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Xbox Black Friday Sale - Region by region comparison [No VPN required] for Hungary, Norway and Czech Xbox Stores

2020.11.20 07:32 SuperHotUKDeals Xbox Black Friday Sale - Region by region comparison [No VPN required] for Hungary, Norway and Czech Xbox Stores

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
Xbox.com Store
Region by region comparison for purchasing games from the current Xbox Black Friday sale at face value from non-UK stores using any credit or debit card (fee free cards e.g. Monzo, Starling, Revolut are obviously ideal) without the use of a VPN.
You are largely limited to the Hungary, Norway and Czech stores - the following list identifies which store is most cost effective per game and also notes where you are better off sticking with the UK store.
To get an idea of the savings to be made per game please refer to the UK Black Friday Sale post:
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2020.10.09 06:15 LiquidMedicine [Econ] Miserable in Comfort

United Kingdom - 2020

2020 has been, at least, a turbulent year for the United Kingdom. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in unprecedented times of paranoia and uncertainty, and no facet of life has gone unaffected. Yet, as the year comes to a close, and with it, the pandemic slows, the UK has the resolve to come out stronger and more powerful. In the final months of 2020, the Tory government announced a series of sweeping infrastructure updates, which have received widespread domestic support.
HS2 Construction - Phase One and Two
Planned to be completed in roughly early to mid 2026, Phase One of construction on the new HS2 railway, which will carry passengers at a routine speed of 225 mph between London and Birmingham. This is an upgrade from previous plans, which were reviewed and subsequently redrafted in 2019, which placed the HS2 line at a routine operating speed of only 205 mph. This increase in commute time could be vital to keeping the connection between two of Britain’s most major cities. Plans for Phase Two have been approved, and the government has taken the first steps to prepare construction to the city of Crewe, and eventually into Manchester by late 2026. Additionally, plans have been drawn up and preparations begun for Phase Two construction in the East Midlands ranging out to 2027.
Crossrail Construction Resumption
Crossrail, an underground rail development in the London area running east-west across the city designed to alleviate overcrowding on the city’s existing transport systems. Originally planned to open in 2018, Crossrail has been over-budget for some time. Additionally, construction was halted for much of 2020, further delaying the line from opening. However, with a budget now reaching nearly 20 billion pounds, with one of the operating companies, Transport for London, ordering an additional four tunnel-boring machines (These things are dope btw) from German company Herrenknecht AG, which has supplied the previous ten machines used in this operation. Additionally, they have sought to acquire powerful Ground-penetrating radars from American company Raytheon Systems. Authorities plan to use ground-penetrative techniques, combined with Inpipe-Penetrating Radar techniques in nearby buildings and sewers to more efficiently excavate tunnels and preserve any potential archaeological artefacts. This will also speed up estimated completion time. The government now expects Crossrail to be completed by December 2021.
Crossrail Preservation Efforts
The Crossrail construction has been a dream opportunity for archaeologists, who have found numerous artefacts in the construction zones of the tunnels beneath London. With improved radar techniques, combined with efforts working alongside international groups of archaeologists and preservationists, to ensure that we can recover our history and learn more of those who came before. However, with the current Tory government encouraging the shift of DCMS-controlled historical and cultural centers to a commercial-based platform, The McDonald Institute of Archaeological Research at Cambridge has invested in a multi-level, permanent exhibit dedicated to the preservation and display of everyday artefacts discovered in the dirt beneath England, free to the public. They have made an effort to acquire as many artefacts from private collectors, as well as the construction companies, as possible, and have an impressive 80-item exhibit.
Heathrow Airport Expansion
London is a crowded city, but at a certain point, it gets a little obnoxious. And with everyone a bit more on-edge regarding proximity and crowds following the COVID-19 pandemic, it is obvious that London needs to expand its transport capacity in multiple sectors. The Heathrow Expansion was a go for 2020, however it was halted in February 2020 over climate concerns. Following a reconsideration of the plans, and subsequent passing by a Tory-led parliament, the runway is to go ahead as planned for construction, despite the possibility of increasing CO2 emissions of the airport by millions of tonnes per year. The new third runway, which would run above the M25 speedway, would only disrupt the two communities of Harmondsworth and Longford. Additionally, a new terminal will be constructed on the southwest side of the airport to better facilitate travel, as the airport currently operates at 98% capacity. Two hotels will also be constructed on-site at Heathrow to improve passenger experience, with contracts being bidded off to British company Travelodge and American company Wyndham Worldwide. Finally, public transport routes will be optimized, and additional stops and services will be provided. Overall, this is estimated to bring in a huge number of temporary jobs during the construction phase, as well as at least 2,000 permanent jobs at the airport alone post-upgrade. This is not to mention the unspeakable economic benefits of increasing the capacity of Britain’s most valuable economic lifeline.
5G Rollout
Perhaps the most controversial of the new rollouts, the UK government has dropped Huawei for 5G negotiations following increased wariness of potential security concerns regarding Chinese-made electronics. The government has since sought to secure a deal with Swedish tech giant Ericsson. Although some networks have launched minor, localized test 5G networks, Ericsson will be tasked with providing the entirety of the United Kingdom with 5G access, using their patented MIMO-based method for transmission. Speedy implementation of 5G is critical to the UK’s post-COVID economic recovery, and Ericsson plans to have a majority of population centers covered by 5G by 2022. They plan to work closely with local government, and existing 5G networks with companies such as Vodafone, to ensure Britain can be as interconnected as possible.
Investing in Information
With the news breaking of underwater data centers being found not only effective, but environmentally sustainable in the long-term, the government leaped into action to ensure this success, which took place off the coast of the Orkney Islands, remained as localized to the UK as possible.
It is true that the waters north of Scotland are the ideal conditions for Microsoft’s underwater data centers. As such, the government seeks to acquire a contract for Microsoft to place up to twelve more data centers of varying sizes, perhaps dedicated to quantum computations or AI research, in key recommended locations off the coast of the UK, primarily off the northern and western coasts of Scotland. With other companies now seeking to get in on the action, the government has also permitted what is considered a lofty, ambitious project.
UK company New Generation Data Europe, who operates Europe’s largest datacenter in Wales, is seeking to create a large datacenter off the northern coast of Wales, the size of which dwarfs any experiments done to date. Though in the early phases of planning, the company expects to use the information learned from this experiment to upgrade its main center, which operates on a massive computer first designed in 1998.
UK economy go brr
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2020.10.02 19:56 kjonesatjaagnet Asda bought by billionaire Issa brothers in £6.8bn deal

Asda bought by billionaire Issa brothers in £6.8bn deal

Two billionaire brothers from Blackburn have won the battle to buy Asda from Walmart of the US, in a deal valuing the supermarket chain at £6.8bn.
A consortium of Zuber and Mohsin Issa and private equity firm TDR Capital will take a majority stake in Asda.
It means the grocer will return to majority UK ownership for the first time in two decades.
The Issa brothers own EG Group, which has more than 5,200 petrol stations across the UK and Europe.
A spokesperson for the Issa brothers and TDR Capital declined to comment on how they are funding the deal. Walmart said that, under the new owners, Asda will invest £1bn in the supermarket over the next three years.
The auction process for Asda has lasted for several months. Walmart decided to sell a controlling stake in Asda after shelving plans to float the business following a failed £7.3bn merger with Sainsbury's, which was blocked on competition grounds.
Walmart bought Asda in 1999 for £6.7bn and it will retain a minority stake in the supermarket chain.
Announcing the deal, Walmart said Asda would keep its headquarters in Leeds and its chief executive, Roger Burnley, would remain in place.
Asda already has a relationship with the Issa brothers through their petrol forecourt business.
The supermarket recently announced its expansion into convenience stores and will initially trial "Asda On the Move" at three of EG Group's fuel station forecourts in the Midlands.
Mohsin and Zuber Issa said they wanted to support Asda's management to achieve long-term growth.
"We believe that our experience with EG Group, including our expertise around convenience and brand partnerships and our successful partnership with TDR Capital, can help to accelerate and execute that growth strategy," they said.

Who are the Issa brothers?

Zuber and Mohsin Issa
The speed of growth of their petrol station business marks the Issa brothers out as "remarkable entrepreneurs", according to Brian Madderson, chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), of which their EG Group is a member.
The rapid expansion came as the major oil companies sold off or closed their High Street petrol outlets to concentrate on production and refining.
Industry insiders describe the brothers as softly spoken and modest. At one industry awards ceremony several years ago, the brothers were present but were said to be too shy to claim their award on stage.
People who know them say that part of their success is in remaining curious about competitors and being willing to learn and pick up new ideas.
The Sunday Times values their fortune at £3.56bn.
Initially called Euro Garages, the Issa brothers founded EG in 2001, expanding it from a single site in Bury, Greater Manchester.
TDR Capital now owns half of the group, with Zuber Issa controlling 25% and Mohsin Issa the remaining 25%.
Walmart said it expected to report a $2.5bn (£1.9bn) loss for its next financial year "reflecting the absence of net income associated with the Asda business".
It added that the "use of cash proceeds" from the sale "will be determined at a later date".
Originally published by Dearbail Jordan - Business reporter October 2, 2020 BBC News
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2020.09.25 17:03 CrumbAllowances The Rumour XI of players linked to Manchester United

Hi everyone!
The transfer window always seems to be an exceptionally difficult one for Man United fans. Not only does our recruitment team regularly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by turning open-and-shut transfers to drawn out 'sagas', but every two-bit agent desperate to get their client a new contract or tabloid seeking to fill its back pages bandies the club's name about with abandon. Over the years, we have seen countless players linked to the club, with some links more spurious than others. As such, this is my attempt to create the Manchester United Ultimate Rumour XI - a team of players linked to us only by transfer rumour and gossip.
In general, my criteria to make the team is two-fold - 1) how good was the player and 2) how intense were the rumours? Intensity of rumour involves both quantity (how often you were linked to United) and quality (how 'reliable' the rumours were). Also, the following categories of player are disqualified from the list.
  1. Those who joined United eventually after a prolonged rumour churn (Ander Herrera, Bruno Fernandes, Jadon Sanch ... oh.)
  2. Those who United made an approach for, but were rebuffed by the player or club (Ivan Perisic, Erling Haaland, Sergio Ramos)
  3. Those who United made a successful approach for, but eventually chose not to sign for some godforsaken reason (Thiago, Toni Kroos, [sad clown noises])
The XI also entirely comes from the post-Fergie era. This is due to a number of factors - the recency effect, the insane proliferation of bullshit transfer rumours in the SEO and social media age, and the general perception that Fergie and Gill/Kenyon were far more competent in securing targets. So without further preamble ...
GK - Jasper Cillessen
So this list doesn't start very auspiciously. Is this really the best goalkeeper we have been linked with? As far as I can tell in my limited Google research, the answer is yes. The reason behind this is simple - we've had an all-time great number 1 for about a decade now. Even now when DDG appears to be slipping, there's a perfect replacement in Henderson right behind him. But cast your mind back to the 2015 transfer window, when De Gea was a dodgy fax machine away from joining Real Madrid. With Louis van Gaal as manager, a year after his Dutch team made 3rd place at the World Cup, it made sense that Cillessen would replace the departing de Gea. Of course, Dave stayed, and Cillessen moved on to sit on the bench at Barcelona for three years before moving on to Valencia. There were minor rumours of us making a move for him in 2019 before de Gea signed his new contract, but I think it's safe to say that Jasper Cillessen will not be rocking up between the Old Trafford sticks any time soon.
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/11673982/Who-is-Manchester-United-target-Jasper-Cillessen.html
RB - Fabinho
Yes I know, he's primarily known as a defensive midfielder with the scum, but prior to that move, Fabinho was a more than competent right back for Rio Ave and occasionally played that role for Monaco. Plus we really have not been linked to many good right backs, and signed the last one we were linked with, so he is the best choice. There was a good amount of buzz about Fabinho joining United back in the summer 2018, when it was clear that Jose Mourinho was looking for a defensive midfielder. However, this gossip largely came from foreign sources, including a bona fide Tier 1 in Bouhafsi, with English Tier 1s and 2s insisting that Mourinho's real targets were Nemanja Matic and Eric Dier. As we now know, the English sources were correct, United signed Matic, and Fabinho moved on to some other club and never did anything worthwhile with his career ever again.
Sample Transfer Rumour (with Bouhafsi tweet embedded) - https://www.sportsjoe.ie/football/man-united-fabinho-161193
LB - Danny Rose
Back in 2017, Danny Rose made waves by criticising Spurs' transfer policy, calling on the club to stop signing 'players you have to Google'. This, along with reported dissatisfaction with Tottenham's low wage ceiling, compatriot Kyle Walker's mega-millions move to Manchester City, and a supposed desire to return to the north of England, led to a spate of transfer rumours linking him to United. Not only was he England's starting left back, but he was precisely what the club had been looking for since Evra left - pacy, exciting, and equally competent in attack and defence. Plus, Jose Mourinho was famously unconvinced by Luke Shaw, so this was a move that made all the sense in the world. However, said move never materialised, most likely because a Daniel Levy-Ed Woodward negotiation would have been a total massacre. Rose has continued to mouth off at Spurs over the years, and against all odds still remains contracted to them, barring an unsuccessful six month loan to Newcastle in January 2020.
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2712476-manchester-united-transfer-news-danny-rose-interest-reported-latest-rumours
CB - Ezequiel Garay
The mascot (along with the players in AM and RW) of this team, Garay is the rare player in this list who dates back to the Fergie era, and proceeded to be linked to us for what feels like time immemorial. The majority of these rumours came from Portuguese sources (renowned for their unreliability) stemming from his time in Benfica, though he would continue to be linked to us even after moving to Zenit and Valencia. Looking back, it seemed like Garay probably had a hell of an agent who knew that tossing our name into any situation would get him attention or a new contract, but the player himself actually claimed in 2013 that he was set to join United until Fergie left and Moyes took over. It's also unsurprising that the Garay rumour had legs for so long, considering that we seem to be perennially looking for a left footed ball playing centre back. Thank goodness that position is no longer a problem, eh?
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://www.goal.com/en-my/news/3956/transfer-zone/2013/10/14/4332222/garay-moyes-closed-down-manchester-united-move
CB - Toby Alderweireld
As Jose Mourinho entered his now infamously tumultuous third season in the summer of 2018, he felt that his 2nd place squad was a ball-playing centre back away from a true title challenge. There were two rumoured targets - Harry Maguire of Leicester City, who would cost crazy money, and Toby Alderweireld of Tottenham Hotspur, who could cost crazy money but for two reasons - he was already 29, and there was a 25 million pound release clause on his contract that would kick in next season. Surely it wouldn't be that difficult to convince Daniel Levy, a man who has the words 'financial prudence' tattooed on his chest, to part with an asset that would rapidly depreciate in value? Apparently the answer was no, and United never made an approach for Alderweireld, or for any centre back. Jose Mourinho flamed out spectacularly, Alderweireld signed a new deal at Spurs (thus removing the release clause), and the two eventually ended up together, except in white instead of red.
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/21/jose-mourinho-targers-summer-move-for-toby-alderweireld-manchester-united-tottenham-hotspur
CM - Sergej Milinković-Savić
This one has been rumbling on for a few years now, and will probably continue chugging along the next time Paul Pogba has a bad run of form or Mino Raiola says something incendiary. The SMS transfer rumour has always been inherently linked to the Pogba one. It's the typical 2+2=5 bullshit of silly season. Pogba wants out. SMS is a physically imposing midfielder with no lack of technical skill. Hey, just like Pogba! So this means Manchester United must be looking to sign Milinković-Savić to replace the outgoing Pogba, right? Right? The only snag to this, of course, is that Pogba still remains at Man United, is rumoured to be discussing an extension to his contract, while SMS continues to perform impressively at Lazio. This rumour has been peddled by no less of an authority than Gianluca Di Marzio, who, in one of his most shameful moments, put up on his website in 2019 that we were going to bid 80 million euros for SMS only to surreptitiously take it down a few hours later.
Sample Transfer Rumour (reporting on the Di Marzio report) - http://thepeoplesperson.com/2019/07/12/gianluca-di-marzio-manchester-united-ready-to-launch-e80m-sergej-milinkovic-savic-bid-207850/
CM - Arturo Vidal
Oh this one stings. Prior to the signing of Pogba, central midfield was a giant gaping hole in the club, with the early promise of Cleverley and Anderson not paying off. Ander Herrera was signed and Michael Carrick was still his usual reliable self, but there was little beyond them and the still-yet-to-convince Marouane Fellaini. Arturo Vidal was one of the best midfielders in the world, and had been fantastic for Jorge Sampaoli's Chilean team at the World Cup. Here was the player United had been needing for a long time, a midfielder with the dynamism, technique and mentality not seen since the young Roy Keane. However, regardless of all the buzz (and Juventus's seeming willingness to well), United never made a move, possibly because Vidal was coming off a serious knee injury and his all-action style would not be a good fit for LVG's possession-based football. The Vidal rumour shockingly resurfaced this(!) year, but it was largely pushed by shit-tier sources, and the Chilean has now secured a move to Inter, where he has finally fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing with Ashley Young.
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/aug/18/arturo-vidal-manchester-united-louis-van-gaal-juventus
AM - Wesley Sneijder
The god-king himself, the MVP of the Rumour Squad, the man whose transfer rumour turned into a meme, yes, it's none other than Wesley Sneijder. Like Garay, the rumour began in the Fergie-era, where rumours linked him to United as part of a swap-deal for Cristiano Ronaldo. This particular rumour proceeded to churn for the better part of a decade with less and less relevance each time. van Gaal is United manager? Hey guess what, Sneijder was in his Dutch team! He's definitely coming now! Mourinho is United manager? Well didn't they win a treble together? He's definitely coming now! The utter ridiculousness of this rumour can best be encapsulated by the fact that it kept going even when Sneijder was at Galatasaray, clearly far below United's (and his own former) level, and looking increasingly more injury-prone. Yet the bullshit was non-stop, and now that Wesley is retired (and looking pretty chunky), I can't wait to hear in three months how we are looking to sign him to be our mythical Director of Football.
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/8542407/wesley-sneijder-claims-inter-milan-prevented-him-from-joining-manchester-united
RW - Nicolas Gaitan
The god-king himself, the MVP of the Rumour Squad, the man whose transfer rumour turned into a meme, yes, it's none other than Nicolas Gaitan. One major reason why people on this sub roll their eyes at A Bola and Record comes from the neverending stream of Gaitan bullshit, which would flow invariably from Portuguese 'sources' and be washed down downstream to English 'sources' like The S*n and The Daily Fail. Like Garay and Sneijder, this rumour was pushed in at least three different eras of United, from Fergie to Moyes to LVG, with Gaitan's agent seemingly desperate to get him out of Benfica and to a club in Europe's top leagues. He eventually got his wish and left for Atletico Madrid in 2016, when wouldn't you know it, the rumours linking him to United magically stopped. Frankly, I think most fans would jump for joy if we did sign 2012 Gaitan, a tricky left-footed right winger with great control and a wicked cross. Instead, we got someone much better on the right, the famed Novalue Inthe Market, who I'm sure will excite us all this season.
Sample Transfer Rumour - https://www.eurosport.com/football/premier-league/2015-2016/manchester-united-transfer-news-nicolas-gaitan-drops-manchester-united-hint_sto4830163/story.shtml
CF - Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann never made his desire to leave Atletico Madrid subtle in 2017, telling the press he had a six in ten chance of joining Man United, talking up his discussions with Paul Pogba about the club, and having his brother be a hype man for the move that seemed bound to happen. Griezmann looked like the perfect signing - he was possibly the third best player in the world, a player who had both silk and steel, with no shortage of ability while also being tempered in the fires of Diego Simeone's ferocious Atletico side. Best of all? He was relatively affordable, with an 87 million pound release clause - a mere pittance for one of the richest clubs in the world to land a bona fide global superstar. The player wanted to go, United were interested, Atletico had no say in the matter ... so why did this never come to fruition? The answer was complicated. Atletico was under a yearlong transfer ban, and out of a sense of loyalty, Griezmann decided to stay with them for another year until they could adequately replace him. This rejection after such obvious flirtation seemed to turn us away for good, and the Alexis Sanchez transfer further left a sour taste about bringing in high class mercenaries who were not fully committed to playing for the club. Griezmann ended up moving to Barcelona in a move that has benefitted no one involved - the player has never looked the same and ended up being benched, Barcelona failed to get value out of their big money signing, and Atletico has failed to replace his obvious quality up front. Add to that the animosity of the transfer itself (Atletico announced it early just to prevent Griezmann from launching another hype video), and perhaps it was for the best that we stayed far away from this one.
Sample Transfer Rumour (the 'six out of ten' quote, given a week before he signed his new Atletico deal) - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/may/23/antoine-griezmann-six-out-of-10-chance-move-atletico-madrid
LW - Cristiano Ronaldo
And last, but certainly not the least, we have the only player who has ever played in Manchester United colours. Not just that, but also one of the finest ever to rock up at Old Trafford, hell, one of the greatest players in the history of football. Still beloved in these parts for his starring role in one of Fergie's all time greatest teams, the rumour that Cristiano Ronaldo was on his way back 'home' started almost immediately after he left. After all, in contrast to the unconditional love he received around these parts, the Real Madrid fans were not shy about letting Ronaldo know when he failed to meet up to their sky-high standards, even greeting perceived lazy or selfish performances with boos. For all the adoration we gave him and the fondness he seems to have for the club, Ronaldo (with assistance from Jorge Mendes) has never been shy about using us as leverage to wrangle a new contract from Real or to simply remind them that he held all the cards and could leave any time. Furthermore, thanks to Ed Woodward's lust for galactico signings, it was never very difficult for Cristiano to string us along like a lovelorn teenager. It says something about how tiresome this rumour got that when he finally left Real, United were barely in the mix, with ridiculously quick statements in the press about how we were not interested. Turns out that Woodward can actually move at speed when it's to turn down a transfer instead of making one. Ronnie's now at Juventus, still trying to win another Champions League to solidify his case as being the best player of all time. We will probably never see him wearing our jersey again, barring the odd post-retirement charity game. Oh well. 'Tis better to have love and lost.
Sample Transfer Rumour (featuring Uncle Pat adding more fuel to the Ronaldo return fire) - https://www.football365.com/news/cristiano-ronaldo-man-utd-return-transfer-alex-ferguson-retired
So that's the team. The obvious missing piece is Bale, but I figured Griezmann was a better inclusion because of how shamelessly he flirted with us. I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know if there's anyone else I'm missing or if I was inaccurate with any details (had to dredge up a lot from memory and Google searches).
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2020.09.07 18:24 theavenuehouse Race Report - Solo Night Half Marathon, Manchester UK

