snap case) Blade is job I am most stopped for in street, truck stop, etc- I drive big rigs and pulled my peterbilt into truckstop and dude working behind the counter tripped so hard and actually had a blade dvd for me to sign.
Would you rather have people explore your film work or television work? If you had to make the choice, of course. Thanks Donal No difference- clearly television is in an amazing place right now with so much room for writers, directors and actors- but films like the tao of steve are always special (zodiac etc- can't do that in an episode of television)
What is your favourite silent film and why? Do you think the history of film is important? And what do you think can be done to broaden the appeal, or introduce silents to the youth of today? Oooh Elias Merhige's Begotten yes- the bicycle thief (not silent) is a classic for a reason.
How great it is to work on such an authentic set as Copper? Also, you all seem to have a true affection for each other, which is great. What is the word on Season 3? No word on season 3 of copper- but copper (from top to bottom) was a joy and a privilege- the production design of shows like copper and viings (and sons) makes the actor's job so much easier.
How do you feel about the city of Boston? I lived in Boston when we first immigrated to America and went back for college (and beyond) if I could- I would live very happily in Boston going to shows at the Middle East smoking a pipe- I love Boston.
Hi there! I can't wait to watch CBGB, hoping for it to be released in Germany as well. How was the atmosphere on set, and how was working with Stana Katic? Thanks! I have been friends with stana for years- I am doing a film with German Wim Wenders- and she loved the script I adapted and she is as cool as they come- CB's was a great experience (I hung at the club a lot in the 80's)
Hi Donal...friend of yours from Central. I am so impressed with the depth you bring to your characters. How do you approach each one? I try and figure out the whole world first and then where they fit in- what is their personal mission then I try my best- there have been times when if I was confused- I sucked! I feel bad about missteps I have made.
Ps- go Spartans.
Loved your work in American Splendor. Is there going to be a sequel set in outer space? Yes and no.
I am intrigued. Which leads me to my next do you like your eggs? Take eggs anyway they come prepared.
I like deviled eggs with paprika. Wait- is that "runaway bride?" oh no- different answer.
Man I really loved Tennis, Anyone?. That movie needs to be seen by everyone. Just came here to say that and thanks for being so awesome. Thank you- i am super proud of tennis anyone? kirk fox, jason isaacs, paul rudd stepehn dorff danny trejo et al- thanks to orian williams.
With what happened to Bob Filner in San Diego, could you see that being worked into "Terriers" in the future? Hope the show gets a second life. The bob filner story is sad- but the terriers bad guy (neil mcdonough) was going to be far worse.
Oh, I just thought of a question! lol; is there any type of character you haven't done yet, or story line, etc. that you would really love to do? I wantt o get back to improvisation comedy a la jimmy the cabdriver- am cooking something up at bad robot possibly along those lines.
Just want to let you know that Tao of Steve is one of my favorite movies. Did you enjoy making that film? I loved the tao of steve- thanks to antony bregman and ted hope- jenniphr goodman and greer goodman and duncan north (the stone cold genius it's based on)
Hi Mr logue! One quick question, how did the music video with theory of a deadman come about? It's one of my truly favorite music videos, and you are one of my favorite actors. Even if you don't see this thanks for the AMA! Has been an interesting read so far. One of my oldest- best friends- Paul Boyd (genius Scottish Director) who actually played a role in getting me to do things like Jimmy the Cabdriver- called me up to do theory of a deadman's video- loved those guys and hanging with paul and the band in jacksonville doing that video pulled me out of a weird period where I was being a wuss and in a dark space personally- a lot of good stuff started in my life after "Lowlife"
How do you like working on coppers, vikings, and sons? All awesome shows! I was pretty bummed to hear of the demise of terriers! I feel blessed and grateful- involved a lot of flying around- but its been a bit of a thrill ride- tom kelly, tom fontana, kurt sutter, michael hirst as writers - unreal experience.
Hi Donal ! Are you still shooting the new season of Vikings ... so eager to see what happens next. Were you surprised that history channel were behind shooting a TV series of this nature ? No- because the execs at histry (and mgm) are cool and they hit a homer with hatfileds and mccoys before vikings.
Ps- still shooting vikings- we are almost halfway through season 2.
Think you'll ever play piano again? But seriously, you were fantastic in Blade! Thank you- loved blade- stephen norrington is a genius.
Would you consider 'Grounded for Life' the greatest show ever to take place on Staten Island? Grounded for Life is the second greatest show set in Staten Island- the never aired sitcom about the creation of the WU TANG CLAN IS THE GREATEST.