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 2:11:00 Yes
B Sub 02:00:00 Yes


Kilometer Time
1 5:44
2 5:53
3 5:46
4 5:42
5 5:52
6 5:09
7 5:16
8 5:19
9 5:54
10 5:25
11 5:12
12 5:43
13 5:42
14 5:42
15 6:13
16 6:13
17 5:36
18 5:42
19 5:52
20 4:25
21 4:47


Male, 29 years old.
Over the last 8 years I've been a casual runner, emphasis on the casual, not more than 3 a week and stopping for months or years at a time. 1 marathon and two 1/2 marathons. After reaching peak weight in February (work trip to US did not help) of 115kg at 6'1 I was struggling to run 5k in 35 minutes. When lock-down started I took it as a great opportunity to create a solid routine and have dropped to 96.6kg as of yesterday, mostly through CICO. I wanted to increase my runs per week but, going all out most runs, I found it really hard to run more than 2 days in a row. I stumbled across low-HR training and really liked the idea of slowly down, enjoying the runs, and still supposedly seeing the benefits. I was convinced mostly by a TED talk by Stephen Seiler on the benefits of training mostly low intensity. I was also helped out a lot on this subreddit, so thank you to the many redditors who answered my questions!
I based my training mostly off MAF (180-age is your target max HR during a run), 151bpm for me. I know it's not massively scientific but runs felt great at that HR, even if I was slowing to a walk for the first few weeks. It felt like I was solidly in my aerobic zone. The idea is as your aerobic fitness improves you will be able to increase your pace whilst keeping a low HR, and be less susceptible to injury and fatigue not going all out. It was a bit of an epiphany for me that running slower can make you fitter, but thought it was worth a short.
For reference when running regularly last year I would call 5:45min/km a high intensity pace I could only keep up for 5km. Over the next 12 weeks I built up my distances not worrying to much about pace, and by week 5 I started to see a great improvement in pace at the same HR. I began at around 7min/km 12 weeks ago and by last week was at 5:59/km average. It was so satisfying finding I could run faster without feeling like i'd done much more work. I know I've been very lucky in that many people find this training takes 6 months minimum, I saw good results in 3. Being cynical you could probably argue the fact I was increasing my mileage was having a much bigger impact on my pace than low-HR training, but if nothing else running slowly meant I could go from 50km a month to 210km whilst feeling not much fatigue.
I ran every run 'easy pace'/under 151bpm (occasionally over) for 12 weeks. 5 days a week, building up to 55km a week. I didn't introduce any speed work, though I will in the next few weeks. My longest training run was 17km.
Overall I didn't plan nearly as much as I should have for a 1/2 marathon race, but I knew I had the mileage down and I wanted to test out the low-HR training results for the last 3 months. As I was doing this solo I wasn't so worried if I had to bail out with tiredness, so that helped me push and not hold back.
My prior PB for half marathon was 2:11, 2018, Greater Manchester Marathon. Training for that was 2 hard runs a week, and a long easy run. Not enough knowledge or understanding of training principles at all.


Went for a nice walk at lunch, had a small dinner at 17:30 and starting running at 20:30! Wife's birthday dinner the night before acted as carb load.


KM 1-5 After 12 weeks running with my eyes fixed on my HR monitor it felt amazing to forget all that and just run. I had missed it and I had to stop myself from going too quickly! I tried to hit 5:42min/km to hit a 2 hour finish time. Felt comfortable and happy.
KM 6-14 Feeling great and endorphins rushing to the head I decided to pick up the pace a bit, and took it below 5:15min/km. Not my best idea, and I paid for it later in the race. I'm terrible at pacing myself, and it's even harder without a pacemaker. Felt good up until km 12 though, before starting to lag.
KM 15-20 Shortly before KM 15 I had a horrible realisation it was nearly 10pm on a Sunday, I had forgotten to bring any water and had forgotten a mask to enter a shop. As soon as I realised that, of course I started to feel dehydrated and headache appeared. I remembered a public water fountain about 2.5km away and rerouted to head there.
It was during this period that I hit the wall twice, getting a bad stitch and having to slow down to nearly walking pace. An old shoulder injury also appeared for good measure and I grunted and squealed my way through residential streets at 10pm at night. I can't imagine how it sounded to anyone with the window open... This close to finishing and on track for a PB it would have taken my leg to fall off for me to stop and I managed to keep going.
KM 20 Hitting the last mile is always magical in a long distance race, the pain fell away and I managed the last mile as close to a sprint as I could get to, reaching 4:25min/km in KM 20! I crossed the line and kept going for 200m just to make sure Strava would register the half marathon distance.


Felt super happy, not only did I hit sub-2 hour 1/2 marathon but I got a 10km PB to boot at 55 minutes! Best of all I felt I had I had another 3-4 minutes in me, and will definitely be attempting a 10km PB attempt next week, aiming for 50 minutes.
I can't stress enough how satisfied I've been with the low-HR training, it enabled me to run longer, enjoy my runs, stay injury free, and see a dramatic increase in my endurance. I know it's nothing revolutionary but I feel a lot of casual runners like me assumed that if you want to get faster you need to exclusively be pushing yourself as hard as you can. No Pain No Gain and all that (yes I watched the Stephen Seiler TED talk, you should too). This has completely reserved that mentality for me. I know I will need to introduce speed work to keep improving, but I couldn't be happier and more into my running as I am now.
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2020.09.06 14:49 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - September 6th, 2020

Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - September 6th, 2020

Erika Jayne for SavageXFenty
  • Erika Jayne named ambassador for SavageXFenty (Erika Jayne Instagram)
  • Cut RHOBH footage of the ladies discussing Aaron Phypers (Queens of Bravo Twitter)
  • Lisa Vanderpump Opens Up About Her Finances Taking a Hit Amid Pandemic (Reality Blurb/Give Them Lala... with Randall podcast) "While Lala described Lisa as “wealthy [as f**k]” during the episode after Lisa revealed that she is now doing her own nails, Lisa clarified that she “used to be” wealthy prior to the pandemic before saying she hopes it will be safe to reopen her restaurants soon. “Five months of paying rent and insurance, and having no business is taxing, stretching, [has been] a bit of a nightmare. But we’ll get back on track soon,” she shared. “When we do decide to open, we have good-sized patios. Pump is 90 percent garden. TomTom has two gardens and we can put tables outside. So we are very fortunate with that but we’ve just been waiting for it to be safe.” “Vanderpump Garden is open but distancing is essential and Caesars is doing a really good job with that,” she stated about her Las Vegas eatery which she opened last year. The Pump Rules boss also admitted during the interview that she helped her two children, Pandora Sabo and Max Todd, buy their homes. “I did buy them both… gave them the deposit for a place to live and they both have a mortgage,” shared Lisa. “Pandora and Jason have a mortgage and Max has a mortgage. I gave them a start but I like them to have their responsibilities.”
  • Extended RHOP preview for tonight's episode (Queens of Bravo Twitter) I'm FAR too excited for this.
  • Teresa Giudice: How She Feels About Dating After Divorce From Joe Is Finalized (HollywoodLife Exclusive) “Teresa is having fun and flirting with men but she’s not dating anyone seriously. It’ll probably be some time before that happens but her friends are trying to set her up,” an insider close to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star spilled to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She seems to feel weird about it because of her younger daughters, so maybe when they’re a bit older,” the source added. “The girls aren’t ready for her to date and she’s really busy with them and filming that it’s just not at the top of her priority list. Maybe one day she’ll be open to a relationship and love again, but right now, she’s still healing from the end of her marriage and focusing on herself,” the insider explained. “She’s in the best place she’s been in quite sometime and you can tell how light and happy she is. The girls are doing well too and Gia being home so much has helped Teresa out tremendously. She is able to get out and have fun and unwind. She didn’t get to do that for a long time while Joe was away.” “Joe isn’t dating anyone seriously either for the same reasons. He’s missing his girls tremendously and that consumes his thoughts a lot,” the source said. “The family is all on FaceTime all day, every day. He sees his family often and has made friends and stays busy with work. This is a new chapter for all of them. The girls can’t wait to see their dad. As soon as it’s safe, it will happen,” they also noted. Despite the divorce, Teresa and Joe have maintained a friendly relationship — and are even going to be working together to sell sex toys! The duo have partnered with European distributor Zalo USA, which will be prominently featured on RHONJ‘s season 11."
  • Pics of the Jersey cast filming an all-white party at Melissa's shore home in memory of Teresa and Joe's late father (realhousewivesfranchise Instagram)
  • Video interview: Ashley Darby on Her ‘Unconventional’ Marriage to Michael and Their Season 5 Troubles (ET Online exclusive) "Ashley Darby very much relates to Jada Pinkett Smith and the whole "entanglement" saga. "Oh my gosh," the Real Housewives of Potomac star sighs when the topic comes up. Back in June, Jada and her husband, Will Smith, revealed to the world that Jada had a relationship outside of her marriage to Will with singer August Alsina that went on for quite some time. Jada and August's "entanglement," as Jada dubbed it, occurred while Will and Jada were on a break of sorts from their marriage. "You know, I related to that a little more than I'd like to admit," Ashley says, recalling watching the episode of Red Table Talk on which Will and Jada discussed their relationship woes. "I was like, man, Jada. I'm with you girl," she continues. "I get it. I mean, marriage is just so hard -- and it's really hard being a public figure and having difficulties, and it's even more difficult when you decide to talk about them and say some things that aren't necessarily fitting the mold of what people think a marriage is or should be." Ashley's marriage to her husband, Michael, has been under a microscope for five years of RHOP. They have an age difference (she's a millennial, he's in his 50s) and a number of cultural differences (she's American and biracial, he's from Australia), and there hasn't been a single season where allegations of infidelity, hidden sexuality or some combination of the two aren't a topic of discussion. Season 5 is no different, as Ashley's co-star, Candiace Dillard Bassett, receives a text message with new accusations against Michael. This time, someone claims to have seen Michael out at a strip club, where he allegedly shared that he has "a boyfriend and a wife." "Obviously, Candiace and I have had our share of differences in the past, so I wasn't really keen on believing her from the beginning, because Candiace has said a lot of things that weren't true," Ashley shares of what starts to play out in this Sunday's episode. "I took it with a grain of salt... and then it unfolds and boy, does it unfold," she adds. "I mean, there's, like, layers upon layers upon layers of it." In the past, Ashley and Michael have largely brushed off the rumors, denied them or gotten involved in legal action about them. This time will be different, though, as Ashley admits Michael did make a "pretty significant" mistake. Viewers will see the 32-year-old confront her husband in an upcoming episode. "I'm truthful and I know that can be a hard thing to believe, and that people want to think that we make up things and there's all these facades around our relationship, but I really am truthful," she says. "So if there's something that needs to be talked about, if there's a hurdle that we actually do need to overcome or an issue we have to address, we're going to address it." "It's not as though I've said those things in the past to be facetious, or to just, like, you know, create this false illusion about my marriage," she adds, referencing the way the couple has handled marital speed bumps in the past. "No, if there was an issue then, I would've talked about it. When we were having issues with the restaurant [we owned], I was upfront and talked about it. When I was having issues with my mom and how my family dynamic was working, we talked about it, and this is not going to be any different. So, the things that were false, yes, I said those were false. The things that are true, I will talk about them, and if they're true, they're true." Ashley says fans will definitely learn some new information about her relationship and how it works before season 5’s end. "I'm not a conventional person and I just don't think it's gonna come as a shock to anybody," she teases. "Michael and I are an unconventional couple in many ways." The pair is still very much together, though. They recently wrapped up an extended stay at their beach house in Delaware, and are now back home in the Potomac area. (And she's not sure why Google has Michael labeled as "Ashley Darby’s ex-husband," but offers a joke guess of a petty employee of the search engine just wanting to mess with her.) "I love my husband," she declares. "He's a great husband, and my relationship is going to withstand. It's strong enough to withstand a lot. It's really going to be up to us to what we think is something we can overcome. I'm not going to let the media, or the public, or the opinions of others affect what I do and how I approach my marriage. Everyone's going to have an opinion. I'm sure there'll be some very strong reactions to what they see and what happens, but ultimately the only person who really lays next to Michael at night and has to have these discussions is me. So, that's that." (more in article and in video)
  • New RHOA star LaToya Ali announced she was getting a divorce in June 2020. She and her husband seem to have since reconciled as they were photographed with Kandi and Todd. (Bossip) Something to watch for this season - we'll see if it's addressed on the show.
  • Lydia McLaughlin Weighs in on the New RHOC Season (bravotv.com) "Lydia still spends lots of time with her RHOC friends Gretchen Rossi, Lizzie Rovsek, and Alexis Bellino. In fact, all three women made an appearance on Glitter Town during a super glam brunch Lydia and Judy threw. Lydia actually sees Gretchen (and her adorable daughter, Skylar Gray) on a weekly basis. “We’re in a bible study together,” Lydia explained. “We’ve grown really close. She’s a wonderful mom, and she loves her little baby, and she’s just dedicated her whole life to Skylar. I’m so proud of her.” When asked how she feels about Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson not returning, Lydia explained, “I felt like it was a long time coming, honestly. I think it’s a good switch-up. I’m excited to see what the cast does.” “I love Vicki, and I ran into her a couple times, and I think it’s good for her. I think she’s ready to leave,” Lydia continued. “She has a successful relationship, she has an engagement. She has a daughter, she’s a grandmother. I think that she has a lot going on. I do know that Tamra…she’s not letting it go. She’s still talking about it. I just feel bad for her, it’s kind of like, OK, you need to move on and do something else. She’s talking about the next season, and I think it’s a little…it sounds pathetic.” There are also two ‘Wives she’s not on great terms with. “Shannon [Storms Beador] and Tamra both have blocked me, so I don’t know what’s going on in their lives,” she said. “I don’t know, maybe they’ve unblocked me now. I haven’t checked lately.” Lydia went on to say that after 15 seasons, she finds it refreshing to meet some fresh faces, as it’s interesting to take a look into the lives of new people who have stories to tell."
  • An Instagram story clip where Kelly Dodd refers to OC as "her show" (Queens of Bravo Twitter)
  • Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward reveals she and her family have contracted coronavirus (Manchester Evening News)
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2020.08.29 18:23 IdolA29Augl Mat-ure G-ay for Da-ting Hel-p