Good evening sir, hope all is well. Been a fan of yours for some time now, you were my favorite SOA character. My question is, do you own a motorcycle... And if so which one? I sold my 2003 harley fatboy to @GillesMarini (twitter) and now only have two insane WR450 Yamaha enduros (til I get a new street bike)
When will you be back on Vikings? I am in all of season 2 of vikings that premieres in america in march of 2014.
Did I hear something about you writing a novel? I answered that in question about my hometown of el centro on the mexican border- novel is called "Agua' will come out mid next year.
"Cochise!" Does anyone yell that at you when you're walking down the street? Thanks for the AMA! I wish- jimmy on sabotage was one of my favorites- "Nathan Wind as..." I give it up to the genius of `Spike Jonze and the Beastie Boys.
What show/movie has been the most fun to work on? There are so many for so many different reasons- I swear to god- it's not the critical factor that makes up great life experiences though- I loved working with a cool young cast on things like shark night and when david ellis died i was so sad because he was a kick ass human being and a friend.
When will the SOA crew be making a road trip to Camacho's? SOA crew would fit right in in Camacho's.
Peanutbutter or Nutella ? I can live on peanut butter.
Did you ever dance on the speakers at "Forum"? Mexicali???
Hi Donal!!! Just wanted you to know you've always been one of my faves. I never missed grounded for life, even though it aired past 9 on school nights..hehe So pleased to see you on copper as well! honestly my favorite show right now. is it true that you're canadian? I was born in ottawa, canada but my parents are from ireland- we moved around a lot- I am canadian for sure and spent a ton of time in Ireland- but all the the formative years, experiences were primarily in nogales, arizona and el centro california so I am a border town- desert rat more than anything.
Grounded for Life is an underated show...but I always had this one question: What happened to your (tv show) son Henry in the last season? He disappeared. Henry (jake burbage) had to go back to jersey- his absence was a massive loss to the show (same with richard rhiele) and we couldn't recover- I love jake- great guy- amazing actor- his audition (as an eight year old) was so insane- he is a bit of a genius.
I just want to say that I thought Terriers was a great show! Ended too soon. I like you in all your shows (Copper, Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, etc). Has there ever been a role that you were offered, turned down, and when the show came came on air, regretted not taking? Ah- yes- I was offered a couple of roles in comedies that went on to become very big- but in truth- who they ended up getting in both cases were so much better at that particular type of comedy than me- if someone else gets a gig and is better than me- I give it up to them- I've gotten stuff others have turned down for sure too.
What's up Donal. I just wanted to say that you're awesome. A while back my friend convinced me to watch your show "Terriers" , which, by the way, we are both still pissed that it got cancelled, and ever since then I have seen you everywhere. Every story I hear of you is about what a great person you are. I just have two questions. Is there anyone in the industry that you really really want to work with whether its a director or actor, and are you looking at coming back to television full time in another show? I am not sure what the future holds- I am a huge fan of a lot of people- I would love to work with bill paxton, robert carlysle, tim roth- too many people to count- kyle chandler connie britton kim dickens my sister- damn! my friend gilles marini- a lot of people-
I loved Tao of Steve but I have to confirm what I heard...fake belly or no fake belly? Fake belly- but I gained a lot of weight for the part and then couldn't shake it!
I would love to see you on 'Justified'!! I love justified- FX may be tired of me by now though!
Uh no, you are donal logue from 'tao of steve' and You are brilliant. Thank you! i am flattered (and undeserving)
Hi Donal. Just wanted to say I got a chance to work with you as an extra this summer in Ireland and you, sir, are a class act. Didn't pluck up the courage to talk to you then but hope to get the chance to work with you again. Sincerely yours, Ray the Saxon. Ray! sorry to kick saxon ass! next time on set you have to come say hey- vikings is (from top to bottom) a team effort for all involved.
Tá súil a fheiceann Karina agus tú a dhéanamh níos mó stuif le chéile! Slan- i love my sister- one of the most talented people I have ever met and crushingly funny.
I need you and Kevin Corrigan to costar on a tv show ASAP!!! you guys were so awesome on Grounded for Life. I need kevin in my life for so many reasons- I miss Kevin- one of the all time great actors (and please follow the awesome @megynprice on twitter) megyn and lynsey were the true warriostars of grounded for life in my opinion.
We need a reprisal of your MTV spots, stat. The one where you parodied the video for "Ironic" is forever burned into my memory. Thanks for that. :) Jimmy will live again!