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2020.08.29 18:18 IdolA29Augl New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny

New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Man Dating a Younger Man Gay Man Dating Around You Gay Man Dating Asexual Women Gay Man Dating Ftm Gay Man Dating Mtf Gay Man Dating Profile Gay Man Dating Someone Half My Age Gay Man Dating Success Stories Gay Man Dating Trans Girl Gay Man Dating Trans Man Gay Man Dating Transman Tumblr Gay Man Disability Dating Gay Man Free Dating Sites Gay Man Has Dream About Dating Woman Gay Man Killed After Meeting Man Off Dating Site Gay Man Starts Dating Crush After Becoming a Woman Gay Manila Dating Gay Marine Dating Site Gay Marine Dating Website Gay Marriage in the First Year of Dating Gay Marriage Online Dating Gay Married Dating Site Gay Married Men Willmar Mn Dating Gay Master Dom Dating Sites Gay Match Dating Site Gay Match Vs Okcupid Dating Gay Mature Dating Websites Gay Mature Men Dating Sites Gay Meaning Dating Introduction Gay Meet Guysout of Dating App Gay Men and Narcissist Dating Sites Gay Men and Straight Guys Dating Philippines Gay Men at 60 Dating Gay Men at 30 Gay Men Bdsm Dating Gay Men Boardgame Speed Dating the Friendly Toast September 4 Gay Men Brunswick Ga Dating Sites Gay Men Brunswick Ga Dating Sites James Mowatt Gay Men Dating Baltimore Gay Men Dating Bi Guys Gay Men Dating El Paso Gay Men Dating Grandpas Gay Men Dating Guide Gay Men Dating Hookup Sites Gay Men Dating in Arizona Gay Men Dating in Orlando Gay Men Dating Los Angeles Gay Men Dating Magazine Gay Men Dating Much Younger Gay Men Dating N Malaysia Gay Men Dating New York Gay Men Dating Older Gay Men Dating Older Men Gay Men Dating Over 50 Gay Men Dating Portland Oregon Gay Men Dating Profiles Gay Men Dating Ride Gay Men Dating Rochester Ny Gay Men Dating Scripts Physical Attraction 2019 Gay Men Dating Seniors Gay Men Dating Sites Blacks Gay Men Dating Trans Gay Men Dating Transgender Men Gay Men Dating Transman Gay Men Dating Utica Ny Gay Men Dating Women Hollywood Gay Men Dating Women Reddit Gay Men Dating Younger Guys Gay Men Eager Dating Gay Men for Straight Guys Dating Gay Men Geek to Geek Dating Gay Men Height Dating Gay Men in Alabama Seeking Dating Gay Men League Dating App Gay Men Narcissist Social Dating Sites Gay Men Online Dating Sites Gay Men Phila Dating Gay Men Speed Dating All Ages March 15 Gay Men Speed Dating Yelp Gay Men to Straight Women Dating Advice Comedy Gay Men With Cleft Chin Dating Gay Men With Hiv Dating Site Gay Mennonite Dating Gay Mens Fitness Dating Site Gay Mentally Ill Dating Site Gay Metal Dating Gay Metalheads Dating Gay Mexican Man 25 Dating 50 Year Old Man Gay Mexico Dating Site Gay Miami Dating Gay Middle Eastern Dating Apps Gay Middle Eastern Dating Site Gay Middle Eastern Dating Sites Gay Middle Eastern Man in Boston Rea for Dating Gay Middle School Dating Gay Midget Boys Dating Gay Midget Boys Dating Sites Gay Military Dating Australia Gay Military Dating Online Gay Military Dating Website Gay Military Dating Website Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Australia Gay Military Dating Websites England Gay Military Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Gay Military Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Uk Gay Military Dating Websites in Kolkata Gay Military Dating Websites in Mumbai Gay Military Dating Websites in Usa Gay Military Dating Websites Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Northern Ireland Gay Military Dating Websites Scotland Gay Military Dating Websites Trinidad Gay Military Online Dating Gay Military Uk Dating Gay Millenial Dating Advice Gay Millennial Dating Advice Gay Millionaire Dating London Gay Millionaire Dating Services Gay Millionaire Dating Websites Gay Millionaire Matchmaker Speed Dating Gay Millionaire Matchmaker Speed Dating Etcetera Etcetera September 4 Gay Millionaires Dating Uk Gay Millionares Dating Gay Mingle2 Dating Site Gay Ministry Dating Site Gay Minnesota Dating Gay Minor Dating Help Gay Mobile Dating Uk Gay Mobile Text Dating Gay Monogamous Dating Gay Montreal Dating Site Gay Movies About Friends Dating Gay Mumbai Dating Sites Gay Musccles Dating Gay Muscle and Bear Dating Sites Gay Muscle Dating App Gay Muscle Worship Dating Gay Muscle Worship Dating Ni Gay Muslim Dating London Gay Naked Dating Pics Gay Naked Dating Uncensored Gay Naked Dating Xvideo Gay Narcissist Social Dating Sites Gay Native American Dating Sites Gay Navy Dating Sites Gay Nazi Dating Gay Neard Dating App Gay Needy Dating Memes Gay Ner Dating Gay Nerd Dating Memes Gay Nerd Dating Sites Gay Nerdy Dating Memes Gay New Dating Site Gay New Zealand Dating Site Gay Newry Dating Gay Niche Dating Sites Gay No Dating App Gay North Korea Dating Gay Norwich Dating Gay Nottingham Dating Gay Nsfw Dating Sim Gay Nsfw Dating Sims on Steam Gay Nsfw Dating Sims on Stem Gay Nude Dating Site Gay Nyc Speed Dating Gay Nylon Dating Gay Nylon Dating Sites Gay Older Dating Reddit Gay Older Dating Site Gay Older Dating Sites Gay Older for Younger Dating Sites Gay Older Men Dating App Gay Older Singles Dating Gay Older Younger Dating Site Gay on Line Dating Ft Wayne Indiana Gay Online Dating 37040 Gay Online Dating Adelaide Gay Online Dating and Chat Gay Online Dating Australia Gay Online Dating Barcelona Gay Online Dating Belfast Gay Online Dating Berlin Gay Online Dating Birmingham Gay Online Dating Blog Gay Online Dating Brisbane Gay Online Dating Calgary Gay Online Dating Cambridge Gay Online Dating Canberra Gay Online Dating Chennai Gay Online Dating Chicago Gay Online Dating China Gay Online Dating Dangers Gay Online Dating Delhi Gay Online Dating Deutschland Gay Online Dating Doesn& 39 Gay Online Dating Doesn't Work Gay Online Dating Dos and Don&(https://top-10000-total-gay-dating.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/index.html)39 Gay Online Dating Dubai Gay Online Dating Edinburgh Gay Online Dating Edmonton Gay Online Dating Europe Gay Online Dating Experience Gay Online Dating Fickle People Gay Online Dating First Message Gay Online Dating France Gay Online Dating Germany Gay Online Dating Hobart Gay Online Dating Hong Kong Gay Online Dating Horror Stories Gay Online Dating in Canada Gay Online Dating in India Gay Online Dating in Manchester Gay Online Dating in South Africa Gay Online Dating in Your 40s Gay Online Dating Ireland Gay Online Dating Isnt Working Gay Online Dating Isnt Working Reddit Gay Online Dating Israel Gay Online Dating Italy Gay Online Dating Japan Gay Online Dating Johannesburg Gay Online Dating Kenya Gay Online Dating Kl Gay Online Dating Leeds Gay Online Dating London Gay Online Dating Manchester Gay Online Dating Melbourne Australia Gay Online Dating Melbourne Reviews Gay Online Dating Melbourne Whirlpool Gay Online Dating Montreal Gay Online Dating Mumbai Gay Online Dating New York Gay Online Dating New Zealand Gay Online Dating Northern Ireland Gay Online Dating Norway Gay Online Dating Not Working Gay Online Dating Nyc Reddit Gay Online Dating Nyc Reviews Gay Online Dating Nz Gay Online Dating Older Gay Online Dating Openers Gay Online Dating Ottawa Gay Online Dating Philadelphia Gay Online Dating Phone Number Gay Online Dating Profile Tips Examples Gay Online Dating Profile Tips for Females Gay Online Dating Profile Tips for Females 2017 Gay Online Dating Profile Tips for Guys Gay Online Dating Profiles Gay Online Dating Racism Gay Online Dating Rules Gay Online Dating Seattle Gay Online Dating Series Gay Online Dating Site for Free Gay Online Dating Site in India Gay Online Dating Site Review Gay Online Dating Sites in India Gay Online Dating Sites in Pakistan Gay Online Dating Sites Reviews Gay Online Dating Sites Uk Gay Online Dating South Yorkshire Gay Online Dating Spain Gay Online Dating Subculture Gay Online Dating Sweden Gay Online Dating Tamil Nadu Gay Online Dating Taunton Gay Online Dating Thailand Gay Online Dating Too Many Fickle Guys Gay Online Dating Toronto Gay Online Dating Tumblr Gay Online Dating Turkey Gay Online Dating Us Gay Online Dating Vancouver Gay Online Dating Walsall Gay Online Dating Websites in Usa Gay Online Dating Weird Asians Gay Online Dating West Yorkshire Gay Online Dating Winnipeg Gay Online Dating Wolverhampton Gay Online Dating Women Gay Online Dating Worldwide Gay Online Groups Dating and Chatting Gay Orthodox Christian Dating Gay Orthodox Christian Dating App Gay Otter Dating Site Gay Over 50 Dating Site Gay Oz Dating Sites Gay Pagan Dating Sites Gay Pagan Dating Uk Gay Palm Springs Dating Websites Gay Paraplegic Dating Gay Partner Cheating Dating Apps Gay Partner Using Dating Apps Gay Party and Play Dating Gay Pastor Dating Easley Sc Gay Pastoral Dating Easley Sc Gay Pastors Dating Online Gay Pastors Dating Site Gay Pastors Dating Site Greenville Sc Gay Pastors Dating Sites Gay Pastors Dating Sites in Greenville Sc Gay Penguins Dating Congratulations Gay People Dating Sites Gay People Dating Themselves Gay People Smaller Dating Pool Gay Person Dating Gay Person Dating Book Gay Person Dating Girl Gay Peru Dating Site Gay Philadelphia Dating Gay Philadelphia Hispanic Dating Gay Philipines Dating Site Gay Philippines Dating Site Gay Phone Dating Numbers Gay Phone Dating Site Gay Phone Dating Vancouver Gay Pig Dating Site Gay Pig Play Dating Gay Pigs Dating Site Gay Piss Fetish Dating Site Gay Platonic Dating Gay Plus Size Men Dating Gay Plymouth Meeting Pa Dating Gay Pnp Dating Gay Pokemon Visual Novel Dating Sim Gay Police Dating Uk Gay Police Officer Dating Site Gay Poly Dating Apps Gay Poly Dating Reddit Gay Poly Dating Site Gay Polyamorous Dating App Gay Polygamist Dating Sites Canada Gay Porn Dating Sim Gay Porn Dating Sim Games Gay Porn Online Dating Gay Porn Star Dating Gay Pornstar Brian on Mtv Dating Show Gay Portland Dating Online Gay Positive Dating Site for Asian Dating Gay Postcode Dating Gay Poz Dating Apps Gay Poz Dating Site Gay Presenter on Celebs Go Dating Gay Pride Dating Site Gay Pride Event Dating Gay Priest Dating Sites Gay Priest Dating Website Gay Prison Dating Sites Gay Prisoners Dating Gay Prisoners Dating Sites Gay Problmes Two Tops Dating Gay Professional Dating Nyc Gay Professional Dating Sites Uk Gay Professional Dating Website Gay Professional Speed Dating London Gay Professionals Dating London Gay Professionals Dating Site Gay Professionals Dating Uk Gay Professionals Speed Dating Gay Psoriasis Dating Gay Punk Dating Site Gay Punks Dating Gay Pup Dating App Gay Quadriplegic Dating Gay Racial Dating Preferences Gay Racism Dating Gay Racism Dating Apps Gay Radar Oline Dating Gay Rancher Dating Gay Receptionist Celebs Go Dating Gay

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2020.08.29 18:16 IdolA29Augl G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting

G-ay Interr-acial Da-ting
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Websites Manchester Gay Dating Websites Manhunt Gay Dating Websites Melbourne Gay Dating Websites Moniters Jobs Gay Dating Websites Montreal Gay Dating Websites Netherlands Gay Dating Websites Newcastle Gay Dating Websites No Sign Up Gay Dating Websites Northern Ireland Gay Dating Websites Nz Gay Dating Websites Ottawa Gay Dating Websites Perth Gay Dating Websites Romania Gay Dating Websites Saudi Arabia Gay Dating Websites Seattle Gay Dating Websites Southeast Asia Gay Dating Websites Spain Gay Dating Websites Sweden Gay Dating Websites Switzerland Gay Dating Websites Thailand Gay Dating Websites Top Gay Dating Websites Toronto Gay Dating Websites Us Gay Dating Websites Utah Gay Dating Websites Vancouver Gay Dating Websites You Dont Have to Pay Gay Dating Webtsidtes Gay Dating Wenatchee Gay Dating Wesite Based on Income Gay Dating Wesite Paid or Gay Dating West Hollywood Gay Dating West London Gay Dating Western Australia Gay Dating Weston Super Mare Gay Dating Wexford Gay Dating What Am I Doing Wrong Gay Dating What Does Get a Drink Mean Gay Dating What to Talk About Gay Dating What's an Otter Gay Dating Wheaton Gay Dating Wheaton Il Gay Dating Wheaton No Sign Up Gay Dating When to Say I Love You Gay Dating When You Re Not Out Gay Dating Where Gay Dating While Black Gay Dating While in the Closet Gay Dating While Living at Home Gay Dating While Living at Home Reddit Gay Dating While Married Gay Dating Whitby Gay Dating Whitecmountian Men Gay Dating Who Pays for Dinner Gay Dating Who Pays Tge Bill Gay Dating Who Pays the Bill Gay Dating Who Should Pay Gay Dating Who Should Text First Gay Dating Who Texts First Gay Dating Wichita Gay Dating Wichita Ks Gay Dating Wikihow Gay Dating Williamsport Pa Gay Dating Wisconsin Gay Dating With Acne Gay Dating With Erectile Dysfunction Gay Dating With Free Search Gay Dating With Hiv Gay Dating With Ltr in Mind Gay Dating With No Assholes Gay Dating Without Hookups Gay Dating Without Internet Gay Dating Without Phone Apps Gay Dating Without Registering Gay Dating Woes Gay Dating Woking Gay Dating Wollongong Gay Dating Worcester Uk Gay Dating Workington Gay Dating Worksop Gay Dating World of Warcraft Gay Dating World Wide Gay Dating Worthing Gay Dating Wpp Gay Dating Wrexham Gay Dating Wuhan Gay Dating Wv Gay Dating Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Yangon Gay Dating Yeovil Gay Dating Yerevan Gay Dating York Uk Gay Dating Yorkshire Gay Dating Younger Guys Gay Dating Younger Men Gay Dating Younger Older Gay Dating Your Guide to Finding Love Jaye Sassieni Gay Dating Zagreb Gay Dating Zanesvilleohio Gay Dating Zoosk or Match Gay Deacon Dating Site Gay Denver Dating Gay Derry Dating Gay Desi Dating in Us Gay Designer Dating Striaght Boyfriend Gay Diabetic Dating Gay Dinner Dating London Gay Disabled Dating Canada Gay Disabled Dating Sites Gay Disabled Dating Spaces Gay Disabled Dating Uk Gay Discreet Dating Where to Meet Forum Gay Dominant Dating Gay Dominican Dating Sites Free Gay Down Low Dating Sites Gay Drug Friendly Dating Sight Gay Durban Dating Site Gay Durham Dating Gay Dutch Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Site Gay Dwarf Dating Sites Gay Effeminate Dating Sites Gay Elder Dating Long Island Gay Elder Singles Dating Gay Electronic Music Dating Gay Emo Guy Dating Gay Engineer Dating App Gay Engineer Dating Site Gay Episcopalian Dating Gay Episode of Dating Around Gay Ethiopia Dating Gay European Dating Site Gay Excuse Dating Gay Executives Dating Gay Exhibionist Dating Gay Experiences With Online Dating Gay Face Dating Gay Fag Dating Site Gay Famers Dating Sites Gay Fantasy Dating Sims Gay Farm Boys Dating Site Gay Farmer Dating Sites Gay Farmers Dating Uk Gay Farmers Dating Website Gay Farmers Uk Dating Gay Fast Dating Gay Feet Dating App Gay Female Dating a Man Gay Female Status Dating Websites Gay Fish Dating Review Gay Fish Dating Uk Gay Fist Fuck Dating Site Gay Fisting Dating Site Gay Fitness Dating App Gay Flight Attendant Dating Gay Football Player Dating Around Gay Football Player Dating Around Netflix Gay Forces Dating Gay Fort Wayne Dating Gay Forum White Dating Asian Gay Free Dating and Sexting Gay Free Dating Boston Gay Free Dating Site in Usa No Payment Gay Free Dating Site's Gay Free Dating With Million of Members Gay Free Dating With Million of Members 2019 Gay Free Iphone Dating App Gay Free Online Dating Site Gay Freshman Dating Senior Gay Friendly Dating Site Gay Friendly Online Dating Gay Friendly Online Dating Sites Gay Friends With Benefits Dating Gay Frottage Dating Gay Frottage Dating Sites Gay Ftm Dating Tips Gay Fuck Buddy Dating Gay Furry Dating Apps Gay Furry Dating Discord Gay Furry Dating Ga Es Gay Furry Dating Gameshttps Www.google.com Gay Furry Dating Sim Porn Gay Furry Dating Sim Steam Gay Furry Dating Simulator Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games Gay Furry Dating Simulator Games With Nsfw Gay Furry Dating Site Game 18+ Gay Furry Dating Sites Gay Furry or Furries Dating Gay Furry Rhino Dating Gay Gamer Dating Website Gay Gamer Online Dating Gay Gamers Dating Site Gay Games Dating Sim Gay Geek Dating Service Gay Geek Dating Sites Gay Geek Dating Uk Gay Geek Dating Website Gay Geeks Dating App Gay Geeks Dating Site Gay Ginger Dating Sites Gay Girl Dating a Straight Girl Gay Girl Dating Llc Gay Girl Dating Straight Girl Gay Girl Dating Tips Gay Girl Dating Websites Gay Giving Up Dating Gay Go Dating Login Gay Gold Digger Dating Site Gay Gold Diggers Dating Gay Greek Guy Dating Gay Guide to Dating Gay Guide to Dating Clothing Gay Guy Asd Dating Gay Guy Dating a Bi Guy Gay Guy Dating a Bisexual Gay Guy Dating a Lesbian Gay Guy Dating Girl Gay Guy Dating Guide Gay Guy Dating Older Guy Gay Guy Dating Rules Gay Guy Dating Show Gay Guy Dating Trans Girl Gay Guy Dating Website Gay Guy From Modern Family Dating Gay Guy Guide to Dating Gay Guy Off Celebs Go Dating Gay Guy Online Dating Gay Guy Starts Dating the Devil Comic Gay Guy's Guide to Dating Gay Guys Am I Dating a Guy Gay Guys Dating After 50 Gay Guys Dating B7 Gay Guys Dating Bangalore Gay Guys Dating Chat Gay Guys Dating on British Baking Show Gay Guys Dating Websites Gay Guys Dating Younger Gay Guys Dating Your Girlfriend Video Gay Guys From Dating Around Gay Guys With Long Hair Dating Gay Gypsy Dating Site Gay Gypsy Dating Uk Gay Gzb Dating Gay Hairy Dating Sites Gay Hairy Muscle Dating Gay Hanging Out Vs Dating Gay Hawaiian Dating Gay Hedonism Dating Gay Hentai Dating Sim Gay Hep C Dating Gay High School Dating Gay Hindu Dating Gay Hippie Dating Site Gay Hispanic Dating App Gay Hispanic Dating Sites Gay Hispanic Men Dating Site Gay Hiv and Stds Dating Site Free Gay Hiv Dating Australia Gay Hiv Dating Free Gay Hiv Dating London Gay Hiv Dating Sites From Around the World Gay Hiv Dating Sites Usa Gay Hiv Dating South Africa Gay Hiv Dating Website Gay Hiv Dating Websites Gay Hiv Dating Youtube Gay Hiv Positive Dating Uk Gay Honduras Dating Site Gay Hookup Dating Apps for Under 18 Gay Hookup Dating Salt Lake City Gay Hookup Dating Sites in Los Angeles Gay Hookup Without Dating Apps Gay Horney Sex Dating Online Gay Horoscope Dating Leo and Capricorn Gay Hot R Not Dating Gay Hpv Dating Gay Human Urinal Dating Gay Hunk and Twink Dating Gay Hunk Dating Site Gay Hunt Hookup and Dating Itunes Gay Husband Dating Gay Husband Using Dating Apps Gay Iline Dating Assholes Gay in the Closet Dating Gay Incest Dating Gay Indian Dating Usa Gay Indian Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Gay Indian Dating Websites for 17 Year Olds Uk Gay Indie Dating Sim Gay Indie Dating Sim Nsfw Gay Interacial Dating Atlanta Gay Interacial Dating Sites Gay Intergenerational Dating Apps Gay Intergenerational Dating Tips Reddit Gay Internatinal Dating Gay International Dating Website Gay Internet Dating Cape Town Gay Internet Dating in South Africa Gay Internet Dating Scams Gay Internet Dating Tips Gay Internet Dating Uk Gay Interracial Dating Advice Gay Interracial Dating Atlanta Gay Interracial Dating Blog Gay Interracial Dating in Atlanta Gay Interracial Dating in New York Gay Interracial Dating in Usa Gay Interracial Dating Nyc Gay Interracial Dating Problems Gay Interracial Dating Tips Gay Interracual Dating App Gay Introduction Title for Online Dating Gay Inyerracial Dating Gay Iran Iranians Dating Gay Ireland Dating Sites Gay Irish Dating Buy and Sell Gay Islamabad Dating Gay Israle Dating Site Gay Italian American Dating Gay Jack'd Dating Gay Jail Dating Gay Japan Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Game Gay Japanese Dating Sim Gay Japanese Dating Uk Gay Japanese Men Dating Gay Jewish Dating London Gay Jewish Dating Los Angeles Gay Jewish Dating Near Me Gay Jewish Dating New York Gay Jewish Dating Nyc Gay Jewish Dating Service Gay Jewish Dating Site Uk Gay Jewish Dating Uk Gay Jewish Guy Dating Gay Jewish Online Dating Gay Jewish Singles Dating Gay Jewish Speed Dating Nyc Gay K9 Dating Gay Kid Dating Sites Gay Kid Dating Website Gay Kink Dating Site Gay Kink Dating Website Gay Korean Boy Dating Gay Korean Dating Apps Gay Korean Dating Florida Gay Lactation Fetish Dating Site Gay Latino Dating Apps for Older Guys Gay Latino Men Dating in Florida Gay Latino Thug Dating Gay Latino Thug Dating Sites Gay Latinos Pics Dating App Gay Lds Men Hanging Out or Dating Gay Leather Dating Site Gay Leather Muscle Dating Gay Leeds Dating Gay Legal Shota Boy Dating Gay Lesbian & Bisexual Singles Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Gay Lesbian Bisexual Dating Sites Gay Lesbian Dating Platforms Gay Lesbian Dating Uk Gay Lesbian Sober Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Gay Lesbian Speed Dating Nyc Gay Life Dating Sims Online Free Gay Lisbon Dating Gay Little Person Dating Gay Liverpool Dating Gay Location Based Dating Apps Gay London Dating Site Gay Long Distance Dating Gay Ltr Dating Sites Gay Lutheran Dating Gay Maine Dating Gay Malaysia Dating Site Gay Male Cops Free Dating Sites Gay Male Dating Advice Gay Male Dating Cherry Hill Nj Gay Male Dating Listings Gay Male Dating Listings San Francisco