Nothing to ask, just wanted to say Terriers was insanely good, as were you in it. Just a really, REALLY good show. Also, catchiest theme song I can think of (it's now my ringtone). We tried to make terriers a show in which if a moment felt fake or forced (and not in line with the the emotional reality of what was happening in the show) it had to go- that's Shawn Ryan, Ted Griffin and Tim Minear for you- (Tim Minear needs a ton of props- watch AMerican Horror story)
Hi Donal! Just one of Horik's men stopping by to say hello! (Up onto the overturned keel...) Sweet- I will be heading back to Ireland tomorrow - now I am in Calabasas- o snap- Kardashian country!
No question, just wanted you to know whenever talk of movies "you gotta see" comes up I always throw "Tao of Steve" into the conversation. Thank you! tao of steve love endures in the universe.
Ah man no question just wanted to say I loved you in blade. Perfect comedic relief mixed with badass. Perfectly flowed with the movie, which is one of my favorite of the action genre. You're great in everything man. Keep in keepin on. Thanks- I love keep on keeping on- it's what i tell everyone.
No question. Just want to say that my brother and I loved your cab driver character on those MTV spots when we were kids. Thank you- hearing that made doing them worth it- created it with my rock friends, jesse peretz and clay tarver.
Having gone to St. John's College in Santa Fe, The Tao of Steve is required viewing for all undergrads. I still wonder if you have any idea that it's obsessively watched at my school. I considered St. John's when I left high school (santa fe and maryland campuses) I am always impressed by st. john's grads (and now even more so)
Hey Donal, I don't really have a question. Just want to say, no matter what you are in, good or bad, you always stand out. Thank you!! one life journey on earth and we are in it together.
Hey donal i just wanted to tell you that terriers was a greats show sad they got cancel and also the tao of steve was one of the first movies that got me introduced to your humor my question is out of all you shows which one did you like the most and my wife says hi. Asking what shows you like is like asking which of your kids you love the most- the answer is arlo of course (just kidding finn- arlo's standing over my shoulder and you are at skateboard camp- hard to beat terriers for how much i was given to do though.
Howdy dooty, Jimmy The cab Driver was the best thing on MTV... dammit I would love a Jimmy The Cab Drive movie, see how he lived and where he lived.. DO EEETTT We tried to do a jimmy the cabdriver movie- had it set up at paramount and then it all went south- long, semi-boring story- but there was a guy who essentially killed it and it was a bummer- nothing we could do.
Loved you in Confidence. Just say'n. Loved confidence- ed burns, luis guzman (who inspired me to move to the country- he lives n vermont) rachel, paul, brian leland order dustin hoffman - amazing cast.
Only 1 record to play in your cab: 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads' from The Lemonheads or 'The Gift' from Bullet LaVolta. Choose wisely. The gift- bullet lavolta- my life was 24 7 bullet lavolta in those days.
Tao of Steve!! That is all. Be desireless- be excellent- be gone- the tao.
Donal!! I live in El Centro, CA. You came to my school a couple years back and I just want to say I love watching you on tv! Thank you- send my best to everyone in EC- say hey to the gang at Driscoll's Sport HQ and Camacho's for me (and Benny at Clark Baker Music)
Ve ri tas, brother. Sweet Naaahhhvard College (that's what me and Clay Tarver always call it)
The Tao of Steve was fantastic. Thanks for being awesome dude! Thank you- thanks to ted hope and antony bregman for seeing it in the script.
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2013.07.31 22:20 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am founder of blu eCigs Jason Healy I sold my business for 135 million dollars - AMA!

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Date: 2013-07-31
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How did it feel to make your fist dollar in business? Edit:took me ages to work that one out. I'm not into fisting but each to their own.
Hey you never know, that could be the ticket to your next 100 million! Good point! I like the cut of your jib!
If you need an advisor, I would be more than happy to help you with your fisting services, from a business standpoint of course. LOL nothing like fisting to bring people together. Let me guess you'd be in all the way??
I am a hard working, motivated person who always gets elbow deep into his work. LMAo I have a second knuckle rule!
Will you encourage business owners to put money into educating the public on ecigarettes and lobbying to prevent it from being over regulated? If so, what plans are there? If not, how can we prevent misinformation from making this product look worse than it is. I know blu is putting a large amount of resources and money into education and in particular the education of public officials. These are the ones that scare me the most as they are making the quick snap judgments. The general public is being very thorough and getting the facts.
Many current vapers are dismayed by the "you can 'vape' anywhere" marketing claims/push by companies like Blu and Njoy. The [Blu disposable page says Beat the smoking ban: Smoke anywhere, even indoors.] (Link to [Courtney Love Njoy commercial (youtube)] (Link to [Alternacig infomercial (youtube)] (Link to What are your feelings (personal and/or "blu's") about vaping in places where smoking is not currently allowed due to federal/state regulations? Is it truly acceptable to "vape anywhere"? electronic_cigarette I think it's generally stupid to ban the use on ecigs where traditional cigarettes are banned. Its part of the product and industry where we see a little rebellion and I think that's a good thing!