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2020.08.28 18:09 HaulA28Augl Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New

Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Websites in South Africa Gay Dating Websites Ireland Gay Dating Websites New Zealand Gay Guy Dating Websites Gay Lesbian Dating Websites International Gay Dating Websites Top Ten Gay Dating Websites American Gay Dating Website American Gay Dating Websites Bender Gay Dating Website Black Gay Dating Websites Canadian Gay Dating Websites China Gay Dating Website Dating Websites for Gay Guys Dating Websites for Gay People European Gay Dating Websites Famous Gay Dating Websites Free Gay and Lesbian Dating Websites Free Gay Dating Websites Uk Free Gay Lesbian Dating Websites Free Online Gay Dating Websites Free Websites for Gay Dating Gay and Lesbian Dating Website Gay and Lesbian Dating Websites Gay Arab Dating Website Gay Asian Dating Website Gay Bear Dating Website Gay Bear Dating Websites Gay Bi Dating Websites Gay Catholic Dating Website Gay Christian Dating Website Gay Dating Website Singapore Gay Dating Website South Africa Gay Dating Websites Australia Gay Dating Websites Bangalore Gay Dating Websites Boston Gay Dating Websites Chicago Gay Dating Websites England Gay Dating Websites for 14 Year Olds Gay Dating Websites for 16 Year Olds Gay Dating Websites France Gay Dating Websites Hyderabad Gay Dating Websites in India Gay Dating Websites in Ireland Gay Dating Websites in the Philippines Gay Dating Websites Nyc Gay Dating Websites Philippines Gay Dating Websites Scotland Gay Dating Websites South Africa Gay Dating Websites Sydney Gay Dating Websites Trinidad Gay Dating Websites Wiki Gay Girl Dating Website Gay Guys Dating Website Gay Indian Dating Website Gay Jewish Dating Website Gay Jewish Dating Websites Gay Male Dating Websites Gay Marriage Dating Website Gay Men Dating Website Gay Military Dating Websites Gay Sex Dating Website Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Website Gay Uk Dating Websites Gay Websites for Dating Good Free Gay Dating Websites Grinder Gay Dating Website Hiv Positive Gay Dating Website Irish Gay Dating Websites Israel Gay Dating Website Japanese Gay Dating Website Jewish Gay Dating Website Korean Gay Dating Websites List of Gay Dating Websites Local Gay Dating Websites Manhunt Gay Dating Website Most Popular Gay Dating Websites in India Namibia Gay Dating Website Older Gay Dating Websites Popular Gay Dating Websites Safe Gay Dating Websites Secret Gay Dating Websites Serious Gay Dating Websites Teen Gay Dating Website Teenage Gay Dating Websites Top 10 Free Gay Dating Websites Top 10 Gay Dating Websites Top 5 Gay Dating Websites Top Free Gay Dating Websites Top Gay Dating Websites Totally Free Gay Dating Websites Tunisian Gay Dating Website 00 Free Gay Dating Websites 13 Year Old Gay Dating Website A Gay Dating Website A Really Good Gay Dating Website Profile Introduction Abducting Gay Men on Dating Websites Absolutely Free Gay Dating Websites All Gay Dating Websites Alternative Gay Dating Websites Alternative Gay Dating Websites That Start With the Letter F Are There Any Gay Dating Websites Berlin Gay Dating Website Best Asian Gay Dating Websites Best Australian Gay Dating Website Best Dating Website for Gay Best Dating Website for Gay Men Not Sex Best Dating Website for Gaylord Mi Best Dating Websites for Gay Me Best Dating Websites for Gay Men Reddit Best Dating Websites Gay Best Free Gay Dating Hookup Website Best Free Gay Dating Website Uk Best Free Gay Dating Websites Uk Best Gay Dating Apps Websites Best Gay Dating Website 2013 Best Gay Dating Website 2014 Best Gay Dating Website 2015 Best Gay Dating Website Canada Best Gay Dating Website Europe Best Gay Dating Website in India Best Gay Dating Website in Pakistan Best Gay Dating Website in Uk Best Gay Dating Website in Usa Best Gay Dating Website London Best Gay Dating Website Nyc Best Gay Dating Website Usa Best Gay Dating Websites 2012 Best Gay Dating Websites 2013 Best Gay Dating Websites 2014 Uk Best Gay Dating Websites 2015 Best Gay Dating Websites 2017 Best Gay Dating Websites Free Best Gay Dating Websites in the Uk Best Gay Dating Websites Ireland Best Gay Dating Websites London Best Gay Downlow Dating Website Best Gay Online Dating Website Ireland Best Gay Online Dating Websites Australia Best Gay Online Dating Websites Australia Free Best Gay Online Dating Websites Australia Reviews Best Gay Online Dating Websites Canada Best Gay Online Dating Websites Canada 2017 Best Gay Online Dating Websites Canada 2018 Best Gay Online Dating Websites Canada Free Best Gay Online Dating Websites for Serious Relationships Best Gay Online Dating Websites for Serious Relationships Canada Best Gay Online Dating Websites in Usa Best Gay Online Dating Websites Ireland Best Long Term Relationship Dating Website for Gay Men Best Online Gay Dating Website Best Online Gay Dating Websites Best Website for Dating Gay Men Over 50 Best Website for Discreet Gay Dating Besy Gay Website for Lesbian Dating Bi and Gay Chub Dating Websites Big Cock Gay Dating Website Biggest Gay Dating Website Uk Biggest Gay Dating Websites Blender Gay Dating Website Blendr Gay Dating Website Botswana Gay Dating Website Brazil Gay Dating Website Cam to Cam Gay Dating Websites Canada Gay Dating Website Chennai Gay Dating Website Chennai Gay Dating Websites Chinese Gay Dating Website Completely Free Gay Dating Website Gay Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Nyc Gay Speed Dating Near Me Gay Speed Dating Los Angeles Gay Speed Dating Vancouver San Diego Gay Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Dublin Gay Speed Dating in Charlotte Nc Gay Speed Dating Orange County Gay Speed Dating Birmingham Gay Speed Dating Los Angeles 2018 Gay Speed Dating Miami Gay Speed Dating Washington Dc Gay Speed Dating in Atlanta Speed Dating Barcelona Gay Speed Dating Gay Toronto Gay Chicago Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Berlin Gay Speed Dating Chicago Gay Speed Dating Columbus Ohio Gay Speed Dating Dallas Texas Gay Speed Dating London Reviews Gay Speed Dating Long Island Gay Speed Dating New Jersey Gay Speed Dating Nj Local Gay Speed Dating San Francisco Gay Speed Dating Sf Gay Speed Dating Sydney Gay Speed Dating Gay and Straight Speed Dating London Gay Speed Dating Bay Area Gay Speed Dating Bristol Gay Speed Dating Dallas Gay Speed Dating Denver Gay Speed Dating Edinburgh Gay Speed Dating Events Near Me Gay Speed Dating in New York Gay Speed Dating in New York City Gay Speed Dating in Sydney Gay Speed Dating Indianapolis Gay Speed Dating Las Vegas Gay Speed Dating San Francisco Gay Speed Dating Toronto Gay Speed Dating West Hollywood How Does Gay Speed Dating Work Nyc Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating for Gays Big Gay Sketch Show Lesbian Speed Dating Big Gay Sketch Show Speed Dating Birmingham Gay Speed Dating Black Gay Speed Dating Nyc Boston Gay Speed Dating Dc Gay Speed Dating Gay and Lesbian Speed Dating Gay Professional Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Atlanta Gay Speed Dating Atlanta Ga Gay Speed Dating Austin Gay Speed Dating Baltimore Gay Speed Dating Barcelona Gay Speed Dating Boston Gay Speed Dating Boston Ma Gay Speed Dating Brighton Gay Speed Dating Brighton 2013 Gay Speed Dating Calgary Gay Speed Dating Cape Town Gay Speed Dating Charlotte Nc Gay Speed Dating Cleveland Ohio Gay Speed Dating Dallas Tx Gay Speed Dating Dc Gay Speed Dating Events Gay Speed Dating Events Chicago Gay Speed Dating Events London Gay Speed Dating Events Manchester Gay Speed Dating Fort Lauderdale Gay Speed Dating Glasgow Gay Speed Dating Houston Gay Speed Dating in Chicago Gay Speed Dating in Philadelphia Gay Speed Dating in Toronto Gay Speed Dating Liverpool Gay Speed Dating London Gay Speed Dating Long Beach Gay Speed Dating Manchester Gay Speed Dating Melbourne Gay Speed Dating Melbourne Australia Gay Speed Dating Minneapolis Gay Speed Dating New York Gay Speed Dating New York City Gay Speed Dating Oakland Gay Speed Dating Online Gay Speed Dating Orlando Gay Speed Dating Ottawa Gay Speed Dating Philadelphia Gay Speed Dating Philippines Gay Speed Dating Phoenix Gay Speed Dating Pittsburgh Gay Speed Dating Portland Gay Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Gay Speed Dating Richmond Va Gay Speed Dating Sacramento Gay Speed Dating San Antonio Tx Gay Speed Dating San Diego Gay Speed Dating Seattle Gay Speed Dating Sf Bay Area Gay Speed Dating St Louis Gay Speed Dating Stockholm Gay Speed Dating Sydney Gay Speed Dating Tampa Gay Speed Dating Uk Little Gay Book Speed Dating Phoenix Gay Speed Dating Portland Gay Speed Dating Speed Dating Gay Los Angeles Speed Dating Gay Madrid Speed Dating Gay Montreal Speed Dating Gay Paris Speed Dating Madrid Gay Asheville Gay Speed Dating Austin Gay Speed Dating Baltimore Gay Speed Dating Best Gay Speed Dating London Big Fat Gay Comedy Sketch Show Lesbian Speed Dating Big Gay Comedy Sketch Show Lesbian Speed Dating Big Gay Sketch Lesbian Speed Dating Black Gay Speed Dating Dc Brighton Gay Speed Dating Brisbane Gay Speed Dating Bristol Gay Speed Dating Cardiff Gay Speed Dating Charlotte Gay Speed Dating Cincinnati Gay Speed Dating Cleveland Gay Speed Dating Columbus Gay Speed Dating Dallas Gay Speed Dating Dear Pluto Gay Speed Dating Denver Gay Speed Dating Detroit Gay Speed Dating Pof Gay Dating Gay Dating O Pof Is Pof a Gay Dating App Kynan 44 Years Old Gay Dating Pof Gay Dating Manhunt Gay Dating Silverdaddies Dating for Mature Gay Men Discreet Gay Dating Squirt Gay Dating Gay Teen Dating Adam4adam Gay Dating Recon Gay Dating Gay Dating Sim Gay Dating Advice A4a Gay Dating Gay Dating Near Me Gay Men Dating Adam for Adam Gay Dating Gay Asian Dating Gays Go Dating Reddit Gay Dating Adam4adam Gay Dating Mobile Black Gay Dating Gay Bdsm Dating Gay Dating Show Gay Senior Dating Interracial Gay Dating Jack D Gay Chat & Dating Chubby Gay Dating Gay Bear Dating Gay Dating Nyc Jackd Gay Dating Mature Gay Dating Older Gay Men Dating Gay Christian Dating Gay Daddy Dating Gay Dating Games Gay Sex Dating Discreet Gay Dating Com Gay Dating Service Gay Dating Tips Gay Fuckbook Dating Is Tinder for Gay Dating Taimi Gay Dating Adam4adam Radar Gay Dating Gps Gay Bareback Dating Gay Dating Chicago Gay Dating Discord Gay Dating Los Angeles Gay Hookup Dating Adam4adamn Gay Dating Craigslist Gay Dating Gay Black Men Dating Gay Dating Atlanta Gay Dating Boston Gay Dating Japan Gay Dating Meme Gay Dating San Francisco Gay Dating Seattle Gay Dating Sights Gay Men Dating Women Gay Military Dating Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Grindr Gay Dating Hornet Gay Dating Match Gay Dating Walmart Gay Dating Ad Adam4adamn Gay Dating Login Page Fat Gay Dating Gay Christian Dating Advice Gay Com Dating Gay Couple Dating Gay

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2020.08.04 22:31 EyUpCocker Never built a pc before but would be used for light gaming and photo editing

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.

What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?

When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.

What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)

Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?

If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.

Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?

Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)

Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?

Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?