What is the cancer risk with ecigs? THis is largely unknown in cold hard facts but from what we do know the signs are extremely promising. Even if you look at the fact that ecigs are not combustion and are not burning an organic plant. That is where most the nasty stuff happens for tobacco cigarettes. More and more tests are being done and the more that are done the more positive it is.
Mr. Healy, thanks for doing this. 1) How involved do you remain with Blu since you sold to Lorillard? 2) Does Blu have any projects in the R&D pipeline that will hold up to the (currently) far superior products offered by other smaller vendors? (non-cigalike, specifically talking about the PCC) 3) What do you perceive as the future of the legal hurdles for PV's? 4) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? 1) I remain heavily involved but more in the background now days. blu is like my child and the staff are like my family so I hope I will always stay involved as long as they are doing the right things 2) Most definitely the strides we are making with new technologies is huge. We have a fantastic team in Silicone Valley CA that focuses on R&D 3) Overcoming the tag of 'cig' 4) Its not size of the horse in the fight but the size of the fight in the duck.
Do you still vape? Even tho Blu is your baby, do you use any other gear? If so, what is your favorite non-cigalike device? I test other products but I only use blu. I just enjoy the product and I personally don't like the flavor or size of others out there. Personal choice... I even purchase blu like everyone else.
I'd like to know what your personal description of the Tobacco flavor is. I think it definitely has a coffee flavor. Its made up of about 20 flavors so sometimes people are more susceptible to certain flavors within it like coffee or carmel
Thats bullshit lol. many of us mix juice ourselves, 20 flavors is making mud. For you... Yes.
When you sold to Lorillard, supposedly one of their prerequisites for the sale was that you settle with Ruyan over a patent they had for an electronic cigarette. Ruyan's patent however only covered piezo-electric atomizers. All other e-cig manufacturers had switched to using heating coils in their atomizers which they believed were not covered by Ruyan's patent. Philip Morris had a prior patent for an e-cig from 1993. This more closely resembled the e-cigs other manufacturers were now making but it was out of date. In fact Ruyan had previously failed in a Chinese court to stop an e-cig manufacturer (Cixi Ecig) from continuing to sell e-cigs all apart from one model which had a piezo-electic atomizer. Were you and Lorillard aware of this case? Did you or they think Ruyan's patent actually had merit? was it more of a precaution? Are you following any current e-cig cases, I think Ruyan still might have ongoing one against a number of other e-cig businesses in the US. Did you offer any support to Njoy and Smoking Everywhere when they fought the FDA? Lorillard did not require a settlement and no I did not contribute to NJOY and Smoking Everywhere.
Can you tell us why then? Really would appreciate an answer to that. It was simple and easy mathematics, spend a fortune to prove a point or be done with it and get on with developing the product and brand
So you don't you think Ruyan's patent has merit, but just that it was less costly to pay them than to go to court? Correct.
So what do you do now with all of that money? what other businesses are you trying to get into? how old are you? I largely haven't changed my life, I'm a home body at heart, some would say recluse LOL. But I am a watch and car freak so there have been some cars and watches. I'm 38 years old. No new businesses yet, I still consult to blu and love working with the team there.
Do you drive a lamborghini or ferrari? I've always been a ferrari and porsche guy. Lambo's aren't as fun to drive in my opinion. I also love classics, being from Australia, American muscle cars are pretty cool for me.
I like the questions about cars and fun stuff!
Dude, tell me about your watches. I'm a theoretical watch freak, so to speak. Though funding is very limited, I like to learn as much about them as I can. I have 36 watches. Only about 5 are expensive. I just like interesting cool watches and its not about how much they cost. I have ones I got as a kid even.
Do you have any classic muscle? Not yet...
Need more garage space.
Are you on Ferrari Chat? Rennlist? 6Speed? How about timepieces? Hublot? Patek? Panerai? No I'm not a big chat or board guy. I like cars for myself I don't like showing them etc.
Does blu have any plans to expand past the cigalike type ecigs it currently markets into larger batteries with more power (for longer life between recharges and more vapor), and/or liquid dispensers (cartomizers, clearomizers) that have more capacity? Will standalone liquid available from blu? I don't think so as I think liquid may be a point of contention when it comes to regulations blu is concentrating on better technologies and keep the size down. We'd rather give a better experience in the smaller size than get bigger and bigger.
do you think that is a good thing/necessary? Unfortunately because of cowboys, yes.