I have never attempted to build a pc before but my brother who is more technically minded is going to help. I've had enough of laptops and the fact they just slow down so quickly, I want something that I can upgrade parts to speed up down the line.
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2020.07.07 03:53 TheNOOBIFIER1337 Ship History Series - RSI Constellation - Star Citizen

This is a Video Script (TLDR Watch the video) https://youtu.be/L-LrqPGLfQk
The Ship History videos take lots of time to research, verify, vett and script, so please, if you enjoy the video, support by linking it to a friend or org mate. Today I will try to tackle an original kickstarter Ship Series, the Roberts Space industries Constellation.
We began April 2012 when Chris Roberts and Ortwin Freyermuth created Cloud Imperium Games, the main company which uses Roberts Space Industries as a brand for Star Citizen.
The actual RSI, is based in the UK and lists Erin David Roberts, Christopher Roberts and Ortwin Sam Freyermuth as its Directors. I don't feel I need to tell you who Chris Roberts is, and his brother Erin is very well known but I will quickly discuss his background.
Erin has some real street cred within the video game industry having either worked on or produced over 27 game titles. These trace all the way back to Stryker's run in 1986, The WingCommander titles, and he served as the producer on the ultra popular Lego games. He was quoted as saying that he believed in the Star Citizen project and decided to quit his steady job, and join his brother to build our universe. He is the Studio Director of Foundry 42 in manchester.
Ortwin Freyermunth is known within holywood as not necessarily a film producer, but a pioneer who would acquire production rights for movies and flip them. His legal and copyright knowledge had been relied on by Chris Roberts over the years. Given their history together and their business collaboration, I would speculate that they are close friends. Ortwin was digitally scanned and added into Star Citizen. You can see his likeness as the Character Mission Giver “RUTO”. Ruto is a bit sketchy, fairly shady and manifests as a hologram in the back rooms of Grim Hexx.
So now we know the Who and The What of the actual company RSI, Let's look at the In Lore Roberts Space industries. Roberts Space Industries is a Human Based Space Ship Company who is mostly known as being the creators of the ZEUS, the first ship to successfully enter stable Quantum. Up to that point, humans were wasting their time at 1000 Meters per second.In 2075, RSI had created the first Quantum Drive, capable of achieving 1/100th the speed of light, for the military. As time went on, civilians and various industries began petitioning to have the technology made available to the private sector. After the Mars Tragedy in 2125, the Zeus prototype was built by the RSI's Astro Development Team to address the terraforming division’s efforts to transport resources to Mars RSI had been listening and worked to streamline the Quantum Drive enough to make it commercially viable. There were concerns however with the potential risk that would be involved with putting such a powerful technology into the hands of non-military trained pilots The main testing issue that RSI had with the Zeus was its hull integrity. These problems culminated on 2136-6-23 when, during a live flight that was being broadcast across the world, the hull of an early Zeus ship ripped apart as it left Earth’s atmosphere. A catastrophic failure destroying the ship and killing the test pilot. The disaster shook people and suddenly the horrifying dangers of space travel transcended the excitement of making it affordable and accessible.
RSI turned to the Navy and Michelle Saleno for help in keeping the Zeus program alive.Michelle Saleno was a celebrated test pilot as part of the 999 Squadron. The 999th and the Zeus have an interwoven history. Saleno had extensive experience with RSI’s Quantum Core Engine and held the honor of being the first pilot to quantum beyond Jupiter.
Saleno had been pushing for the training of new test pilots who would be dedicated to cutting-edge spaceships. Saleno proposed the creation of the 999th to help RSI develop the commercial ship. She battled with RSI executives over the ship’s hull and drove RSI to completely overhaul their design. Finally, on 2137-3-19, Saleno climbed inside the Zeus for her first test flight. At 15:09 SET, Saleno safely touched down. Thanks to 999’s hard work, history was made with the release of the first commercial quantum drive ship.
The Constellation was sold on kickstarter as the “Rear Admiral” Pack for $250, The Vice Admiral” Pack for $500, The “High Admiral” pack for $1000, The Grand Admiral Pack for $2500, the “Space marshal” pack for $5000 and of course, the “Wing Commander”Pack at $10,000. These original packs include very limited physical and digital items and as a note are seen as highly desirable amongst collectors. On the 15th of November 2012 Cig released the first images of the Connie Mark 3 and on the 10th of December, one month later, CIG released a second set with more detail. LIVE FOOTAGE
It was originally concepted by Ryan Church. Ryan is no lightweight in the industry. His concept work has been used by Disney, and Universal. He is currently the senior art director at ILM and please indulge me as I will list a small cross section of his current portfolio. Star Wars 2 3 and 7, Rogue One, All of the Transformers, All of the new Star Trek Movies, Tron Legacy, Avatar, Tomorowland, Godzilla, John Carter, all very visually stunning movies. The notable features of his design were a central body with four engine nacelles attached at the rear. Landing gear was only in the rear, there was an upper and lower turret on the flight deck. The pilot station had crew seats left and to the right. There were 4 beds, a small table that animated from the floor and ceiling, and that's about it. Part of the ship's design included a Parasitic Snub Fighter which was not made by RSI. To operate in an atmosphere, the front section incorporates four fans behind plated doors. The fans work with the ship's thrusters to overcome gravity and allow it to fly. What else? 4 Guns and Lots of Missiles. There was one large weapon mounted to each of the four nacelles and a total of 4 missile wracks, two in the ceiling and two mounted on arms that would fold out. Back then, the connie really seemed to be OP compared to the other ships because there were so few and I still appreciate the majority of the firepower resting in the pilots control. On the 15th of August 2014, twenty months later, CIG released the Mark 4 with two new videos, 4 New Brochures and the lineup was expanded to include 4 variants. The Base Connie was the Andromeda which retained the essence of the original concept but everything was tweaked so it made more sense and could actually work.
There was the Connie Taurus which was stripped down and stretched longer. It lost one Turret and the Snub Fighter, Picked up 150% cargo space and was sold cheaper. At the time of posting this video, the Tarus is the only variant that is not flight ready and although being listed on the roadmap several times, there is no firm date when it is expected.
Above the Andromeda is the Aquilla which is the Exploration Variant. Upgrades include the addition of the URSA Rover which can be deployed from the cargo deck, a distinctive rounded cockpit glass and an advanced sensor suite that replaced the top turret. The Aquila was featured in an iconic Stanley Kubrick 2001 Space Odyssey style commercial. A picture is worth a thousand words and this 2 minute video left nothing to the imagination with the VTOL fans, Crew using the lower airlock and the deployment of the ursa. We later saw it again during the demo footage for gamecom 2014 on approach to AREA 18.
We round out the Series with the Phoenix. This is RSIs Luxury offering which they basically did a facelift to their already proven workhorse. It's Double the price but you can see where that money went. Part of the VIP transportation mechanics, CIG was quoted as saying that some missions in the future will only be accessible if your reputation and your ship. Want to carry a pop star or dignitary, better not bring a Cutlass Black, they will expect a Phoenix, a 600i or an 890 jump. Half the cargo, a Larger power Plant, an upgraded Snub Fighter P72 and a listing for a Point Defence Automated turret. Unlike all other variants, the cargo area was covered below the floor ensuring lots of room for what you would need. It's all very stately with one massive issue that will require a rework. There is a single bathroom and the ship with a crew can comfortably house 14 people. Yuck….. Not very Luxurious to share the toilet with thestaff.
On the 23rd of July on Around the verse, Chris Smith and Josh Coons spoke about their planned overhaul of the new connie. You remember Chris Smith from the History of the Freelancer Video and Josh Coons is most known for his excellent work modernizing the Cutlass series. Chris worked the outside and Josh worked the inside to greatly speed up the rework. They split the ship into 4 unique parts: the nose, the neck, the boody and the tail clearly defined by a bulkhead. This approach further optimized how the work would be done and made it easier to make adjustments in the future. They said that they used various tours and visits as an opportunity to ask fans for suggestions that could be added. The new Connie Aquilla was demoed for the first time at Citizencon 2016 as part of the hour long gameplay demo. We saw it load, take off, quantum and unload an Ursa as part of the greater mission. I was at the show and watched live. And The crowd was electric as it was really the first time we saw live proper gameplay of the panet tech, loading a rover, like it all came together in the updated Aquila.
On St patricks Day 14 March 2018, CIG did a promotion that caused some frustrations and salt. Historically, LTI was sold only on a concept sale as a perk for early backers. They changed the colour and sold it as a concept again. Compounding the issue was that original backers would not be able to apply the limited skin without melting. I remember being pretty upset about it at the time and looking back I don't think I care anymore. It's so easy to get LTI and ships are being sold with 10 Year insurance, Meh, Cig has basically made included even less important but the Green Phoenix is part of the story. With the Green Phoenix they also released a Green P72 and I will speak quickly about the snubs now.
The Taurus can't mount a Snub. The Andromeda and Aquiles can mount either snub which are the P52 and P72 but they come with the P52. The phoenix can mount either but comes with a P72 and there is a Green Skinned Emerald edition that was sold stand alone and comes standard with the Green Phoenix. The P52 and P72 are bespoke to the Connie series and are meant to operate as part of its defensive plan. As neither can reach quantum, its not like it can fly alongside ready to go, and I often wondered about if the effect would be lost by the amount of time it would take to deploy. Would it be stronger to man a turret or perhaps, forget the snub in its entirety and put that crew member in a Vanguard. That's perhaps another video.
On the 28th of September 2018, which seems like yesterday, we were about to get patch 3.3 and the release of the Phoenix.. We were given a full Around the verse with Josh Coons and Stephen Hosmer. They took us on a guided tour of the newly revamped Constellation Phoenix. Josh and Stephen went above and beyond taking the original concept, which was by that time truly dated and dialed it up with brand new textures and materials. Polished metal, and Rare wood. A bar, Seating, Dinner table, Dance Floor and a hot tub. The side and top are glass and generally, the ship would be a beautiful place to meet.
We close out on the Taurus as the only ship in the series that isn't yet flight ready. It's been on and off of the roadmap since patch 3.5. Based on the building block setup that Josh Coons spoke about, it would seem to be an easy ship to release however many times CIG has replied that the Taurus isn't the current focus and resources are working on another part of the project. The main changes are that the interior is functional and base, the cargo deck is longer extending into the space where the Snub Fighter would be. The space where the lower front turret would be is a special shielded cargo area but it is possible all this will change a bit during its time in the pipeline.
And I feel that is all I have to say about the Roberts Space industries Constellation Series.
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2020.06.25 17:48 kano2005 Is Reach (Mirror, Express, Star, OK!) A Cheap Buy Right Now?

I've been looking for some cheap investments while COVID-19 has the market in a slump. Ideally trying to find stocks which hadn't returned to their original potential, and appear to be cheaply valued. Potentially Reach (RCH) on the London Stock Exchange meets that criteria.

Who Are Reach?
If you haven't heard of the name before, don't worry. Reach is a collection of UK print and digital newspapers and magazines, some focusing on national news, others on gossip and celebrates, and a few on hyper-localised news. They are the largest commercial national and regional news publisher in the UK, with over 150 national and regional multichannel brands including the Mirror, Express, Star, OK!, New!, Daily Record, Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, WalesOnline, MyLondon and BelfastLive.

Source: Reach 2019 Annual Report
You might think a print-based company would be the last investment you would want to make when you think about the world in five or ten years. Keep in mind, in December 2019, Reach sold 40m newspapers and reached a digital audience of over 47m people in the UK, their digital offerings are growing.
With a new CEO who joined back in August 2019, a period of operational focus after buying the Daily Express and Daily Star, and now with COVID-19 there are a lot of headwinds that Reach are battling.
As this is a UK listed company, it's harder for us to get up to date information, as the fundamentals update bi-annually. Thankfully we have seen a trading update which we can talk about later on.
How Does Reach Make Money?
Print has been in decline for several years now, with that in mind it's important to make sure Reach is actively looking to diversify their income.

Source: Reach 2019 Presentation
As we can see, they are expanding the digital revenue but it is massively behind print, and print is declining faster than digital can replace it.

Source: Reach 2019 Presentation
Looking at the breakdown for print it's the advertising which is in decline above everything else. As advertisers move to more holistic, trackable, and cheaper methods it's hitting Reach's top-line revenue.
That isn't to say Reach doesn't love advertisers. The digital offering is the new powerhouse in terms of what can be done for advertisers with customers data.

Source: Reach 2019 Presentation
The digital aspects of Reach have been tailored to build up a complete picture of you across all their brands. The more data they collect, the higher fee they can charge for more targetted advertising. Reach has already made this a priority within their traditional print outlets to ensure they have a strong digital offering. The vast expanse of outlets and the hyper-local solutions drastically increases the odds of Reach being able to offer you up to advertisers.
Is Reach Fundamentally Strong?
Reach has brought up other brands, currently going through an integration, and digitally upscaling their efforts, which all sounds very expensive.

Source: Genuine Impact
I was taken back and impressed to find some pretty sable fundamentals for Reach. Even compared to investments in the US, Reach was showing up as a cheap buy and had a solid balance sheet behind it.
Naturally, we want to dig into the raw data to make sure we understand the business a bit more.
Carrying on with the finances, let's talk about the revenue again. Bringing in £702.5m worth of revenue is a pretty decent figure, as we know it's what happens next which matters.
The gross margin is not as high as I normally like, 47.23% means you are losing half your revenue just to make any money at all. The print business is an expensive one to be in, and this is something Reach is looking at reducing. With the two new brands on board, there are more savings to be made there operationally speaking.
Where I start getting impressed is the profit margin of 13.42%. This dipped in 2018, due to buying the other brands.
We also see a return on assets of 6.60%, and a solid return on equity of 15.81%. One thing Reach gets right is putting money to good use.
Seeing how Reach just brought some new brands I wanted to check out the debt to see if there were any clear red flags.

Source: Wallmine
Debt to assets of 52% is higher than it needs to be but not uncomfortably so. We do know they have drawn down an additional £25m in debt to protect their cash during COVID-19, considering the current debt is £693.2m this isn't a dramatic change. They also have £35m left on their credit facility if they need it.
Speaking of debt, I wanted to have a closer look at the balance sheet. In terms of cash, we have £20m plus £102.2m in net receivables. Then things get weird. £224.9m in equipment (told you printing was expensive) and £810m of intangible assets. These very high intangible assets could well be the value of the "brands" rather than anything you should be taking debt against. When you consider this, the debt to assets percentage isn't as attractive. Removing £810m from the assets brings it down to £518.6m, and suddenly the debt looks a bit more serious.
While COVID-19 has stalled many dividend payouts, including for Reach, it's worth mentioning as when this dividend returns it's one to hold onto. An 8.34% dividend yield which has grown for the last four years, it's suspended right now but will be returning. The payout ratio is only 20.79% meaning as the price increases the yield will drop again. Though keeping 80% of the profits does allow Reach to keep building a war chest and hopefully chip away at that debt.
Is This A Value Purchase?
The price has seen a COVID-19 related drop, and we have had some tame news about revenues being down but digital being up. We already know that a hit to print is a meaningful cut against the top-line revenue.

Source: Google Finance
The price still hasn't recovered, and until the UK is back to work it's unlikely to. Reach won't be able to replace the missing revenue, but they can speed up their digitalisation.
It's worth noting the high intangible assets will inflate any figures for value hunters, and Reach has used this to help them raise more debt. Assuming we think these assets do hold their value, what does that mean for Reach's numbers?
A price to earnings of 2.55x is extremely attractive compared to the rest of the UK market, this is being boosted by a strong EPS of 31.50x. Looking elsewhere the numbers are much lower. Enterprise value to sales of 0.32x, and a price to book of 0.39x.
This gives us some nice headway in terms of the assets they hold, but it comes down to your belief in their balance sheet and how successfully will they bounce back.
What About The Future?
Reach-ing into the future the sell-side analysts are optimistic but not sold. In terms of the share price growth, the expectation is recovery is incoming. For a one year position, this makes Reach very interesting.

Source: Genuine Impact
To turn this growth into hard numbers, we are looking at a target price of £1.25~ versus the current price of £0.80~, a 55%+ increase. However, this is not enough to push all analysts into a buy position.

Source: Genuine Impact
With no clue about when the UK will return to normal, and will the UK buy as many papers again, this is a dark cloud above the share price.
Analysts are moving into a more defensive position to wait and see, for either the momentum to pick back up again or until Reach announces more promising news in future trading updates.
Summary Pros
Summary Cons
My Thoughts?
It's an old business which is trying to go digital but it still makes so much money through print. Will COVID-19 make them change their ways and drive forward with more digital innovation?
Long term the debt can get out of control, and being the biggest doesn't mean being the best. They have a strong digital appeal but they aren't making the most of it.
As a long term investment, it comes down to what they can do digitally and turning digital into a meaningful revenue stream.
Short term if you are hopefully about the UK returning to "normal" then we can expect a spike with more people returning to work. If working from home becomes the new normal, there will be long term damage to Reach.
What do you think? Is this a hopeful buy based on the UK returning to work, or do they have more to offer on the digital side? Or maybe they are an old company which has seen their day?
Let me know what you think, I always welcome any feedback!
Thanks for reading and stay safe.
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2020.05.29 00:40 EvansHomeforBoys Teen Mum UK S7E7 recap

For those interested, here’s a little recap of episode 7 of the latest season of Teen Mum UK. I haven’t done any other recaps of this season so I’ll give a small summary of what went down up until this episode too.
Megan - we’ve seen Megan have two children with Dylan but their relationship was pretty toxic. Dylan cheated on Megan and they ended up splitting up. Last week we saw Dylan’s girlfriend Ree-Ane (I still can’t get over that spelling) give birth to their first child together. Between them they now have four children (two of Dylan’s, one of Ree-Ane’s and one together) and Dylan is only 21 years old. Dylan and Ree-Ane welcomed baby boy Carter into this world but made it a point not to tell Megan he was born. This just shows how petty and immature they are: yes, she’s your ex, but she’s also the mother of your children and therefor in your life forever now. Why not just let her know a day or two after the birth the baby is here safe and sound before she hears it from her four year old? Meanwhile, Megan is now in a relationship with Dylan’s former best friend Tel. Tel has a proper first name but I forgot what it was. I was too distracted thinking why these people keep on dating within a teeny tiny circle of the same people. Megan is very much in love and Tel seems to be an upgrade from Dylan but he gets annoyed over her untidiness. Don’t move in then quite yet. A few episodes ago Megan and her pregnant friend went to a spa and Megan told said friend that she isn’t on any birth control and that Tel doesn’t use any protection, but it’s okay because she’d love to have his babies. You could almost see the masseuse bite her tongue at that one. These people are so young and they move at lightning speed and also, how do they provide for all these kids?? Last week we saw Dylan and Tel fall out because Megan and Tel went to look at schools for McKenzie to enroll in and Dylan turned up too, making Tel feel like the fifth wheel. Megan should be doing these kinds of things with the father of her children, not her boyfriend of six months. This episode we saw Tel arrange a surprise weekend getaway to Venice for Megan. Sister Billie with the heavy make up and the underbite is going to take care of the kids. Cherry on top is the fact that Tel has bought Megan a promise ring. I want to bet Megan is pregnant by the end of this season.
Chloe - I’ve been frustrated with Chloe in previous seasons: she’s smug, arrogant, spoiled and very high maintenance, but this season I really feel for her and she’s growing on me. Little Marley is now four years old and Sunny the dog is still there. Chloe’s grandad was very ill and died two episodes ago. To make matters worse, Chloe found a hidden folder on Jordan’s phone that had sexy messages between him and some girl in it. They broke up and Jordan moved back home to his mother’s. Chloe was obviously heartbroken and packed his things. Jordan even went and texted his girlfriend of five years and mother of his child that it’s best they break up. A few days later however he changed his mind and said he wanted Chloe back. He did some work in the garden and practically demanded he be allowed to stay the night, saying it was still his house too, and obviously he ended up in Chloe’s bed again. I loved Chloe’s mum two weeks ago when she called Chloe out and reminded her of how badly Jordan hurt Chloe but she went all childish and said that if her mother doesn’t accept Jordan she would not be seeing Chloe and Marley anymore. So Chloe and Jordan were back together. Last week Chloe went on a much deserved girls’ weekend with a friend to Manchester and Jordan literally didn’t even get up from the sofa to see her off and wish her a fun weekend. I used to feel for him because of how demanding Chloe was but he’s such a lazy slob now and such a dick to Chloe it’s maddening. This week Chloe feels like Jordan is slipping back into old habits but he has none of it and tells her he plays games because he doesn’t want to do the housework. He’s such a child. Chloe wants a new hobby and tries a singing lesson.
Amber - last season Amber and Ste briefly got back together and got pregnant again right at jump. It wasn’t long though before they started fighting again - Amber was tired and feeling horrible from the pregnancy, felt that Ste resented her - and they broke up before baby Hudson was born. I love that Teen Mum shows the different perspective on child birth; no mothers all drugged up with epidurals waiting for a doctor to tell them to push but actual labour and deliveries (yes, I’m being judgmental, just this once). Hudson is an adorable little baby. Amber is not doing so well though. Brooklyn has been staying with Ste so that Amber can focus on Hudson and obviously she feels guilty about this. She’s breastfeeding but Hudson isn’t gaining enough weight and needs to go back into hospital. Once Hudson is home again Amber starts to feel really ill. Turns out she hasn’t been taking care of herself and eating junk, so she ends up having gall stones and pancreatitis. She needs an operation in three weeks. It bothers me that Amber seems to refuse any help, even from her mother. Obviously taking care of a newborn after birth all by yourself is hard. You need someone to help you, even if it’s only to mind the baby every now and then so you can sleep or to make you some healthy food. Ste really wants to be involved but hardly gets the chance to because Amber doesn’t want him there. This episode we saw Ste lose it because he feels he’s being kept away from his newborn son and I can see where he’s coming from. Obviously the breastfeeding stops him for taking the baby for the day or night but Amber can pump and at least allow Ste to spend more than the odd hour with his child so they can bond. I read in someone’s post that Amber’s mother said MTV doesn’t show Ste’s verbal abuse of Amber, making Amber look like the stone cold bitch. I don’t know how much of that it true obviously but to me it seems like Ste is a good, not too bright guy who just wants to be there.
Emma - Emma is the new girl this season. She just turned 18 and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at about 14. She says she has trouble navigating social situations etc, but she did manage to have casual sex and end up pregnant at 17 so there’s that. Jeremiah is the cutest little baby. His dad is Nasseh, a guy who is aspiring to be a musician and who is away all the time for his music. Nasseh and Emma were never together and we learn Emma doesn’t even really know Nasseh. Now that they have a child together she is slowly starting to get to know him a little. Nasseh hasn’t told his mother about the fact he got a girl pregnant or that he became a father and this bothers Emma and her sweet, supporting mother. In the first few episodes we saw Emma being a young mother, trying out activities like baby swim classes etc. Nasseh drops by every now and then but stands Emma and Jeremiah up half the time too. Emma seems to have some sense about him though because she calls him out on his behaviour when he finally shows up. I also have to say I feel she’s doing remarkably well for a 18 year old with a newborn all by herself in her flat. She could improve on some things like support Jeremiahs head better when she holds him and not let him sleep on the sofa in his winter coat under a thick blanket but honestly I’m quite impressed. This week we saw Emma and her mum finally meet Nasseh’s mum and family. Nasseh actually seemed like he was proud of Emma and Jeremiah and for a minute I felt like maybe they could still end up as a couple together. But Nasseh promised Emma he would see her and the baby the next day before they would head back to Liverpool but of course the next day it’s crickets from Nasseh.
No Sassi and Sharon this season. Sassi and her screeching I don’t miss but I would have liked to see Sharon handle a toddler and her trap baby on her own because Charlie didn’t seem to fall for it...
I really like Teen Mum. It’s so much more real than the original American version with all their cases of domestic violence and luxury vacations and all that.
That’s it, hope you liked it!
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2020.02.01 15:07 sharpy971 £1200 FPS gaming PC

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Thanks in advance ! i'm super excited to take the plunge over from console :)
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2020.01.18 22:15 AnnieIWillKnow [MATCH THREAD] Arsenal Women vs Chelsea FC Women - 14:00 GMT, 19/01 (WSL)

Arsenal Women vs Chelsea FC Women

Date: 19th January 2020
KO: 14:00 GMT
Competition: Women's Super League, match day 13
Venue: Meadow Park
Welcome to the /chelsealadiesfc match thread for Chelsea's away game against Arsenal, in the WSL.
This thread is for all pre-match, live and post-match discussion of the above fixture, and the body of the post will be updated with line-ups and match events.
This Sunday afternoon sees Chelsea FC Women make the short trip around the M25 to Borehamwood, for one of the biggest fixtures of the season - Arsenal away. Last season’s champions sit 4 points above Chelsea in the WSL (although do Chelsea have a game in hand) - and after a slightly quiet start, the Gunners have roared into life in recent weeks, having rediscovered the form which saw them storm to the league title, in 2018/19.
In the reverse fixture at Kingsmeadow earlier this season, Chelsea came from 1-0 down to earn a massive 3 points in this season’s title race. Those remain the only points Arsenal have dropped all season, and whilst Chelsea remain unbeaten in the league, disappointing draws against Brighton and Liverpool see our London rivals sit above us in the league standings.
Both teams come into this game following league wins, but it is arguably Arsenal who are in the better form, with Emma Hayes having drawn attention to Chelsea’s poor concentration in our defensive third in recent matches. A team like Arsenal will mercilessly exploit any vulnerabilities, and Chelsea will need to step it up if we are to get anything from this game.
Arsenal’s danger women include the likes of Vivienne Miedema, who once again leads the goal scoring charts, Beth Mead, Kim Little, and Jordan Nobbs - to name just a few of Arsenal’s world class players. Of course Chelsea have plenty of threats of our own - Ji So-Yun and Beth England have started 2020 in fine form, and with January signing Sam Kerr yet to net for the Blues, Sunday could be the perfect time for her to announce herself in England.
Chelsea and Arsenal both won their mid-week Conti Cup quarter finals to advance to the final four, but have been kept away from each other in the semi final draw, as Chelsea travel to Manchester United, and Arsenal hosting Manchester City.
A win here for Chelsea would give us a huge boost in the title race - whereas a loss would make Arsenal the certain favourites to retain their league title. Put simply, this is a big one - UTC!
The match will be being shown live on BT Sport, as this week's televised WSL game. For those not in the UK, the match is also being streamed for free online on the FA Player - which is entirely free to register and use.
As always, live updates will also be provided by Chelsea FC Women's official Twitter account @chelseafcw.
Arsenal: Zinsberger, Schnaderbeck, Williamson, Quinn, Walti, Roord, Little, Nobbs, Van de Donk, McCabe, Miedema (Subs: Peyraud-Magnin, Evans, Maier, Filis, Grant, Mead)
Chelsea: Berger; Andersson, Bright, Eriksson (C), Mjelde, Ingle, Ji, Reiten, England, Kerr, Cuthbert (Subs: Telford, Blundell, Cooper, Napier, Bachmann, Spence, Carter)
  • KICK OFF! We are under way, COME ON CHELSEA!
  • 3' - Chelsea with some neat passing in and around the Arsenal box so far, but without creating any real chances
  • 5' - Chelsea dominating possession early doors, an Arsenal counter thankfully breaks down
  • 8' - A first Chelsea corner, all Blues so far
  • 9' - Cuthbert's corner is cleared, and Arsenal break at speed... but Chelsea get back in numbers and clear our lines
  • 10' GOOAOAOAOALALALLAAAZZZOZZOOOO!!!!! WHAT A GOAL! Beth England gets the ball on the right hand side, cuts inside and unleashes a beautiful strike to best Zinsberger and put Chelsea into the lead! It's Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal!
  • 12' GOOOOOOOOAALLLLLL!!! GET IN!!!! SAM KERR WITH HER FIRST CHELSEA GOAL!! Reiten with the cross from the left and Sam Kerr beats the Arsenal defender to it to nod past an oncoming Zinsberger! What a time to score her first goal for Chelsea! It's Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal
  • 16' - Arsenal break again, but again Chelsea are back in numbers and defend well. Arsenal want a free kick, ref is having none of it
  • 18' - Arsenal have a corner, take it short, then try appealing for a penalty for handball. Nah.
  • 20' GOOOOOOOALAALLL!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Chelsea have a free kick outside the box, Arsenal clear but it's met by Sophie Ingle, who loops a sensational strike over Zinsberger to put Chelsea 3-0 up!! It's Chelsea 3-0 Arsenal and we're in dreamland!
  • 25' - Arsenal putting a bit of pressure on, they earn a corner but Chelsea stand strong
  • 30' - Chelsea aren't letting Arsenal get a foot in this game at all
  • 32' - Kerr has a good chance to put Chelsea 4-0 up, but puts her strike well wide
  • 34' - Kerr runs onto a gorgeous Guro Reiten through ball, and the Arsenal defender does well to make an excellent tackle
  • 42' - Arsenal carelessly give the ball away in their own third and Sam Kerr steals possession, but her shot is blocked in the box. Appeals for handball waved away by the ref
  • 45+ 1' - Arsenal have a free kick, but it's comfortably collected by Berger.
  • HALF TIME! An incredible 45 minutes for the Blues.
  • SECOND HALF! Off we go...
  • 47' - Oooof. Millie Bright lets Katie McCabe know she's there with a strong challenge, but gets away with it
  • 50' - Chelsea continue where they left off, completely dominating. Ji has a chance, but her shot is too high
  • 56' - Van der Donk gets in behind, for what feels like the first time this game for Arsenal, but Berger collects the through ball.
  • 59' - Arsenal make a double change, with Lisa Evans and Beth Mead replacing Jordan Nobbs and Lucy Quinn
  • 60' - Chippy Aussie Kerr tries to chip the Arsenal keeper. Not chippy enough.
  • 62' - Cuthbert goes down following a clash with some Arsenal player, but is thankfully fine to continue
  • 65' - Mjelde is the first Chelsea player to go in the book
  • 66' - Miedema is through on goal, but comes under pressure from the Chelsea defence and Berger, who closes down the angle well, and the forward can only find the side netting
  • 68' - GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!! It's four, and surely the 3 points for Chelsea!! Some lovely build up play from the Blues ends with a cross into the box, which Guro Reiten heads home. Chelsea 4-0 Arsenal!
  • 73' - GOAL! Well, that may make it interesting... substitute Beth Mead pulls one back for Arsenal, with Berger fumbling the save. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal.
  • 80' - Arsenal are pushing, but Chelsea win a corner... which the Gunners clear
  • 81' - SUBSTITUTION: First Chelsea change is a defensive one, with full back Hannah Blundell coming on for Guro Reiten
  • 84' - SUBSTITUTION: Hayes shutting up shop a bit here, with Drew Spence coming on for Sam Kerr.
  • 90' - four minutes of stoppage time to play, with this one petering out
  • FULL TIME! And that is that! What a performance from Chelsea, as we absolutely humble Arsenal 4-1 at their own home - a huge 3 points in the title race!



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2019.10.22 05:41 ceetee15 Interview with Noel from Music Week