What is the future of eCig regulation in the US? What role will big tobacco play? Tough to say anytime you are dealing with a government body but I think they will be largely positive. I believe the FDA see's the huge potential in ecigs so they will make their regulations to ensure maximum responsibility for manufacturers.
Sorry I missed this one. I think big tobacco will play a large role in the future because they are entering the market and when you look at we are stealing their customers LOL. It's smart business for them to get involved plus they have tremendous experience with regulations and the government.
Have you ever tried one of the larger PV's? And if not, what do you think about the emerging culture of people who vape? I have and I think it's awesome, smoking is about freedom and choice and so you have to embrace that!
Awesome, thanks for the reply. People may knock you, but its undeniable you were instrumental in the popularization of ecigarettes and PVs in general. Thanks mate, appreciate that. I think ecigs in general are great and I'm happy to see the industry expanding, not just blu.
How quickly do you think we will see mainstream use of e-cigs (blu or otherwise)? I live in DC and have seen an uptick, but still have 2-3 people ask me what I'm smoking every time I vape in public. "Is that a mini hookah?" (WTF is a mini hookah?) Its moving very quickly especially when I look back to when I started it. The product is very polarizing so I expect it will continue to increase awareness dramatically over the next few years and regulations will only increase that.
From what I've read, regulations have only served to make them less accessible. You're much more informed than I, so have you seen differently? I think regulations and anti smoking groups have only expanded the awareness of ecigs because of their attempts. The more they push back the more people want to know.
Is Stephen Dorff nice in person? Dorffman (as I call him) is a great guy, he and I talk regularly and he's become a good mate. Very genuine and straight forward guy. We both have ADD so my wife thinks its funny when we are together. Like two kids hopped up on pixie sticks!
Have you ever used a mechanical mod or rebuildable atomizer? Any other non-cig a like e cigs? What are your general experiences with e cigs outside of your own product? My general experience is positive. My big issues and concern within the industry were always related to marketing and selling the product responsibly. There was and still is a lot of subscription selling and bait and switch crap. Still some cowboys who aren't interested in their consumers, just $$$
Do you / did you smoke cigarettes yourself? I used to smoke about a pack and half of cigs a day, now I only smoke one tobacco cig in the more with my tea (more if I have a drink). I picked blu because it was the opposite to red/burning ember on a cigarette.
A lot of study's have shown that most E-Cigs that claim they contain no nicotine, a specific value of nicotine like 20mg or whatever are wrong. For example, says tehre is no nicotine but found 2mg of it, or says 20mg but it's never 20. Sometimes more or sometimes less. Thoughts? How accurate is blu compared to others E-Cigs? This is largely due to equipment error by using the same equipment on the zero nic carts or products as the nicotine products. The residue causes cross contamination. blu uses completely separate lines so zero nic products are not cross contaminated.
We'd rather give a better experience in the smaller size than get bigger and bigger. Can you actually do that though? There are limitations based on current battery technology without making it prohibitively expensive. You wouldn't have thought watching video on a cell phone was possible just a decade ago.
What kind of work did you do prior to blu? Educational background? Do you see any potential uses for ecigs and marijuana now or in the near future? What inspired to create your product? I was horrible at school, hated it and did what I needed to to get by. Never went to college. I was heavily involved with professional sports in Australia and the mobile phone industry prior to blu. I created blu as a smoker and being sick and tired of being told where and when I could smoke. I think the marijuana debate will continue and it may cross over to ecigs.
Could you take us through the development of the business? Where did you get the idea? How did you develop and receive funding for your untested product? etc. I've always gone with my gut, I don't put of lot of faith in consumer research and I don't get involved with anything I don't understand and am not passionate about. I started blu because I am a smoker. I started blu with $50,000 on May first 2009.
Do you still smoke analogs? Yep, only 2 a day now tho.
When you first started, some people said blu was owned by some people who owned or had leverage in porn sites and that is why blu was heavily advertised on porn sites, some of which were the most trafficked in the world. A lot of people first heard about e-cigs from a blu ad on porn sites. Did you own or have leverage at porn sites to be able to advertise there so much when starting off? We advertised on porn sites in the beginning as it was cheap traffic and I had friends in the industry. These people know the internet and how to get traffic. When you are a start up on a shoe string you find ways to grow and be successful. That's what being an entrepreneur is about, finding a way to get shit done!
What kind of money did you spend to get the business up and running? What percentage of your gross goes to affiliate fees? Affiliate fees were still very small I think about 15% back in the day.
Well friends is a rather sly way of putting it. The porn company AEBN was a partner in Blu. So much so that the owners son ran the shipping department and AEBN's marketing department developed the product packaging, logo, and advertising. Actually it was the masons.
What are the chances of cancer with the blu eCig compared to a normal cigarette by a major tobacco brand like Camel or Morlboro and are they FDA approved? Edit:(I ask because i'm interested in switching to these, specifically blu as i've seen a lot about it.) Legal minefield this one but in my personal opinion I think ecigs are much safer and more research will confirm that without a doubt.
What do you think your biggest competition besides regular cigarettes down the line will be? Is Blue pretty much controlling the market for the eCig. I am seeing other products out there. Thanks for doing this! :) I think our biggest competitor or threat is misinformation and anti smoking groups who ideologically have an issue with smoking rather than looking at the fact that ecigs could answer all their dreams and eventually eliminate tobacco.
Njoy. Who??
So would it be correct to assume you do not consider electronic cigarettes a tobacco product? I don't, even though the nicotine is derived from tobacco.
Who do you feel is Blu's biggest competitor? Regulations and tobacco cigarettes.
What are the health risks associated with your product? Again this is something that we will see overtime but keep in mind the facts I mentioned in the other similar questions.
Ok thanks. Also what is your all time favorite car? I'd have to go with a 69 Ferrari 250 or a 70's Chevelle.
Could you and would you pay off my mortgage? I would have to say no... but thanks for writing in Mum.
Given the FDA's recent comments on menthol, do you think vapers have a stake in that discussion given any precedent set on the basis of a flavor could apply to the flavors we enjoy as well? I think the menthol debate is a mute point as is the debate on ecig flavors. The problem is that people don't want to parent anymore so they push big business to do it. Who would have thought the 'time out chair' wouldn't work...
Why did you found a company focused on ecigs? Because I am a smoker and I enjoy smoking. I saw ecigs as a way for smokers to come out of the corner and to get some of their freedom back. I also think that ecigs have a very huge possibility to save a lot of lives. More testing yes but I feel strongly about this potential.
How did you transition from the startup process to getting angel investors/funding? Who was instrumental in building the brand for your business? The people and staff at blu were instrumental and still are today. No one does anything alone.
Do you think it's acceptable to smoke ecigs indoors? I see people do it all the time and it bugs me. Their reaction is always "What? It's not illegal or anything" Why does it bug you if it doesn't affect you?
Because they always smoke their ecigs with the smuggest attitude. So you just object to confidence?
I smoke ecigs too, but I still avoid smoking them in no-smoking places. SOme people are excited by the fact they can smoke in places where cigs are banned. I hear you tho about not smoking in some places where smoking is banned. I do that sometimes.
Are online sales the biggest selling point or it in retailers? Initially when you started out, wow did you promote your product and build the brand? Online was all we had in the start, no one was selling at retail, now with our retail growth it is the largest. We built a very large consumer base on line then converted them to retail which is why we have seen such huge growth at retail.
Don't worry about that man! Unless it's a huge celebrity, someone who's popular in the news right now or someone really loved by the reddit community, most AMAs almost goes unnoticed. Combine that to the fact that Serj Tankian is also doing an AMA at the moment, it's probably not helping. There's still plenty of good questions in here (more than 200 comments in the thread, that's good!) and I would like to say you are doing a great job at replying at questions. Now my own little question: Do you use an e-cig? Vaping is a huge hobby for a most of the people in the e-cig community, I wonder, what's your relation with vaping? Yes I use blu. I test others but use blu day to day.
Cool! More questions :) What is your setup like? What's your favourite flavor? I'm really curious, do you use it just like anyone would or do you have a little something unsual on your blu kit (special battery, carts) since it's your baby? What is your favourite vaping setup other than a blu? I use the same blu and products that everyone does. People always think I have some special setup of version of the product. Its the same as everyone else.
no close second to the blu in your heart (in terms of device)? No but I'm a smoker and bias because I'm the founder of blu. How do I make it better if I don't use it day in and day out.
I'm all for smaller as well; most users start on disposables like your product (my mother did) but was turned off by the low power (resulting in short lifespan/low amounts of lung-filling vapor) that can be achieved by a battery as small as a "real" cigarette. Are you working on new battery technologies? electronic_cigarette Definitely, smaller more powerful batteries are coming. Just like in most consumer products.
Now that you have an assload of money, what philanthropic aspirations do you have? Please say you have some. I do but I don't tell people, I think that defeats the purpose. I like to help people and causes but I don't feel I have to tell people.
I don't think it defeats the purpose to bring awareness to a cause that you think is important. I help bring awareness where I can but I don't tell what I give or do.
Why are e-cigarettes so popular? I think because there are 45 million smokers in america and because smoking is such a hot topic.