Three years ago, Noel Gallagher returned to the scene of the crime.
With the 20th anniversary of Oasis’ infamous third LP Be Here Now on the horizon, the legendarily sardonic singer-songwriter revisited its lead single, D’You Know What I Mean? Unleashed on a mad-for-it world in the summer of ’97, the track would mark the beginning of the end of the band’s glory days.
Arriving at the height of Oasis-mania, following the gargantuan success of 1995’s (What’s The Story) Morning Glory (4,565,844 sales, OCC), the song inevitably shot straight to No.1 in the UK and remains one of the group’s best-selling singles, having moved 846,453 units. But its epic length (the album version clocked in at a whopping seven minutes, 42 seconds) and overblown production set the tone for a campaign characterised more by excess than top tunes, and triggered alarm bells behind the scenes.
“I’d been asked to go to the playback meeting,” recalls Gallagher, speaking to Music Week. “There were people around the table from all over the world and, as they put [the record] on, I noticed at least half a dozen of them start stopwatches – that pissed me off.”
He continues: “The first minute is feedback, the drums don’t come in for a minute-and-a-half and the singing doesn’t come in for three minutes. There were people who were horrified. As it finished, there was another minute of feedback. There was silence and then someone said, ‘Will there be an edit?’ I just said, ‘No’.”
Gallagher trimmed 20 seconds off D’You Know What I Mean? for its 2016 remix, and considers the revised cut a significant improvement on the original.
“Well, it wasn’t mixed on cocaine,” he laughs. “I remember being high as fuck in the studio. I was 30 at the time, it was fucking mad.”
That the album was greeted with rave reviews and record first-week sales, before the sobering reality kicked in, is now part of rock‘n’roll mythology. Sales stalled at 1,933,564 and Oasis, on the cusp of becoming the biggest band on the entire planet, never quite scaled the same heights again. Regrets? He’s had a few...
“Before we started to play it live, I was absolutely convinced it was the greatest thing that had ever been thought of,” admits Gallagher. “It was only after about four or five gigs that I started thinking, ‘These songs are not moving anybody’ – and the people don’t lie.
“I don’t like that album. I missed the opportunity of doing something fucking great. And I’ve always thought maybe the songs are too long.”
It’s a pertinent point: nine of Be Here Now’s 12 tracks stretch past five minutes, while its third single All Around The World remains the longest No.1 in UK chart history at nine minutes, 38 seconds. Its contrast with recent Music Week data, showing the average length of a chart-topping hit in 2019 to be a mere 3:04, could not be more stark.
“Three minutes and four seconds?,” frowns Gallagher. “It’s a fucking joke. I struggle to get mine under four.
“I don’t like the way the industry dictates to the artist now. When I grew up, the artist dictated to the industry. Now, you get people crawling on their hands and knees to get a record deal. They’ll do whatever they’re told and it can be fucking no coincidence to anybody with half a brain cell that the quality of music is shrinking with every cycle.”
Oasis, of course, are now 10 years gone and confined to music history, barring an unlikely reconciliation. Gallagher, repped by longtime managers Marcus Russell and Alec McKinlay of Ignition and agent Ben Winchester of Primary Talent, is already eight years and three chart-topping albums into his solo career. The guitarist’s 2011 debut, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, has shifted 864,601 copies to date, 2015’s Chasing Yesterday 340,742 and 2017’s Who Built The Moon? 285,300, all released via his Sour Mash label.
“It’s been good,” he reflects, on the past near decade. “I’ve been through a few line-up changes already, which seems to be the thing that I do over the last 25 years. But I didn’t envisage doing the music I’m doing today when I started.”
Liberated by his work with producer David Holmes, Gallagher stepped out of his comfort zone on Who Built The Moon? and has continued to experiment on 2019 EPs Black Star Dancing and This Is The Place. A new single, Wandering Star, taken from the forthcoming Blue Moon Rising EP, will be released in early November, with the full extended play to follow early next year.
“Once I’d got the first record out of my system, which was a more standard Oasis-sounding record, I tried to push it out a little bit and see how far I can take what I do, which is why the EP thing appealed to me,” explains Gallagher. “It’s funny, when Black Star Dancing came out everyone was like, ‘Oh, is this the new direction?’ It’s like ‘No, it’s just a song, listen to it for what it is’. And then, with This Is The Place, ‘Oh, have you gone acid house?’ ‘No, it’s just a fucking song!’”
In comparison to Oasis’ impressive 13.3 million monthly Spotify listeners (their 2009 greatest hits compilation Time Flies... remains a fixture of the UK albums chart for this very reason), Gallagher’s solo material has garnered a more modest 1.5m, in part, due to the 52-year-old Mancunian’s uncompromising approach to the modern business. In the streaming age, where getting to the chorus within 30 seconds is positively encouraged, the verse to Black Star Dancing’s title track doesn’t commence until past the 50-second mark.
“If I was on a major record label I’d be being shoved in a certain direction,” offers Gallagher. “If I was on a major and I delivered Black Star Dancing, I guarantee it wouldn’t be put out as a single. I guarantee it.”
One of the finest tunesmiths of his generation, the Britpop great will be honoured with the BMI President’s Award at the BMI London Awards on October 21.
William Booth, EVP, chief operating officer at Gallagher’s publisher Sony/ATV UK, recalls first seeing Oasis with his then colleague Blair McDonald at the Canal Café bar during the 1993 In The City conference in Manchester.
“Signing Noel became mission critical for us as the new management team at the then recently revived Sony Music Publishing UK,” notes Booth. “Our instincts about his talents as a songwriter have been proven spectacularly correct as many of his songs have become anthems for a generation and he continues to prolifically write, tour and reach new audiences.
“We are very fortunate to have enjoyed being in business with Noel for all of these years and for everyone at Sony/ATV it is inconceivable that his songs should be anywhere else.”
Music Week meets with Gallagher in the central London office of BMI Awards publicist DawBell. While no subject is off limits, furthering the media obsession with his relationship with estranged brother Liam figures low on the agenda.
Here, Gallagher puts the music world to rights on streaming, songwriting and the state of today’s industry, and reveals what it would really take to reunite Oasis. Make no mistake, this is not a man mellowing in his middle age...
It’s a good few years since you criticised people for being happy to spend a tenner on two cups of coffee, but less willing to pay for music. Has your stance on streaming softened at all?
“Well, it sounds shit for a start. I’ve got the Spotify app on my phone but I’ve actually pressed the button to go on it maybe half a dozen times. I [get so] annoyed with the thing that comes up and says, ‘We think that you might like this’. I’m like, ‘Don’t fucking tell me what I might like!’ This little fucking tiny phone is telling me, ‘We made this playlist for you’ and I’m like, ‘You fucking arrogant little piece of fucking junk’. I don’t like that. I come at music from a different way: I want to find it, discover it, own it and I want it to live in my life forever. We’re all starting to get paid a bit better from [streaming] now, thank God for that, but it’s a hindrance as well because if you’re trying to get anything done, people will just look at how many streams you’ve got and, if it isn’t the magic number, they’ll dismiss it. The music that I’m making now, I even get told by my own record label, ‘It’s hard to pigeonhole this because there’s these playlists’. I’m like, ‘Fuck ’em all’. I don’t care, that’s just the way that my music is now. I’m not going to tailor it for a playlist, fuck that.”
Oasis have more monthly Spotify listeners than bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and The 1975 – and you’ve been split up 10 years…
“I did hit on something as a songwriter that can never be repeated: the art of the universal truth. My songs are not personal to me, they’re not about me, they’re about it. And I think what separates them from the Arctic Monkeys, in particular, is that they are all very inclusive. Some of the Arctic Monkeys [songs] are a bit too cool for school and you’re not quite fucking sure what they’re about. I definitely hit on something in that first explosion of me as a songwriter and I wouldn’t try to over analyse it, other than that all of the lyrics are very inclusive and about our generation.”
Some of your best-loved songs are B-sides, so how do you feel about the death of the B-side?
“Well... the death of everything: 7”s, B-sides, venues, the charts, Top Of The Pops, record shops, you fucking name it. It’s a metaphor for life – all the old ways are dying gradually. The album will be next and then eventually the song, then there’ll just be fucking pop stars. Then they’ll die and there’ll just be emojis. Then they’ll fucking die and we’ll all be speaking Chinese.”
We’ll look forward to that. Did the supposed decline of the album influence your decision to release EPs?
“No, I was on tour and I felt Who Built The Moon? had run its course. I was having a meeting one afternoon and it was like, ‘What about putting some stuff out next year?’ And I thought it was a good idea. I just thought, ‘I don’t have to make an album so it doesn’t have to be an artistic signpost, there doesn’t have to be a huge campaign attached to it, let’s just do three EPs’. We’ve come to the point where I’m just like, ‘Who am I making music for now – me or other people?’ I’ve just been following my instincts and they’ve come out great. I’m actually thinking of issuing the title track off the next EP with a written apology because it’s so far removed from anything I was doing a year ago – far less what I did in Oasis – that it will split what’s left of my fanbase [laughs].”
What do you think about the speed of releases now? You see artists like Ariana Grande and Eminem putting out two albums only a few months apart…
“I’m not fucking bothered, they’re Americans anyway. But when I went solo I was offered – and continually get offered – pretty good deals from the majors. Every time I do an awards ceremony I get a queue of people saying, ‘Why are you on an indie?’ And you’re just like, ‘To be honest, all you can offer me is money and, frankly, I’ve got more money than you’. I wouldn’t want to be in the situation where a little 20-year-old A&R man is telling me what I should sound like, because I’d fucking gouge his eyes out, do you know what I mean? I didn’t want to try and do what I’d done in Oasis, what’s the point of that? Do it once, make it special, that’s it. That’s why we’ll never get back together. We did it once and it will remain iconic. Let’s go and do something else.”
Do you wish you’d gone solo sooner, then?
“It’s hard to say. I was first offered a solo deal after Knebworth [1996] and turned it down... No, I think these things happen when they happen. I think it was meant to happen for a reason. I can be a bit of a fatalist when it comes to things like that and I tend to follow my instincts. There were plenty of times when I could have left Oasis, but for some reason, the night that I did, something instinctively said, ‘Now’s the right time’.”
Strangely, you’ve yet to play Glastonbury as a solo artist…
“They’ve never made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! But I do like going. I go most years so to play it would be a ball-ache for me, unless I could do the Thursday night in a soup kitchen somewhere. I’ve been offered it a couple of times and been like, ‘Nah’. It would’ve been in the middle of a tour and it just didn’t work out. But the festival itself is fucking amazing, I love it and I’ll be going next year.”
Congratulations on your BMI Award. Does the fact it’s for songwriting make it more meaningful to you?
“Yeah, because it’s such a personal thing. Have you ever read Isle Of Noises? This guy [Daniel Rachel] interviewed 30 British songwriters, from me to Ray Davies, about the process of songwriting and what’s fascinating about the book is there’s no hard and fast rules. Everybody’s got a different way of approaching it. So when you get an award for your songwriting, you’re asked to define it and I find it difficult because it’s such an instinctive thing to me. I’ve never received a musical lesson in my life, I’ve just got a fucking talent for getting a tune out of anything and the enthusiasm to see ideas through, and I really love what I do. But as for the actual how you do it, I don’t know. They fall out of the sky.”
But what usually comes first – the verse or chorus?
“The one constant is that the words will always come last. I’ll have arranged the entire song, then I’ll just wait for the words. The first line is usually the hardest and then they get progressively easier. Some songs can take 10 minutes to write; eight years is the longest I’ve ever spent on a song.”
Which song was that?
“It was off [2005’s] Don’t Believe The Truth... Let There Be Love. That took eight years to write. This Is The Place [took] four or five years because, ‘That bit didn’t work, I’ll have to write a new bit for that and then that bit worked’. But I find it difficult to talk about; it’s just something that’s always been there for me. I’ll have to get up and make a speech [at the BMI Awards] and no doubt I’ll fucking upset somebody while I do it, because I’ve got nothing to say [laughs].”
Have there been periods in your career where the songs just wouldn’t come?
“I’ve had it once where there was nothing happening, no matter what. And I remember [Paul] Weller saying, ‘Just don’t chase it’ and that was good advice. If you’re chasing it, you’re wasting your energy. I’ve never had it since I’ve left Oasis because I work at my own pace, there’s nothing coming up on the horizon where it’s got to be finished. There was that middle bit of Oasis: Be Here Now, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants [2000], Heathen Chemistry [2002]... They were the years I was struggling. Looking back on it now, I was waiting for something to happen in the music business – something to come along that I could get behind.”
How overstated was The Beatles’ influence on your songwriting?
“Man, mental. It’s just because we were huge Beatles fans. I used to get embarrassed when I’d go to America and you’d sit with a journalist who’d say, ‘You’re supposed to sound like The Beatles’. And I’m like [shrugs]. I always thought we just sounded like a fucking rock band, do you know what I mean? But when you’ve got the singer constantly piping on about John Lennon and naming his kids after him, you’re asking for it really.”
Do you still see yourself doing this at Macca’s age?
“Seventy-seven? I guess I might have to go veggie if I’m going to be doing it at McCartney’s age. I can see me still writing and touring but, as opposed to an album every three years, it’d be an album every six. The way I look at it is, if you can do it, you’re obliged to do it. There’s enough shit in the world – bad, dark, mad shit – that if you’re a fucking artist and you’re sitting at home and not doing it, you’re a disgrace. You’ve got to get out there, man. You’re breaking the monotony of shitness for people.”
You’ve had plenty to say on co-writing, but did you know the average number of writers on the UK’s Top 100 hit singles last year was 5.34?
“Are you fucking kidding? Fucking hell. I don’t get it. But this is all major record label shit: two guys do the beats, another one does the topline, another does this, that and the other... And in that sense it’s the death of art, because there are no artists – there are just writers and performers. There’s a clear line now: you’re either an artist, or you’re an act. I go in the studio and create something from nothing, live and die by its merits and that’s it. Anyone else? Fuck those cunts, they’re non-existent in my world. I know for a fact that [some] solo artists, whose names are in the credits, haven’t done a fucking thing – they’re just in there because that’s in their contract. But I’m proud to be one of the last of a dying breed. The music business will eat itself eventually. Five people to write a song? If five people write a song, they should be in a band together. That’s why bands are dead.”
It is rare for a rock band to crack the Top 40 these days...
“If you’re an A&R guy, why are you going to take a punt on five kids from a council estate, who are all on drugs, who might eventually fucking write Cigarettes & Alcohol, when you’ve got this guy who’s just gagging to be in the music business? Some fucking post-Ed Sheeran dude with an acoustic guitar that you can see at any open mic night, singing songs about his dog leaving him, or his bird, or his fucking pigeon having a cough. And it gets a million hits on YouTube because he’s wearing odd socks. Are you going to take a risk on this band that might change the world? You’ve got your numbers to fucking make up mate, you’re going to take the easy way out.”
So are the days of mavericks like Alan McGee and Tony Wilson running labels a thing of the past?
“Yeah, but to be honest they all took the money. Tony didn’t, fair play, but Alan took the money. They all sold out in the end, so you can’t complain about it. I’m glad that I came through from a different era. Everything that’s cool used to be mainstream – Creation Records, Go! Discs, Factory. Everything that’s cool now is completely and utterly fucking minute, run out of a back room somewhere. There’s just a different mentality in the music business. It’s all geared towards the numbers – the numbers rule, the internet rules; it’s like every song now being three minutes and four seconds – the business is dictating what art should be. A friend sent me some demos of this kid. He’s a good lad with some good tunes, so I passed him on to a record label and he ended up getting a deal. And I said to him, ‘I’m only going to give you one bit of advice mate. When you get into that record label, they’ll listen to your songs and they will say this to you: “That’s fucking great... It’s not a single though. This is the guy that’s going to write a single for you”. You’ve got to resist that at all costs’.”
What’s your take on the huge rise in copyright cases since the Blurred Lines ruling?
“I’d never heard the Marvin Gaye song [Got To Give It Up] until the story came out. But then you listen to it and think, ‘Where’s the bit that they’ve copied?’ And you’re just like, ‘Man, if they’re copyrighting vibes, we are fucked. I’m completely fucked’. How do you lose that case? You can’t copyright a vibe! I had a producer say to me once that he wanted a credit and I replied, ‘What are you getting a credit for?’ And he said, ‘Well, for the vibe’ and I was like, ‘The vibe? You’re paid to bring the vibe you silly cunt!’ We never worked together again.”
Lastly, we know your stance on an Oasis reunion, but what’s your opinion on bands getting back together in general?
“I get it because nostalgia is a disease that’s taking over the world, because it’s in such a shit fucking place. I’m the same – I will gladly sit in on a Friday night and watch Top Of The Pops forever because there’s nothing on the telly apart from some shit on Netflix about zombies, talking dogs and vampires. I’m a bit nostalgic about TV and the ’80s because there’s nothing decent for me to get my teeth into nowadays. I understand The Stone Roses [reuniting], who never got paid. Other than that, it doesn’t appeal to me in any way. I just don’t see what on earth you’re getting out of it. I mean, if you’re skint, do it. Don’t lie about it though, just say you’re doing it for the fucking money! Money’s all right, it’s not a dirty thing. I love making money – the more I’ve got of it, the better. I guess it’s a personal thing: I don’t need the money; I don’t need the hassle; I don’t want to put the High Flying Birds on hold for two years to go around the world arguing with someone I don’t get on with, what’s the point in doing that? So it doesn’t appeal to me. If I ever lose all my money investing in fucking arms dealing somewhere in Chechnya and I’m skint, trust me, I’ll be the first at the press conference. But I won’t be lying about it, I’ll say I’m doing it for the fucking money.”
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2019.08.31 14:23 verbsnounsandshit [FIGHT THREAD] Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell, Hughie Fury vs Alexander Povetkin, Charlie Edwards vs Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar, Joshua Buatsi vs Ryan Ford, Joe Cordina vs Gavin Gwynne & Live Round-By-Round Coverage

DATE Saturday 31st August 2019
LOCATION O2 Arena, London, UK
TELEVISION Sky Sports Box Office (UK), ESPN+ (USA), TSN (Canada), Fox Sports (Australia)
TIME 6pm (London), 10am (LA), 1pm (NYC), 3am Sunday (Sydney)

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell

12 Rounds

WBA Word Lightweight Title

WBC World Lightweight Title

WBO World Lightweight Title

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell
13(10)-1-0 RECORD 20(16)-2-0
31 AGE 31
5'7" HEIGHT 5'9"
65.5" REACH 71"
134.25 lbs WEIGHT 134.25 lbs
Southpaw STANCE Southpaw
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine HOMETOWN Hull, UK
5(4)-0-0 LAST FIVE 4(3)-1-0

Hughie Fury vs Alexander Povetkin

12 Rounds

Heavyweight Division

Hughie Fury vs Alexander Povetkin
23(13)-2-0 RECORD 34(24)-2-0
24 AGE 39
6'6" HEIGHT 6'2"
80" REACH 75"
224 lbs WEIGHT 226 lbs
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox
Manchester, UK HOMETOWN Kursk, Russia
3(3)-2-0 LAST FIVE 4(2)-1-0
Other Undercard Fights
  • Charlie Edwards vs Julio Cesar Martinez Aguilar
  • Joshua Buatsi vs Ryan Ford
  • Joe Cordina vs Gavin Gwynne
  • Savannah Marshall vs Daniele Bastieri
  • James Tennyson vs Atif Shafiq
  • Martin Joseph Ward vs Josue Bendana
  • Connor Coghill vs Dean Jones
  • Dalton Smith vs Daryl Pearce
If you want to join in the Discord chat: https://bxng.co/2zg0ACK

Live Round-By-Round Coverage

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell

Round 1

And we're off. Campbell using that huge reach advantage of his to keep Lomachenko at bay. LC lands to the body. Very cagey stuff here. Campbell throws the first punch in almost a minute, but it lands on the elbow. Nice left hook around the guard from the Englishman. LC has been controlling the centre of the ring, but the first is almost certainly just a reconnaissance mission for Lomachenko. Campbell lands to the body. And again. Clubbing hook from Campbell was blocked. Hardly any punches thrown at all.
Campbell 10-9 Lomachenko

Round 2

Campbell used his height well there. Can he keep it up in the second? We're back on again, and it's more cagey stuff, Campbell wary of Lomachenko's skill, and Loma of Campbell's reach and power. LC lands a right from southpaw. Nice jab from Lomachenko is his best punch so far. Campbell steps out of the way to make Lomachenko hit air. Campbell lands to the body. And again. Lomachenko hooks up top. Nice jab from the Ukrainian. Hard left from LC may have got through. Loma lands to the body. Now it's Campbell hitting air repeatedly. Lomachenko gets in close and lands, but Campbell touches him on the ribs. That round could have gone either way.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Draw 19-19

Round 3

Loma to the body. Lomachenko dancing round the ring and making LC miss. Campbell punching some more air. And again. Great jab to the body from the Englishman. Lomachenko jabs. And again. Nice left hook round the guard from Campbell. Great piston jab Lomachenko. Campbell again lands a hook up top. Fantastic left from Loma snaps LC's head flying back. That was the best punch of the fight. Great jab Lomachenko. Loma's left hook up top was mainly blocked. Campbell throws a big left, but it's straight into the guard. Loma ducking down low, and making LC miss. This is great tactical boxing. Good jab Lomachenko.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 29-28 Campbell

Round 4

This has been a fascinating battle so far. Campbell going on the offensive, but Lomachenko's blocking everything. Campbell lands a jab, and so does Lomachenko. Terrific jab from Loma snaps LC's head back. Short left from Loma stops Campbell in his tracks. Horrible body shot from Campbell, but Loma comes forward. They tie up, and both men try to make it dirty. Campbell lands a decent jab. Loma jabs. Campbell goes to the ribs, but Lomachenko lands a left up top. Campbell on the back foot now. LC with a decent counter. Another very close round.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 39-37 Campbell

Round 5

There aren't many punches being thrown, but this is beautiful to watch. Good jab Lomachenko. Lomachenko surprises Campbell with a jab from down low. Campbell scores with a left. Big left hook from Campbell. That was his best shot so far, crashing into Loma's temple, but the Ukrainian responds in anger. Huge jab from Lomachenko sends Campbell a step back. B?ig shot from Loma stuns Campbell, and the Englishman's in trouble here. Lomachenko corners his man, but LC ties up. Great left from southpaw to the body from VL. Big shot up top from Lomachenko, and Loma goes to the body. CAMPBELL IS HURT! AND LOMACHENKO HURTS HIM SOME MORE TO THE BODY. THE BELL SAVES CAMPBELL.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 49-46 Campbell

Round 6

Great jab Lomachenko. Another good jab, but Campbell counters to the ribs. Loma's footwork is a thing of beauty. Another big jab from Loma snaps his man's head. Loma gets in close and is smart enough to duck under the incoming hook. Lomachenko starts to unload as Campbell struggles to keep the Ukrainian off him. Hard body shot lands from Campbell. Great jab from Lomachenko, but Campbell responds with a couple of hard hooks to the head.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 59-55 Campbell

Round 7

Another horrible jab from Lomachenko snaps Campbell's head back. The power he gets on those jabs is impressive. Left hook from LC may have got home. Campbell counters Loma as he comes inside. Lightning speed jab from Lomachenko lands straight down the pipe. Loma stalking his man in a crouched position. Every time Campbell lands a good shot, Lomachenko gets angry and looks to punish him. Loma misses wildly, and Campbell hurts him with a body shot, followed by a big right, AND LOMACHENKO IS HURT AND HAS TO HOLD ON! He's over the worst pretty quickly, but that was a hairy moment for VL. Now Loma lands a huge right, AND CAMPBELL IS IN TROUBLE! WHAT A ROUND! LOMACHENKO IS TEEING OFF AND HURTING CAMPBELL BADLY. LUKE CAMPBELL AGAIN THANKFUL FOR THE BELL!
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 69-64 Campbell

Round 8

Nice jab Lomachenko. Campbell counters the incoming Ukrainian. Stiff jab Lomachenko. LC hooks well around the guard. Loma missing wildly, but he lands a big left hook upstairs. Campbell's punches are noticeably weaker now. As soon as I write that, Campbell lands a couple of hard body shots. Lomachenko beats Campbell to the jab. Loma gets his man on the ropes and starts unleashing combinations. Uppercut from Lomachenko. Horrible shot to the ribs from Campbell, which angers Loma some more. Big left hook from Campbell, and all of a sudden Lomachenko isn't looking too comfortable. This is such a good fight. Big body shot Lomachenko followed by a jab up top. Campbell responds with a body shot. Lomachenko corners his man and gets to work, but Campbell lands the harder of the body shots. This is awesome.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 79-73 Campbell

Round 9

Lomachenko jabs. A quieter opening to this round after the toe-to-toe battle of the eighth. Campbell lands a straight left. LC jabs. And again. Is Lomachenko taking a round off here? It does appear that way. We've now had 90 seconds of the round, and Loma hasn't really attacked. Back comes Lomachenko with a hard jab upstairs. Lomachenko with a combination, but Campbell hurts his opponent with a body shot. Nice jab Campbell. Campbell getting a bit sloppy there. Nice left from the Englishman. Loma lands a left on the bell.
Campbell 10-9 Lomachenko - Lomachenko 88-83 Campbell

Round 10

Ten seconds in and we've got a brief respite as Lomachenko needs to get vaseline wiped from his face. Great jab Loma. He's lowered his output, and seems to be happy to avoid those body shots and cruise to a certain points victory. Another horrible jab from VL. They tie up, and Campbell goes to the ribs again. Lomachenko tees off as Campbell backs off onto the ropes, but again LC responds to the body. Campbell going for the Ward-Kovalev blueprint as Anthony Yarde tried last week. Hurtful left hook to the head from Lomachenko. Lomachenko gets his man on the ropes and unleashese a combination. Snapping jab Loma. Loma with a right hook to the top of the head. Lomachenko happy to circle Campbell for the final twenty seconds with his back to the ropes.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 98-92 Campbell

Round 11

Lomachenko starts with a jab. Campbell with a left hook to the head, but Loma comes back with blistering hand speed to send LC on the back foot. Campbell again goes to the body. And again, but Lomachenko punishes him with a huge combination. Lomachenko pushing his man back onto the ropes and scores with some more. Campbell walks onto a huge left hook from Lomachenko. That would have dropped a lesser man. Lomachenko with a couple of big body shots, and Campbell is hurt. Lomachenko stalking his man, and he's hurting upstairs then down. AND A BIG SHOT TO THE HEAD SENDS CAMPBELL DOWN! He's slow to get up, but he can continue, but Lomachenko goes straight back to bulling him. Campbell taking a lot of big shots here. I don't know if he can survive the round. Lomachenko unleashing from all angles, but it's Campbell who lands the last shot of the round.
Lomachenko 10-8 Campbell - Lomachenko 108-100 Campbell

Round 12

This has been a great fight. Campbell knows he needs a very unlikely knockout. Lomachenko showing a lot of respect to Campbell by keeping his distance, seemingly happy for the points win. But now Loma ups the tempo, and he pushes Campbell onto the ropes and unloads a big combination. We're back in centre ring now, and Lomachenko gets a brief break after Campbell hits him low. Campbell with a combination, but Lomachenko responds with one of his own. AND CAMPBELL IS HURT NOW! HE CAN HARDLY STAND UP! Lomachenko looking to finish this here, but Campbell rallies and goes straight back to the Ukrainian's body. Now Loma goes to the body. More bodywork from Campbell. WHAT A FIGHT! Huge respect to both men.
Lomachenko 10-9 Campbell - Lomachenko 118-109 Campbell

OFFICIAL VERDICT: LOMACHENKO WINS BY UD - 119-108, 119-108, 118-109

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2019.08.05 16:32 Zygark #GEXII [Manchester North] Zygark opens their campaign in Bolton

It was a relatively cool morning, but quite dry for Bolton standards. Zygark had been hanging posters with dates for events all morning and handing out little cards asking people to come to their first speech, outside of Bolton Interchange. Not wanting to disrupt any commuter’s journey, they waited until the foot traffic had died down before setting up their podium and lectern and then waiting for the clock to tick to the time they had put on their cards and posters.
Soon enough a crowd began to grow in front of the Interchange, eager to hear what their Classical Liberal Candidate had to say. As Zygark stepped onto the podium, the crowd fell almost silent.
Good morning everyone! Now, I know that it’s quite cold, so I won’t keep you for too long.
We need a high-speed rail network fit for the 21st Century. To allow people to get to and from work, to visit friends and family, to see other parts of the country more easily. Not only this, but the economic benefits of people being able to travel across the country in only a few hours is immense. This is why I fully support High Speed 2 – not just to Manchester and Leeds, but to Preston, Lancaster, and Glasgow in the West. This will ensure this country will have the best possible connectivity, and the increased comfort and speed will reduce domestic flights, meaning less carbon going into the atmosphere.
Now, there will be many varying opinions on how high-speed in the UK should operate, but I believe that the best way to run it will be a private model– but not as a franchise as the Tories suggest. We will support an Open Access Operator model, which will prevent regional monopolisation and ensure the best possible service for you all. In addition to this, the Classical Liberals will support an expansion to the Metrolink network, both street-running and tram-trains, out to Bolton to ensure the best possible links for this great city. We believe that the solution to reducing car usage isn’t disincentivising petrol and diesel cars but making green public transport truly a better option for the people, and our transport policy is the best way to do just that.
Looking past transport – which I will admit I could witter on for quite a while about – however, I am extremely excited to be able to work for what I think is right in Parliament for the next 6 months, and to properly represent you all. From simplifying the taxes you pay, to making sure you and your children get the fairest deal in education – I, alongside my fellow Classical Liberal MPs, will work tirelessly to make real change in this country, and put people over politics.
They stepped off the podium to a round of applause and walked over to the nearby refreshments stand to grab a glass of water.
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2019.07.27 15:46 NickTM Team Preview - Bournemouth [Premier League 2019-20 - 7/20]

AFC Bournemouth

by bluecherry94

Welcome to the triumphant return of the Premier League Previews, a series where a fan gives an overview of his team for your perusal, and I get an excuse to take pot-shots at other clubs. This will run until the eve of the Premier League, taking a look at each club in turn. We're continuing our seaside theme today with AFC Bournemouth.


Last season

Pos P W D L GF GA GD Points
14 38 13 6 19 56 70 -14 45
After the first 12 games of last season and sitting pretty in 6th place, rumour has it that certain Cherries fans had started picking which destination they'd prefer for a Europa league 1st qualifying round away day. However after yet more long-term injuries and a resulting loss of form the season fizzled out to a safe 14th place. Don't let the 14th place finish fool you as in my opinion this was the season where the most progression was made since promotion to the Premier League, with the team pulling off some brilliant results (see Bournemouth 4 - 0 Chelsea) and a slight tweaking the style of play, producing scintillating football at times.
The emergence of the deadly "front 4" providing goals and assists galore saw Callum Wilson finally get his deserved international call up and debut goal against the USA, resulting in him being linked to Chelsea for £40m+ in January. Ryan Fraser narrowly missed out on being the top assister in the Premier League to a certain £130m Galactico and has in result been linked with the likes of Everton and Arsenal for £30m (with a year left on his deal). David Brooks has emerged from young boy into a £50m player linked with Manchester United and Josh King continues to be one of the most criminally underrated strikers in the Premier League. With these 4 signed at a combined £13.4m, I'd say the efforts of Eddie's long term planning are coming to fruition.
As has been the issue with every campaign since promotion however, the defence has been the issue. 70 goals were conceded last year, a figure beaten only by Fulham and Huddersfield, who will be playing for Championship glory next season. However a return of 56 goals scored, the most outside the top 6 make up for this. Don't ever say you don't get value for money at Dean Court.
The final couple of games gave reason for optimism however. A brilliant debut against Spurs for young Irish keeper Mark Travers came as a pleasant surprise, as well as promising performances from young fringe players such as January signings Chris Mepham and Dominic Solanke as well as academy product Jack Simpson.
Overall, another entertaining season of good football was left with the bitter-sweet taste of what could have been after that early season form. Injuries to Lewis Cook and record signing Jefferson Lerma were absolutely key, and came at the same time as the drop in form, which is no coincidence. It is hard to complain as a Bournemouth fan, but you get the feeling that fans are starting to get frustrated at a stale-ness within the club. No progress has been made on a new stadium and the cups still seem to be an opportunity to give fringe players some minutes. The new training ground is however under way, so the pavilion outside the ground can stop being used for training soon enough and hopefully can be used as a tool to attract better players to the South Coast. As if the beach and the prospect of a house on Sandbanks was enough!

This Season

After spending £31m (Transfermarkt) on Chris Mepham and Dominic Solanke in January of last season, I wasn't expecting too much from the business this summer. Eddie had been chasing Mepham for what seemed like an eternity, so I'm excited to see what he'll bring to the table this season and Dominic Solanke seems to be hugely rated in the England setup, however he has a job displacing King or Wilson up top.
So far only 2 signings have come in, and they can now be described as very 'Bournemouth' signings. We seem to have found a niche in attracting some of the best young British talent in the Football League and offering them a chance at breaking into a team in the Premier League. Lloyd Kelly comes in for £13m as a highly rated left back who, again is highly rated in the England setup and performed well at Championship level last season for Bristol City. We've also signed right-back Jack Stacey from Luton Town who, I confess I don't know much about but he seems like a full back who loves to get forward and scored a few goals last season as well.
We're rumoured to be looking for a Goalkeeper, Centre Midfielder and a StrikeWinger in the rest of the window. We've been strongly linked with Jack Butland, who could go down as one of the best signings in our history if completed as he was very close to Jordan Pickford in competing for England's #1 spot, but his stock has dropped after playing for an underperforming Stoke in the Championship. That superb shot-stopper is still in there however and could be a massive signing. We also seem to be heavily linked with Philip Billing from Huddersfield. From afar I've heard stories about him having a bad attitude when not picked which you never like to hear, but Eddie could go after Anna from Love Island for all I care, I'd still back him to make the right decision on signing a player.
In terms of exits, we've managed to start being able to get good fees for our players. £20m rising to £26m for Tyrone Mings is a great deal for all parties. It's such a shame it hasn't worked out for Tyrone and I truly wish him all the best at Villa. Whoever managed to convince Sheffield United to not only target Lys Mousset, but fork out £10m for him deserves a heavy commission as a result of that sale. You can see he's got ability, but he's too friendly with Jordon Ibe and I don't think that's helped his attitude. It was a sad moment to see Marc Pugh finally leave, however it's absolutely the right time. As of the time of writing this, Harry Arter is still with us and I would love to see him charging around our midfield again.
To use the old cliche however, the best business this summer has been to retain the aforementioned front 4. Wee man (Ryan Fraser) still hasn't signed a new deal as of yet. With 1 year remaining I'd be gutted to see him go on a free, but I heard someone saw he liked a tweet begging him to sign a deal. Looking forward to the official announcement in the coming days.
I'd love to see us have a go in the cups, I've always said it would be a dream to see Bournemouth at Wembley and I feel we're established enough as a Premier League side to be able to afford the risk of a deep cup run. However as always, the priority has to be staying in the league.
Player Type From To Fee(£m)
Lloyd Kelly Transfer Bristol City Bournemouth £13.3m
Jack Stacey Transfer Luton Town Bournemouth £4m
Lys Mousset Transfer Bournemouth Sheffield United £10m
Tyrone Mings Transfer Bournemouth Aston Villa £20m
All fees from Transfermarkt
All incoming/outgoing transfers Full 2019-20 squad
3 players to watch out for
David Brooks
It's hard to put Brooksy in as a player to watch out for after a break-out season last year, but boy does he have talent. Dejavu occured when he got injured during the 4-0 battering of Chelsea which ruled him out for a while. I can see him progressing further this year and providing more game deciding contributions, could be one to watch out for in the Fantasy League too as he's got bags of goals and assists in him.
Lewis Cook
Had injuries not been a concept, Lewis would be a sure starter in England's midfield. Yet again his season was ended early with a ligament injury and he's only just come back into training. However given an extended run of games he can build a formidable partnership in midfield with yellow card machine Jefferson Lerma to put him right back in contention for another England call up.
Chris Mepham
As mentioned above, Eddie had chased Mepham for 18 months prior to him actually signing in January last year for £12m. Another one of those 'Bournemouth' signings who can come from the Football League and make an impact at Premier League club. Steve Cook and Nathan Ake have become the standout centre-back partnership for us over the last 2 years, however if last season's 70 goal concession is on it's way to being repeated, something will have to change and from the few performances (bar his debut away at Arsenal) he put in last season I can see him progressing to be a real leader in the team. I've seen him touted as a future Wales captain and I'd love to see him also develop the leadership qualities to be a key part of our team to come.
What the fans think
Thanks to /AFCBournemouth for their help.
How do you think this season will go?
We should be capable of making the top half of the table. I wouldn't be surprised if we fall somewhat short of this ambition at the start of 2020 when we have a number of easier fixtures. With another possible league cup quarter final in the mix this would be very much on the cards in my mind. I'd hope for 52-54 points if we're playing as good as we can but 46-48 would be expected.
It's going to very much depend on us getting over our injury problems, because they seem to rear their ugly head every season, but I am quietly optimistic of challenging our high points total of 16-17. If we get the luck we can maybe do a Wolves. We have a nicely settled team and I think that will work in our favour over buying lots. I wouldn't mind two or three new ins to replace outgoings though.
We’ll finish on our highest points tally to date, but not highest table position. We’ll be plagued by injuries a couple of these will be out for long periods (Wilson, Fraser, Brooks, Lewis cook) that will result in some non-starters having to step up.
Which player is going to be your star of the season and why?
David Brooks or Lewis Cook would be the best bets. Brooks is extremely technically gifted and I fully expect him to be one of our highest contributers in combined goals and assists next season. With the Euros coming next summer he should be attracting all sorts of admirers so this might be his last season with us. Cook on the other hand is essential to how Eddie Howe wants us to play. His passing ability is unmatched in our squad and he sets the tempo of how we play. He's back from a lengthy injury so I'm hoping his presence could revitalise the squads performances. Might not contribute in goals and assists but will certainly play a decisive part in whether or not we have a successful season.
It could be any one of four or five. At Bournemouth we don't really seem to do star players, but put it down to a team effort. Saying that, Ryan Fraser is going to be a key player, simply down to the fact that we still don't know for sure that he is staying. If Fraser stays then his partnership with Callum Wilson is again going to be pivotal.
I'm excited to see how our midfield shapes up this season too. Lewis Cook has the ability to really cement himself as a future England staple, and I really believe Jefferson Lerma can show how good he really is in his second season in England. Lerma is the tough man in midfield we have cried out for for years (ever since Marvin Bartley in L1 really - different standard, of course) and I can't wait to see Jeff terrorise his opponents again come August. At the back I expect Nathan Ake will be as dominant both positionally and in the air again. That man just has a sixth sense on where to be and when. On the right I hope that young David Brooks can continue to show the ability he served up in his first Premiership season last year.
Lewis Cook back from injury is ready to show us the quality that we know he has and start to fulfill his potential
How do you think the team will line up?
Boruc, Kelly, Ake, S Cook, Smith, Lerma, L Cook, Fraser, Brooks, King, Wilson. Formation: same 4-5-1 horseshoe when off the ball and using King and Wilson's speed to counter while relying upon Brooks, Fraser and Cook to make the right decisions to keep up the counters momentum, 4-2-2-2 on the ball with Fraser and Brooks working the space on the wing while Cook controls the tempo until we facilitate an opening with Wilson and King plugging the space in front of the opposition back four.
Line up
Agree with matey above: Boruc Smith Cook Ake Kelly Brooks Cook Lerma Fraser King Wilson

Wrap Up

by NickTM

The Manager: Eddie Howe has been highly rated since before he even stepped foot in the Premier League, and since then his reputation has only grown. With a glowing track record of developing talent and what is clearly quite an effective recruitment team behind him, that Howe is entering his seventh full season as manager is something of an achievement for Bournemouth themselves, given the bigger clubs that were circling every time they dumped one of their managers. His commitment to decent football has won Bournemouth a fair amount of admirers in the media, and for good reason.
The Team: Pace is all over this team, from the quick off the mark Nathan Aké at the back to Jefferson Lerma's charging around in midfield to the absolute array of quick forwards. Jordon Ibe, Dom Solanke, Callum Wilson, Junior Stanislas, Ryan Fraser and especially Josh King all have pace to burn, and the threat of it alone is enough to keep teams off-balance. It was nice to see Callum Wilson return with a good haul of goals last year after some particularly nasty injury travails, and Bournemouth fans will be hoping Lewis Cook pulls off something similar. It's also a very English team, which will probably keep them afloat when the Faragian blackshirts march on Westminster next year and burn anyone with a particularly foreign sounding name at the stake.
Why to like them: Artur Boruc is always worth keeping an eye on in case he does something utterly insane. The aforementioned pace means some quite gorgeous raking through ball counterattacks can occasionally be seen, and when in more thorough possession of the ball Bournemouth's attractive style of play is pleasing on the eye.
Why to dislike them: Despite their reputation for positive football, a constantly overlooked feature of Bournemouth teams over the last few years has been their cynical fouling and approach to play that gets constantly glossed over by pundits in favour of talking about how plucky and small they are. Personally I've always had a small, nagging vendetta against them ever since a Bournemouth fan a few years ago adamantly insisted Junior Stanislas was better than Wilf Zaha.
Summary: Another season in the Prem for the smallest team in the league, and it's another season where they'll be hoping to stay up with authority. Enough time has passed now that lots of people are expecting them to push on a little this year, and if injuries don't rear their ugly head they could well be on their way to the top half.


Aston Villa Sheffield United Norwich City Brighton Southampton Burnley
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2019.07.16 19:06 garv14 Transfer speed dating- Something new and exciting - Future of FIFA transfer negotiations?

Happening at Stamford Bridge , London this time and another session planned in August at Madrid, this is something very interesting. Much like a pool recruitment campaign, this can be a very effective strategy for clubs in future. And as such appear in game - more likely with FIFA being pioneers as of today - as they already allow negotiations with club and player to be completed within a day now. :P
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