How did it feel to sell your company for $135 million? What was the sensation when the negotiating was finished and you got paid but had to turn over control of your company? I'm not sure I even can really answer that now, over a year later. For me I got to have a couple beers and think about it the night we announced it and then it was back to work the next day. Now that I've stepped down as the President I've had more time to reflect and what I've realized is that it was the process and the journey that was fun not necessarily the destination. This is the 3rd business I have built and sold and while its the closest one to my heart it still hasn't sunk in totally.
Any advice for someone who wants to start a start up? How do you get from a small, initial investment to selling a multi-million dollar company? Follow your instincts and do something you are passionate about. It won't always work but remember failures are part of success and learning. It doesn't feel good at the time but failures are useful. Building a business is hard so the more you are passionate about what you are doing the more you apply yourself and get through the tough parts.
What is your background as far as education and business? I guess I'm mainly asking how did you start and implement something so cutting edge at the time with such an insane growth? Just made it through high school. I got $50,000 together, some great stuff and just worked our asses off!
Just came across the idea and ran with it? Did you have to invest in the R&D or did you just handle that yourself? Either way, kudos on the success. Gives a cube monkey like me something to shoot at. I had a great engineer who was able to convert my thoughts into reality. Was a huge help!
Can I get about tree fiddy? How about too fiddy??
Did you used to smoke tobacco cigarettes? Do you smoke blu eCigs now? Yes and yes.
What separates your product from NJOY or Fin e-cigarettes besides the business end ex. strictly speaking product only.? It seems to be exactly the same product and same components. Inside there are subtle differences but the biggest right now is the appearance. In the next 12 months the differences will be much larger.
Have you thought of advertising the 0mg nicotine ones to non-smokers? I'm a non-smoker and have always been intrigued by all the neat flavors that are available to vapers. We have sooo many smokers to advertise to, not concerned about non-smokers. Plus I think it would bring unnecessary heat on the industry.
How quickly do you think that will change, and to what degree? I think right now ecigs have had a 1% impact on traditional cigs and I think that will grow and grow.
I think in the next 12 months you will see dramatic growth and changes. The tough part is scale now. Its very time consuming to change things now with all the retailers and displays etc. There is a lot more planning in making wholesale changes than there use to be.
Jason, thanks much for doing this AMA, have a few questions here. What's your view on e-cigarette advertising? Should they continue to be allowed in the mediums that cigarettes are not like television, internet and IndyCar? Will Blu play a role acting foagainst any forthcoming moves by the FDA, whether it be regulating e-cigs as an MRTP, tobacco product or something different? I think its definitely think ecigs should be allowed to advertise on adult mediums. blu will play a huge role in regulations I believe and we have had several meetings with the FDA.
How did you end up getting a buy out? Did Lorrilard approach you first or did you ask for the buyout? They came to me out of the blue and six months later the deal was done.
What was your most successful marketing initiative when you were still in the early stages of growth? I don't really know of a specific initiative it was more about the message and appealing to smokers. Being true to the product and the consumer rather than being true to the sale.
I really think you guys hawking over flavors and children appeal are just bitching to bitch. How about better parenting... I would have rather had the opportunity to use Blu than smoke for 10 years when I was younger. I really don't see people getting hooked on Blu or even using it unless it is to quit smoking. Why would someone build an addiction to nicotine from an expensive item like Blu? Go get em!
Thanks Jason, I appreciate that. How do you feel about the crowdfunding options out there for seeking investment? They are good, I look at them and if I'm interested I go directly to the creator.
One thing I noticed when I used to use Blu's is that they are extremely wasteful. Why has Blu not ever considered a "turn in your blu" to maybe get a dollar off the next one you buy? Surely there is some way for Blu to reuse the assembly, or at the least the battery. I would say the cost of such a program at this point but I think it will happen eventually. Plus there are many programs out there people could use.
How long does it take from the concept of a new flavor to getting it out to the consumer? I'm looking for some fall flavors like apples and cinnamon or pumpkin roll. It use to be pretty quick, now with blu's size and being publicly listed its a much longer process with more lawyers involved! I would say now it takes about 6 months.
What is the first thing you wanted to buy when you found out you were getting $135M? For me it was a car.
I was under the impression that Johnson Creek makes the flavors for Blu. Is this not the case? That is correct, love Johnson Creek!
What effect do you think regulation might have on the grassroots industry that has spawned around ecigs and all the mom & pop vapor shops that have opened recently? Do you think they will thrive or suffer? Regulations aren't going to make things easier that's for sure. The testing and manufacturing requirements will be very expensive and time consuming.
How did you go about getting blu into various stores? What was the hardest part about getting into retail stores? Was definitely tough but once one jumped in it happened very quickly.
When we started retailers had no real idea what they were.
How much equity did you have when you sold your company? Also, are you still on the board? I'm not on the board now that we have sold to Lorillard but I talk to them regularly. Great board and good people.
Do you encourage your employees to smoke blu cigs in the office? I wouldn't say encourage but they are allowed to do it if they want to to. All the smokers do.
Llc or c-corporation? And why? Blu is now Inc, because of the whole public thing.
Can you detail how you started the company in the beginning? Or at the very least how much did it cost to start it? I started blu with $50,000.
I'm having trouble seeing the logistics of a smaller battery getting more life. I've watched the evolution of handheld game consoled and while they get smaller and more powerful, there hasn't been a noticeable reduction in battery size since 2003. Actually the batteries have got much better, the gaming consoles have just needed more space so as the batteries got better they were able to reduce their size but still give reasonable battery life. Batteries are getting more efficient and smaller.
Are you really from ojai? I'm from Brisbane Australia.
Are you in Ojai now? No I'm in NC.
Are you in Ojai now??
I may have misunderstood a response a few hours ago. It was worded a bit oddly. Will the life improvement include the Premium batteries as well? All battery products.
off, thank you. I believe the product you have created is beneficial for the smoker market trying to quit. Second.. My main dream in life is to become an entrepreneur and inventor, I am young and have many great ideas, but I have no idea where to take them. How does one get started in creating a product? Thank you. Sorry mate, I just saw your post. Firstly I would say follow your instincts. They aren't always right at first but you have them for a reason. Don't ever do anything for just the money and first and foremost be yourself, you are always happier when you do that.
I'm a kid out of college looking to start my own business and the biggest problem always seems to be getting that initial capital to get me going. It seems impossible to make money these days without already having money. Can you provide any suggestions to making it through that first hoop? You have to ask people for money, they are out there you just have to be willing to hear the no's to find them. If you truly believe in what you are doing it will happen. Won't be easy and there is no magic bullet.
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Stephen Dorf at the premiere of his new movie Public Enemies S.F.W. clip Paula Feels The Pressure At Work  Season 1 Ep. 10  DEPUTY The Sheriff Of Deputy: Kim Harrison  Season 1  DEPUTY Bill Finds Out He's The New Acting Sheriff  Season 1 Ep. 1  DEPUTY Bishop And Cade Find A Dead CI  Season 1 Ep. 12  DEPUTY S.F.W. - Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Dorff #2 Bill Talks To Paula About A Possible Leak  Season 1 Ep. 13  DEPUTY Jerry Asks For Bill's Support In The Upcoming Campaign  Season 1 Ep. 6  DEPUTY Stephen Dorff greets fans while arriving at The Bling Ring Premiere in LA

Who is Stephen Dorff dating? Stephen Dorff girlfriend, wife

  1. Stephen Dorf at the premiere of his new movie Public Enemies
  2. S.F.W. clip
  3. Paula Feels The Pressure At Work Season 1 Ep. 10 DEPUTY
  4. The Sheriff Of Deputy: Kim Harrison Season 1 DEPUTY
  5. Bill Finds Out He's The New Acting Sheriff Season 1 Ep. 1 DEPUTY
  6. Bishop And Cade Find A Dead CI Season 1 Ep. 12 DEPUTY
  7. S.F.W. - Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Dorff #2
  8. Bill Talks To Paula About A Possible Leak Season 1 Ep. 13 DEPUTY
  9. Jerry Asks For Bill's Support In The Upcoming Campaign Season 1 Ep. 6 DEPUTY
  10. Stephen Dorff greets fans while arriving at The Bling Ring Premiere in LA

That man is BILL HOLLISTER (Stephen Dorff, “True Detective,” “Star”). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat. That man is BILL HOLLISTER (Stephen Dorff, “True Detective,” “Star”). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat. That man is BILL HOLLISTER (Stephen Dorff, “True Detective,” “Star”). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat. That man is BILL HOLLISTER (Stephen Dorff, “True Detective,” “Star”). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat. That man is BILL HOLLISTER (Stephen Dorff, “True Detective,” “Star”). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat. Freida Pinto & Stephen Dorff are Major Flirts - Celebrity Interview - Duration: 3:26. SheKnows 46,445 ... Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for ... Stephen Dorff DEPUTY Interview: Mahershala Ali as BLADE, ... Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you. 9:49. Stephen shows his love with plenty of autograph, very cool! The Big Short 6 - Jared Vennett's Pitch to Front Point Partners (Jenga Blocks Scene) - Duration: 8:35. ... Stephen Dorff interview 2002 - Duration: 7:31. lalarikyu 24,433 views. 7:31. That man is BILL HOLLISTER (Stephen Dorff, “True Detective,” “Star”). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat.